January 31, 2002

You know what I'm thinking? I think I should get a cat. I don't like cats, but I don;t want another dog and I'm afraid EmmaLou's going to get lonely. Yep.
hhhhhhhmmmmmmmm my posts are not showing up on Loose slugs...
.... get home, sit down, check the board, hay whats this.... JIMMY ZACHO AND MICAHEL click this... hhmm ok.... ... ... ... ... .. ... i dont think i can trust ANYONE on this board ever again about clicking on links... but besides james sick fetish, Mr R needs to be re instated on the board so he can post :P, speaking of MR R if he cant go Paint Balling im having Zuber bring some movies.... Steeevo, andy, joo busy this weekend?? wanna bring comp over, and going to ask james if he works, if so, ill get Mr R over here and we have a lan party this weekend. and if james does work, ( counts fingers and toes )

0 0 0 0 0
| | | | | and ummmm...jameses com if he is gone ( zuber/Jimmo )
| | | | andy
| | |dads comp ( me )
| steeve
my com ( Mr. R/ Jimmy /)

I think that will work... and hay we have 2 slots on the PS2, or movies if zuber brings them =)

oh well, prolly wont happen because im " JAMESES LITTLE FOOKING BROTHER " and all my plans seem to backfire a.i. work, busy, giving head, having sex, going in for jury, paying off old depts, doing nothing but dont want to come over, playing EQ, having house moved, sexoring da compoooter, geting paid, ect ect ect

Bah hay, Mr if you know anyone with a biger hub/switch hay sure, we can put lil brothers comp in and have 6 coms ( IF all goes as planed ), oh well, ima going to play EQ. DIE =)
James definately go for a residence in puyallup, its nice, you might try deer park apartments or hell even canyon park, both have good prices on two bedroom or even three bedroom places that even a single mom teacher can afford. So you should be able to go for it.
fun links for today :



my eyes burn

i get frequent headaches.
i think a lot to myself.
yesterday it was a big plan to make a zine. i came up with distribution, prices, things to be in it and so on. it was great. i figured i'd work on it some more tonight.
but tonight I was thinking about being a teacher. and my recent " registration " with the community college. and all my plans for high-school reform.

sometimes i believe it may be because I am sick that I get headaches.
other times I like to entertain that it might be my own thoughts,
killing parts of my brain. self destruction. I dont know.

me and andy seem to have the same thing.
i got mine from work. suck.

I found a room to rent. its cheap. but it's with an old pal of mine - and I feel by going to him I would not be " moving out on my own " and paving my own path. I'd be eternally living at my pals house. not my place. But the urgency for me to move out is becoming stressed more and more as each moment passes. I'd compell Andy to get a job - but I dont know if he'd want to spend 200$ a month with me to get a 2 bedroom place. It'd be " the bachelor pad " - it'd be great. Or if anyone else is interested ( steven? ) we can make it three. the big place. Im definately going to buy a pool table - and preferabley people with computers would be nice - being that we can get a little LAN thing goin'. I need to find a place in puyallup. Or spanaway. I found a house for sale on a backroad in Puyallup. I thought that maybe I could buy it. but of course - a house for sale is for sale for some reason or another.

I also had a cool idea to have " the bills " be played over in a poker game. Basically all of " the bills " would be split however many ways there are people staying there ( works more with more than one person ) and then we play poker with " the bills " - you dont HAVE to play - but you COULD be paying less - or more - pending on how good you play poker. neat.

I dont know. I want to get out of here by march.


Well hmm... It has come to my attention that I am concidered " Ew! " Women are strange, although, this isn't anything new to anyone. To some I seem confident, to others I lack any sign of confidence - suprisingly I'm only " Ew! " to those who find I lack confidence. Now, wouldn't it cause confidence issues with anyone if they were called " Ew! " ? Why then even approach women ? Why is it that a man must always approach a woman he desires, it's the 21st century ( I think anywho, not that I pay close attention or care. ) let the woman approach the man.

I'm sick. Fucking - A.
I've gone through a whole box of tissues and I carry around a roll of toilet paper because my nose runs so damn much.
Salutes his white bloodcells Thank you for your sacrafice tosses another tissue in the garbage

Didn't have Day Quil yesterday so I walked around all day kind of drowsy from taking NyQuil - I slept with some wierd smelly stuff on my chest to help me breathe better. ( That stuff is pretty cool, I kinda like the smell ) Things were getting better until today, feels like someone left a garden rake in my throat and it's scratching everything to hell.

Word of advice to everyone, remember your wishes. If you don't remember what you wished for on a daily basis you'll end up getting a Jones Soda cap like this "The last wish you made will come true". Ofcourse, just as I did you'll ask yourself -
"Shit! What the hell was my last wish?!"
Then you shall sit around for hours grumbling and moaning about wanting to remember your last wish. You can't make a new wish because, well it wouldn't be the last one - it would be made after reading the Jones Soda cap.

So, salute your white-snot-cells for the sacrafice they make to keep you healthy; remember your wishes; and if a woman ever tells you that you're " Ew! "sigh to yourself and don't approach her again, she's modern, let her do it.
( AKA : Fuck em )

January 30, 2002

James - Are you available Saturday? We're having a confrences where people come in, play games, and such, and in the end, you say what you liked or didn't like, and where you want the place to go. Interested? I thought so, now get your ass over to Graham Center, where the old Dairy Queen used to be on Saturday, around Noon. You'll see my car.
.... no posts in ... 2 days...? wtf

January 29, 2002

Why are we so backwards I keep thinking to myself. We hear it everyday......sleep is bad, it takes away from life.....we waste so much of our precious time sleeping.......pfff.....if anything we waste time in our waking hours. For it is in sleep that anything is possible that all the most exciting events of a life time no matter how sporadic and random tend to happen. No life can be better than any one dream that I've ever had. I dont understand....how can people say their boring life is so much more important than what they consider to be "trivial" dreams. The whole purpose of sleeping is to dream. What is a dreamless sleep but a waste of a night grant the "awake" class of people that much I suppose. People who can dream are practically doubling their life span....its a loophole I think god gives certain people....the trade-off is that they wont make any sense and youll just be spending that much more of your waking time twiddling your thumbs and trying to make sense of it. Why do people make sense of things? Why cant we just leave them as they are....is knowledge really knowledge? or are we just fooling ourselves away from enlightenment. Why do people spend so much time awake......what do they hope in achieving in life that they cant achieve while asleep. Anyone who says they'd rather be awake should be shot.....just my opinion of course i think being awake is a waste of time so I'm somewhat bias.....:\
<(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> <(^-^<) (>^-^)> Moo
SECCOND POST BAHAHHAHA ( prolly isent seccond because his board potage tracker sux!! )
but um, anyone wanna go paint ballen this sat??? or joo all got no cash? or busy, or tired, or going out with someone, or having sex, working, hacking someone to pieces, doing slave work, being sexualy molested, raping someone, eating cheese, cooking cheese, doing nothing, cant get a ride......................

ither way im not waiting anymore, i THINK i got a ride, if Mr R wants to go, then i gots me a ride... eq is boring atm, ....
oh and anyone know any good FANTICY ( as in Dwarf, elf ect ect ) books??? besides LoTR
I just bought a whole shit load of anime.

January 28, 2002

A Day in the Life of a Wal-Mart Employee

Clock in.
Make sure not to put your vest on 'till you get to your department, because those leech customers will nab you out of nowhere and want you to check in the back for a piece of furniture since ya walked by. They assume you know everything about the store, and get pissed if you offer to call somebody who knows the department.
Get to department.
Don vest.
Oh look, we have 2 people from the front helping us out. When the store is dead. Too bad we can't have such help when we actually care.
Yay. Overnighters succeed once again, in fucking everything up. We finally get an awesome stocker, and she transfers out. Now we are stuck with not one, but two braindead stockers. And imagine that! It's up to me to fix it all.
"Excuse me sir" says the customer.
"Is this the only phone you have that's digital?" They ask.
Appearently this customer didn't bother looking at every single other god damned phone on that shelf. Since they all have the same tags on them, with the same info (changing per features of each phone of course) and they all say Digital in the exact same spot.
"No, that one next to it is. And, well...so are all of the phones there on that shelf you are looking at"
"Oh" says the customer. "I didn't see that"
Oh, shit. Forgot to remove vest in the department. Now I have to find somebody to help this person in furniture.
"Sure ma'am, I'll page for somebody that knows the area better than I do"
"But 2 people have already said that to me" they mention.
Peek around the corner in the next isle, 'lo! There's Clay, the furniture department manager!
"Hey Clay, these people need help"
"Alright, be right there"
"Thanks Clay."
Breaktime..for real this time.
Mmm. Cookies.
Back to work.
Don't forget the vest thing.
Oh look. Vendor is freakin out.
If she worked once in a while she wouldn't have a reason to freak out.
And of course, since the Dept. Mgr called in, and I'm his right hand, she gets to freak out at me.
BS, BS, BS to me.
BS, BS, BS back.
Problem solved.
Oh look. Nobody else wants to run the register. Not that I don't have important shit I need to get done, but that doesn't matter. Registers suck so they are of course going to avoid them.
Well. I don't want to deal with it. So I'll cover it 'till I can tell whoever is in next to deal with it.
Oh look. People want to discuss work stuff with me on my lunch.
Back from lunch.
Ouch. The dumbshit customer who felt the need to look in a southwestern direction while pushing the cart in a northeastern direction just ran into me.
I needed that.
Oh, why thanks for the apology. Where are ya from by the way? Because I'd like to know what country it is where you scowl at someone as an apology for blatantly running them over. Bitch.
Ah, just what I needed. Now someone who is 10 feet down the isle, but in the main isle is where they decided to leave there cart. Blocking it off in the process.
"Don't worry ma'am, you are the only one here anyways, not like anybody else's business matters"
Quick. Move the cart out of your way by pushing it halfway down the next isle.
That outta teach the bitch to think once in a while.
"Excuse me sir"
"The toothpaste is down around that corner in the third isle"
"Actually I was looking for Pork Rinds"
"Well when you get the toothpaste, which is where I think you said you were going next? The Pork Rinds are just across the main isle from there."
"And there's some Tic Tac's at the front registers"
"Oh I don't like those"
"Oh, sorry...I thought that's what you just asked for"
"No I said thank you sir"
"No problem, have a good day" ("since you don't have to smell your own damned breath")
Clock out.
Drive home like an insane bastard due to desire to sit and forget about Wal-Mart.
Hoosta ma FURK. That's right, it's cold out. So cold that when I went outside to move the garbage can to the corner my nipples just about froze off. Quite enjoyable nipples, yes they are.

As odd as it may sound, I spent various parts of the day trying to cloak and change to heat sensing vision and I was disturbed when my hand wouldnt fire nets and I couldnt find anymore boxes with supplies.

Civilization III - Fun and addicting game the first week - after that ' trial period ' you realize " Damn, I fucking rule at this game " After you've realized this you begin trying to win the game with the different types of ' victory ' ( Conquest, Spaceship, Peace, Cultural Domination etc ). After watching "Gandhi" I felt in the mood to win a peaceful victory by being elected UN president, I chose the Indian culture since I watched "Gandhi". I started out quite well, I was content with my peninsula type nation with a rich outpost of gold on the German / English dominated continent. As time progressed valued tactical resources needed for the technical advance of my nation were found to be lacking. I said to myself " I'll just invade this one city for the resources and then that's it."

After using this excuse four times I decided upon world domination. My fleet littered the ocean floors with various ' allied ' ( he he ) ships and my Modern Armour with infantry support crushed every nation which chose to fight me. Some of which I attacked first because they were on land promised to me by destiny. So, I am sad to say - Gandhi didn't succeed with non-violence in this game, far from it. He even nuked a little island populated by French cities ( damn French people! ).

Right, so anywho - Mooosh te eh MO SAI!

You figure out what that one means, bums. ( That doesn't include the ladies of the board )

January 27, 2002

Ok, Out of last nights no sleep session, I present to you, something I like to call

(James - bahaumatz is the guy who fucked the wiccan whore. You know who.)

Zero Twoism (11:02:55 PM): how's life?
bahaumatz (11:03:02 PM): good, who's this?
bahaumatz (11:03:06 PM): wait wait
bahaumatz (11:03:07 PM): Jesse
Zero Twoism (11:03:11 PM): you're quick
bahaumatz (11:03:20 PM): The Zero gave it away
Zero Twoism (11:03:30 PM): did you like LotR?
bahaumatz (11:03:37 PM): My new favorite movie
Zero Twoism (11:03:48 PM): why?
bahaumatz (11:04:05 PM): even though there were places they missed in the book, its one of the best book-to-movies I've seen
bahaumatz (11:04:16 PM): Because it kicked
Zero Twoism (11:04:30 PM): that's not a logical justification
Zero Twoism (11:04:34 PM): why did it kick?
bahaumatz (11:05:17 PM): The special effects were good, it took place in medeval times which was better, it's from my favorite book series, they followed to story really really close, the fights were great, it wasn't cheesy, they had good acting....need more?
Zero Twoism (11:06:36 PM): ok, for one, the costumes were shit, I swear to god. They looked too clean and too laundered to be in the midevil times. And Sauren looked like a member from GWAR, bah! and as for special effects, it looked like someone just got happy with the buttons in Premiere 6
Zero Twoism (11:06:55 PM): the story, was good though
bahaumatz (11:06:58 PM): GWAR?
Zero Twoism (11:07:06 PM): cinematography...good
bahaumatz (11:07:16 PM): What about acting?
Zero Twoism (11:07:31 PM): a stage band, they go around saying they suck all the time and wear big costumes that look like shit
Zero Twoism (11:07:44 PM): the acting was all right, I hate Elijah Wood though, with a passion
bahaumatz (11:07:49 PM): LoL
Zero Twoism (11:07:49 PM): the death scene was over acted
Zero Twoism (11:07:57 PM): I fucking hated the ending
bahaumatz (11:08:00 PM): It was drawn out in the book
Zero Twoism (11:08:11 PM): it's too full of christian morals and saying that "Man is imperfect"
bahaumatz (11:08:11 PM): You would have hated it more if they left it off the way the book did
Zero Twoism (11:08:20 PM): I know the book
bahaumatz (11:08:29 PM): Yeah
Zero Twoism (11:08:39 PM): I fucking hate christian morals
Zero Twoism (11:09:05 PM): You know the best thing about the movie?
bahaumatz (11:09:22 PM): Yes, and you fucking hate christianity too ;-) I remember
bahaumatz (11:09:33 PM): what?
Zero Twoism (11:09:37 PM): The Soundtrack
Zero Twoism (11:09:42 PM): I hate christians for one reason
Zero Twoism (11:09:46 PM): wanna know why?
bahaumatz (11:10:38 PM): Go for it
Zero Twoism (11:12:12 PM): Because most of them can't learn to shut up and except that other people have a different belief. Being close minded isn't good, black or white? there is a between you know. And most of the people think that THEY have the right to judge others who don't believe that God exists. No one has the right to thrash on others beliefs. understand?
Zero Twoism (11:12:19 PM): you can't TELL someone what to believe in
bahaumatz (11:12:42 PM): you also can't believe that every christian thinks that way
Zero Twoism (11:12:51 PM): hence "most"
bahaumatz (11:12:57 PM): Yes yes
Zero Twoism (11:13:10 PM): bah....
Zero Twoism (11:13:15 PM): so you are back together with Andy?
bahaumatz (11:13:19 PM): yep
Zero Twoism (11:13:32 PM): why
bahaumatz (11:13:50 PM): cause, we figured out we need each other still
Zero Twoism (11:13:55 PM): why
bahaumatz (11:14:03 PM): because we love each other
Zero Twoism (11:14:07 PM): and dont give me that "we love each other" shit!
Zero Twoism (11:14:09 PM): ah!
Zero Twoism (11:14:12 PM): WHY
Zero Twoism (11:14:27 PM): Oh wait....I know why
Zero Twoism (11:14:30 PM): you had sex
bahaumatz (11:14:38 PM): See, that I can't answer, which is exactly why we belong together
bahaumatz (11:14:43 PM): Uhhh....no
Zero Twoism (11:14:49 PM): oooooh, that is so lame and cliche
bahaumatz (11:14:58 PM): *raises eyebrow*
Zero Twoism (11:15:01 PM): "our love is one that cannot be defined through words"
bahaumatz (11:15:05 PM): You're just mad because you're alone huh?
bahaumatz (11:15:09 PM): Nein, I wouldn't get that cliche
Zero Twoism (11:15:21 PM): I'm not alone dude
bahaumatz (11:15:26 PM): Oh really?
Zero Twoism (11:15:29 PM): so don't try and attack me with that
bahaumatz (11:15:36 PM): Actually, it was a joke
Zero Twoism (11:15:41 PM): anyway
Zero Twoism (11:15:57 PM): So do you love each other because you "made love?"
bahaumatz (11:16:21 PM): Look, we were broken up for several months and then we figured out how much it ached to be apart
Zero Twoism (11:16:42 PM): it ached?
Zero Twoism (11:16:46 PM): define "It"
bahaumatz (11:16:46 PM): yes
bahaumatz (11:16:52 PM): Everything
Zero Twoism (11:16:57 PM): Everything?
Zero Twoism (11:17:05 PM): the trees...houses....rocks?
bahaumatz (11:17:05 PM): I didn't want to sleep at night
bahaumatz (11:17:17 PM): I didn't want to wake up
bahaumatz (11:17:23 PM): I didn't want to do anything
Zero Twoism (11:17:48 PM): so, your lack of motivation isn't to blame because you can't fuck everyday
Zero Twoism (11:18:42 PM): now...lets just give you the reasons on why you are stupid
bahaumatz (11:18:42 PM): Dude, I hardly see her at all
Zero Twoism (11:18:53 PM): oh! I'll get to that part
bahaumatz (11:19:18 PM): Yeah, if I wanted a relationship revolving around sex I would definately go out with someone I saw once every other month
Zero Twoism (11:19:35 PM): well obviously she's not devoted to you
bahaumatz (11:19:46 PM): explain
Zero Twoism (11:20:30 PM): she's cheated on you dude...fuck...and you still love her?
Zero Twoism (11:20:36 PM): how many times did she do that?
bahaumatz (11:20:41 PM): she didn't cheat on me
Zero Twoism (11:20:44 PM): .......
Zero Twoism (11:20:49 PM): oooooooook
Zero Twoism (11:21:12 PM): she's Andy...she's known for it....she's a fucking nude dancer
Zero Twoism (11:21:22 PM): she works at FOX's
bahaumatz (11:21:25 PM): worked
bahaumatz (11:22:08 PM): and what's your point?
bahaumatz (11:22:21 PM): when money gets tight, you do what you can
Zero Twoism (11:22:22 PM): bah...obviously you are retarded....
bahaumatz (11:22:40 PM): and this was before she and I hooked back up
Zero Twoism (11:22:54 PM): So you condone drug dealing and prostitution then? and no, I'm not saying she did these things
bahaumatz (11:23:08 PM): Never said I did
bahaumatz (11:23:14 PM): Those are three entirely different things
Zero Twoism (11:23:25 PM): no...let me go back
Zero Twoism (11:23:30 PM): bahaumatz (11:22:21 PM): when money gets tight, you do what you can
Zero Twoism (11:23:37 PM): hmmmmm
Zero Twoism (11:23:42 PM): explains everything
bahaumatz (11:23:42 PM): Stripping is legal
Zero Twoism (11:23:50 PM): so you condone it?
bahaumatz (11:23:55 PM): Yes
bahaumatz (11:24:04 PM): Prostitution and drug dealing are not legal
Zero Twoism (11:24:06 PM): isn't it a sin?
bahaumatz (11:24:11 PM): Nope
Zero Twoism (11:24:19 PM): ooooooh, I'm pretty sure it is
bahaumatz (11:24:26 PM): What do you caer?
bahaumatz (11:24:27 PM): care*
Zero Twoism (11:24:46 PM): Obviously she's putting physical needs before god...which shows her lack of faith
Zero Twoism (11:24:48 PM): do you see?
Zero Twoism (11:24:50 PM): ANYWAY!
Zero Twoism (11:24:54 PM): I've digressed enough
bahaumatz (11:25:15 PM): Obviously so
Zero Twoism (11:25:26 PM): so why do you love her?
Zero Twoism (11:25:29 PM): gimme one reason
bahaumatz (11:25:53 PM): Well, you don't want a cliche answer...
Zero Twoism (11:26:05 PM): give me something straight out
Zero Twoism (11:26:18 PM): none of this "we were meant to be together" garbage either
bahaumatz (11:26:52 PM): After all this pain and torment I've been through....after all the pain that I forced myself to believe she caused...through all that....I can still look at her and honestly feel no hatred or bad feelings towards
bahaumatz (11:27:24 PM): her*
Zero Twoism (11:27:42 PM): So, if she fucked about 20 guys in a night when you are "together" with her...you would forgive her?
bahaumatz (11:28:15 PM): That wouldn't happen
Zero Twoism (11:28:28 PM): That's not the point, you are avoiding answering this question
Zero Twoism (11:28:33 PM): Would you forgive her
Zero Twoism (11:29:00 PM): out of the pain that would cause, you would be stupid enough to say "oh honey, it's all right..I forgive you"
bahaumatz (11:29:06 PM): Yes I would, trust for her would disapear and probably or relationship too
bahaumatz (11:29:14 PM): our*
bahaumatz (11:29:29 PM): But if it happened she wouldn't ask for forgiveness...
Zero Twoism (11:29:52 PM): that's besides the point
bahaumatz (11:29:52 PM): If she truely was sorry for what she did then I would
Zero Twoism (11:30:07 PM): ok, she still lies to you, and you still trust her?
bahaumatz (11:30:26 PM): excuse me?
Zero Twoism (11:31:05 PM): you told Brent today that she said "Yeah, I've been talking to Brent a lot" right?
bahaumatz (11:31:18 PM): Well, I misunderstood
Zero Twoism (11:31:25 PM): no!
bahaumatz (11:31:28 PM): Yes
Zero Twoism (11:31:32 PM): you are wrong and dont want to admit it!
Zero Twoism (11:31:34 PM): she DID lie!
Zero Twoism (11:31:36 PM): SHE DOES LIE!
Zero Twoism (11:31:38 PM): ALL THE TIME!
bahaumatz (11:31:38 PM): No she didn't
bahaumatz (11:31:51 PM): She didn't have Brents new SN how was she supposed to talk to him
Zero Twoism (11:32:00 PM): phone
Zero Twoism (11:32:02 PM): in person
Zero Twoism (11:32:06 PM): telepathy
bahaumatz (11:32:27 PM): Online
Zero Twoism (11:32:40 PM): no..Brent and her both have phones, she has his phone number
Zero Twoism (11:32:43 PM): its all logical
Zero Twoism (11:32:48 PM): she lied, you can't admit it
Zero Twoism (11:32:50 PM): why?
Zero Twoism (11:32:59 PM): because you love her?
bahaumatz (11:33:12 PM): yes...but she didn't lie
Zero Twoism (11:33:12 PM): love is a thin line anyone can make or cross
Zero Twoism (11:33:23 PM): she does lie
Zero Twoism (11:34:02 PM): else that one time I met her at the gas station when she said "I've been seeing Drew" never happened
bahaumatz (11:34:18 PM): when was that
Zero Twoism (11:34:25 PM): a while back, but you don't see the point
Zero Twoism (11:34:33 PM): lets go back to 9th grade
bahaumatz (11:35:06 PM): alright
Zero Twoism (11:35:13 PM): did she lie then?
Zero Twoism (11:35:30 PM): do you think she is perfect?
bahaumatz (11:35:54 PM): Perfect as a human, no....perfect to me..yes
Zero Twoism (11:36:24 PM): I don't want to know your damn opinion! Did She Lie!!!
bahaumatz (11:36:43 PM): you asked if I thought she was perfect
bahaumatz (11:36:45 PM): we all lie
Zero Twoism (11:37:03 PM): some more then others right?
bahaumatz (11:37:09 PM): Not really
Zero Twoism (11:37:15 PM): yes!
Zero Twoism (11:37:21 PM): Some do lie more than others do
Zero Twoism (11:37:24 PM): it's fact
bahaumatz (11:37:26 PM): No, I've been around lots of people that lied
Zero Twoism (11:37:31 PM): obviosuly there has to be a top of the chart
Zero Twoism (11:37:39 PM): and those people lie all the time
Zero Twoism (11:37:52 PM): ok, obviously you don't think with logic
Zero Twoism (11:37:58 PM): when you have a chart...
Zero Twoism (11:37:59 PM): lets say
Zero Twoism (11:38:11 PM): the chart of "People that are so dumb, they have to lie to be cool"
Zero Twoism (11:38:36 PM): ok, you have the lowest, which is the people that seldomly lie, because there is no 0 lies in a lifetime
Zero Twoism (11:38:58 PM): then you have the top, which is people who lie frequently
Zero Twoism (11:39:11 PM): you see, the people at the top, lie more then anyone
Zero Twoism (11:39:20 PM): so, there are people that DO lie, more than others
Zero Twoism (11:39:31 PM): thus proving me right
Zero Twoism (11:40:32 PM): did I crush your soul? are you still there?
bahaumatz (11:40:40 PM): I'm here, chatting with brent
bahaumatz (11:40:46 PM): you see, you haven't hurt me at al
bahaumatz (11:40:48 PM): all*
Zero Twoism (11:40:52 PM): do you understand though?
Zero Twoism (11:40:56 PM): I'm not trying to hurt you
bahaumatz (11:41:10 PM): I know, you're trying to get me to understand everything about my action
Zero Twoism (11:41:14 PM): I'm trying to get you to realize how blatently retarded you actually are for saying you are in love
bahaumatz (11:41:41 PM): I have thought this over very logically
Zero Twoism (11:41:53 PM): ok, do explain
bahaumatz (11:42:04 PM): You wouldn't want to hear it
Zero Twoism (11:42:12 PM): obviously I do
Zero Twoism (11:42:23 PM): if you don't explain now, then you haven't thought it out enough to say it on command
Zero Twoism (11:42:29 PM): now spit it out
bahaumatz (11:43:14 PM): Well, it's kinda long
Zero Twoism (11:43:30 PM): ok, I'm not going anywhere
bahaumatz (11:43:50 PM): Well, I've been living life by three rules lately
Zero Twoism (11:44:09 PM): all right...
bahaumatz (11:45:15 PM): The first is the rule of right and wrong
Zero Twoism (11:45:50 PM): ok
bahaumatz (11:46:05 PM): Whenever you do an action you will always know if it is right or wrong
Zero Twoism (11:46:26 PM): yes, but that is still subjective...but continue
bahaumatz (11:46:34 PM): Of course of course
bahaumatz (11:47:07 PM): But to a certain degree, you will know if you feel something is right or wrong
Zero Twoism (11:47:33 PM): yes...but the concept of right and wrong is totally subjective...but continue, rule 2
bahaumatz (11:47:56 PM): Wait wait...I messed up
bahaumatz (11:47:59 PM): That is the second rule
bahaumatz (11:48:06 PM): the first rule is the rule of one...sorry...
bahaumatz (11:48:35 PM): The rule that whatever you do will it hurt you
bahaumatz (11:48:44 PM): You always should watch out for yourself
Zero Twoism (11:48:54 PM): so that's rule three then, am I correct?
bahaumatz (11:49:14 PM): The rule of right and wrong is the second...the rule of one is first
Zero Twoism (11:49:55 PM): you didn't describe the rule of one
bahaumatz (11:50:41 PM): The Rule of One is the rule that says that every action that you do should be considered if it will hurt you or not in the end
bahaumatz (11:52:00 PM): You look at a few different scenarios and make sure it doesn't hurt yourself and to a certain degree others
Zero Twoism (11:52:25 PM): ok, basically "think before you act" the stuff your parents tell you when you are little
bahaumatz (11:52:51 PM): To a higher level though
Zero Twoism (11:53:04 PM): whatever...continue
bahaumatz (11:53:47 PM): finally, it is a rule that comes into play sometimes
bahaumatz (11:53:53 PM): the rule of the pull
bahaumatz (11:54:33 PM): By paying close attention to your actions and feelings you will actually feel a pull towards certain scenarios
bahaumatz (11:54:57 PM): That one is objective too I know
bahaumatz (11:55:01 PM): It doesn't always work too
Zero Twoism (11:55:49 PM): ok...continue...
bahaumatz (11:56:44 PM): I discovered this when I was taking Drama and doing Improv
bahaumatz (11:57:51 PM): the teacher was talking about being pulled in certain directions and going with it....and then it clicked in my head
Zero Twoism (11:58:13 PM): it's called intuition, it's subjective
bahaumatz (11:58:27 PM): Yes, relying on your first instinct
Zero Twoism (11:59:07 PM): yes, it is not an objective thing
Zero Twoism (11:59:38 PM): anyway, don't let me stall...continue on
bahaumatz (11:59:48 PM): those are the three things
Zero Twoism (12:00:00 AM): yes, I remember what they are
bahaumatz (12:00:29 AM): And I have been putting a lot of things through this test
bahaumatz (12:01:41 AM): It's worked out excellent for me
Zero Twoism (12:01:49 AM): all right...
bahaumatz (12:01:55 AM): I've been stressed lately (from daily stuff) but a lot happier
Zero Twoism (12:02:40 AM): ok, so you've realized what intuition was, that's good, most people realize that when they are very little. But it's ok....continue
bahaumatz (12:03:37 AM): I've put Annie through it too
bahaumatz (12:05:07 AM): and I find her as something that will help my life
bahaumatz (12:05:40 AM): Something that won't hurt me
Zero Twoism (12:06:02 AM): uh huh
bahaumatz (12:06:46 AM): Something that is right
bahaumatz (12:06:52 AM): I don't feel anything wrong about her
Zero Twoism (12:06:59 AM): yes yes, ok, I get it
bahaumatz (12:07:03 AM): and I feel pulled towards her again
bahaumatz (12:08:26 AM): and I want to thank you for your opinion, but my mind is made up
Zero Twoism (12:08:33 AM): YOU DIDNT FINISH!
Zero Twoism (12:08:45 AM): How did you think everything through logically
bahaumatz (12:08:54 AM): I put her down my test
Zero Twoism (12:08:59 AM): ok
Zero Twoism (12:09:08 AM): that explains that intuition is a subjective human thing
Zero Twoism (12:09:12 AM): that's nothing new
bahaumatz (12:09:38 AM): Intuition mixed with logic
Zero Twoism (12:09:54 AM): I'm not trying to change your mind, I'm trying to help you change my mind int o believing what you believe is true
Zero Twoism (12:10:15 AM): using intuition cancels out all logic, for logic is objective
bahaumatz (12:10:58 AM): And I do believe this as true
Zero Twoism (12:11:57 AM): ok, so how does this make it right that you are in a relationship with someone that HAS hurt you many times.
Zero Twoism (12:15:06 AM): so, you seemed to be lost for words. But that's ok, some people are born retarded, you must have digressed to the point. Bah, talking to you is useless, so, I say, grow the fuck up, you halfwit pseudo philosophical child.

no sleep.

much like dead man..i too have a problem with my nipples freezing. however i have a very odd way of dealing with it. where most people would just yell"FOOKING HELL ON A FISH-SICLE!!"..i merely put warm water on my frozen nipples..and slowly lick them titilizingly....and then...when they get somewhat warm..i pour MOLTEN BUTTER ON THEM!!!!!! god it feels so good to douse my frozen, yet somewhat thawed nipples in dripping, delicious, beautiful runny molten butter. and what i like even more, althoughthis doesnt happen as much....but sometimes..i get a man to lick zee butter off my frozen yet semi thawed out nipple members....and rub his manly studly toung this way and that accross my nipple.


and then we have analcourse.

im so bored.
Hmm... I wrote this really neat story a few seconds ago but instead I decided to give you all the 'gist' of the story instead.

Man leaves - Car door frozen shut - Man nipples freeze, it cold - Man pulls on door - Door no move - Man pull some more - Door strong, it no move - Man go inside for hot water - Man pour hot water over door - Man pull on door - Door suckie wa~ - Man win battle with door. - Man drive home - Man get home - Man go to leave car - Door no move - Man curse loudly - Door still no move - " F00K you! " Man say - Man heat up car - Door open after five minutes - Man kick car - Man write story - Man delete story, write like caveman.


True story. Although, its not as bad as it sounds - I liked the frozen nipple part.

January 26, 2002

i have created yet another recipe that is destined for greatness
i dub thee

Southwestern Seafood Noodles
2 eggs scrambled
shrimp (frozen was used for this run through but fresh would be much better)
Beef Top Ramen
Red Taco Sauce
Taco seasoning

this stuff is great, but be warned its not the most appetizing looking, but who gives a shit how it looks, its how it tastes and how it fills ya up
jexis fuxoring chroist cakes with jelly center filling for extra yumzo goodness!

jimmoi was on zee internet last night!

i dun talked too hiyim for like a hwile.

JIMMOI IF YOU EFFOR EFFUXORING REEED THIZ....YOU FUXING SCREEN NAMEJ HASF BEEN ONLINE FOR LIKE 27 HOURS! and you isnt there..and then all of a suddenm it kept going idle..and then like..comming back...and i kpt talking..and finally someone was on it and goes.."what punk?" and then it went offline for gooood. so yeah..maybe they people who stole your debit card andtook all your money like stole you aim name....fucker

so i found my fishbone cd. FUCK YES! fuishbone fucking rocks my socks. and i was reading about them.,..and zee guitarist is in bad brains too.so fuck yeah.

so i went bowling tonight with fucko pepole..and this one uy saw my zao hoodie and he goes"DPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD ZAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD I FUCKING LOVE ZAO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!" and then i told him that i had seen them four times last year...and then i told him that i used to work at tooth & nail records and he flipped out. so that was fun.

and then like..the fool from next door stole my belt..and like..chased around 14 year old girls all night...and BEAT ME AT BOWLING WHIL ETRYING TO PUT HIS FINGERS IN 14 YEAR OLD VAGINAS!!!!!!!!!


im done.....

i miss having buttsex with james.

January 25, 2002

Maxpowers still needs a ride for sunday, Maxppowers needs to unleash pain onto everyone, Maxpowers is tired and wished to fooke joor mom......* looks around * WHO SAID THAT!!??!?!??!.... i hate james, i wish james would go PBen just so i could unlease pain onto him for at least 1 of the painfull memorys he has bestowed onto me.... or the fact that i know jimmy and any other of you freeks....

Maxpowers still does not know how to work his fooking Email.... and james YA FUCKEN WANT CHANGED PASSWORDS EH?!??!?!? WELL LETS SEE YA TRY TO FUCKEN GET INTO MY COMPUTER HAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHH FUCKEN DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

GGRRR God damned PEACEFULL STEALING MY FUCKEN EPIC PIECE!!! AAAAARRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...... eq eq eq eq eq eqqqqq :P burn in it
James i hope to hades that i am welcome to come to your bbq, cant bring too much though, my comp wont run AvP:2 a serious amount of glitch insues when the game is played.
Though i do have a few dvds that i can offer: O brother, where art thou- The Saint- Me, Myself & Irene- Face/Off- SNL Best of Dana Carvey- The Long Kiss Goodnight- Caddyshack, and if anybody needs to satisfy some crazed testosterone urges ive got the Die Hard trilogy special edition and Last Man Standing- both chock full of Bruce Willis-gun totin- bad guy fraggin goodness
also i have a huge supply of top ramen if it matters

and if your renting games Red Faction is a must have, get it at all costs, maybe even GTA 3 if you can get ahold of it

oh and if i can work out getting a ride from somebody that would really help things a bit, my number is 202-8618 plz call if your able to give me a lift to Sharis tonight
Q:Why don't eggs taste like chicken? (a prize for the correct answer) -Octavia
James, what do you mean I'll be tommarow???
fuck you mr. reese
and by the way.
proof that -

and well.

anywho - if you know where I live and I know you personally - I will be waking up at my house around 9pm. The " party " starts when I get home - I will be at sharis at 11pm - we'll stay there until about 12 or 1 - then run off to my house and stay up all night and so on. I bought a little something you all will enjoy.

so - sharis. tonight. 11pm. bring your own ... uh.
well shit.
movies. chips. stuff. food. i dont know.

oh - and you can show up anytime during the weekend
( with exception from sunday after 11am )
im posting from jeff's dorm. funzo. there's a nekkid drunk girl in kyles bed right now. funzo. appartently im suppse to pick up crissi or whatever her name is spelled whatnot stuff to go to zee barbeque thing and i wasnt TOLD aboot it, but thats cool.

aaron, i left a comment on your thigie forgetting bands and artists about how you forgot DEAD KENNEDYS. DEAD FUCKING KENNEDYS!!! how can you fucking have forgotten dead kennedys. i left a humorous message too, butknowing how lazy yall are, you wont see it. fuck you. so i'll post what i wrote...nah, too lazy too look for it. it had something to do with jello biafrawhuteva and peanut butter with turtle sexors. mmm hmmm.

yesh it was funny, i laughed till i peeeeeeeeed blood, oh wait-i still do. i should stop riding the bike, eh?

for the slow ones, this is jimmoi on jeff's nameo. the spelliong shouldve told ya. buttseximar.
Ah I love the night life. Seems that fortune cookie I had a few weeks back was right. " The Nightlife is for you. "

I'd like to take this time to recognize a very awesome movie, one that I have seen for the fifth time tonight. " Gandhi "
No matter how often I see it I'm glued to the television. I have too much pure German blood flowing through my veins to try any non-violence type of things, each time I watch though I'm over-whelmed with respect for that long dead skinny Indian man. Although not quite certain where or from whom, I read a quote once - " It is the soldier above all, who prays for peace. " So, strange as it may sound, lets hear it for peace eh ? Toast a drink, sit in silence, sing - whatever floats yer boat.

Now, where is this here so oft spoken of barbeque ? You thought it might be nice to have everyone gather and all that sort James, now it is I ( and others ) who might think it nice if you actually give us a fucking day and time so that we may plan accordingly. If you say this weekend -sometime- then I doubt you'd like people showing up at 5am on Friday or Saturday morning. A certain time after which it is acceptable to arrive.

Movies - Godfather / Godfather II ( Dreeeeeeeww, yes ? )
- insert -cool- movie here
- ditto

Any neato PS2 games anyone can think of ?

Oh yes, hot chocolate. Lets talk about that shall we ? When someone mentions hot chocolate on a cold day you might think of a nice warm ( or hot depending on preference ) cup of a dark creamy substance. To my suprise as I read the instructions of my little hot chocolate package today it said add hot -water-...

I asked myself, " Water... Why the fuck would water go into hot chocolate ? " I shrugged it off thinking that perhaps since these are the 'instructions' it tastes best this way.

WRONG It's thin, and disgusting. Take a chocolate bar ( Hershey's most likely ) and let it melt in a pot of hot water, that's what you'll have, chocolate flavored - W a t e r -. Hot chocolate should be made with M I L K for that nice creamy thick soothing taste as it flows down your throat heating your insides.

As over used as the saying is, I ask you all. " Got Milk ? "

January 24, 2002

How do i check my loose slugs EMAIL ???? it wont let me try et through ghey hotmail....... and FOOKE JOO ALLL JOO AINT PLAYEN ON MY COMPOOTAR!!! SO BRING JOOR OWN BAHAHAHAHAH, btw whos picken me up for sunday =)
b zz t
ha, ha, ha.

in other news -
I have entirely forgotten how to eat oatmeal.
with a spoon,
or with a fork?
there use to be a time when I didnt even question - and ate away.
but now...

which is it?
James... I have Godfather and Godfather II, don't worrie about renting them, just tell me when the BBQ is and I'll see if I work or not...
Maybe I'm too manipulative. I just got out of a session with Mr. Ward about my grade. I didn't lie as to what I did, I just didn't mention that most of the time I was downloading anime music videos and mp3s all day. I didn't show much work, and I only spoke of what I was trying to accomplish. It didn't pass in the beginning, but after I talked my way through the situation...I managed to get him to give me a B.

I remembered a Pink Floyd remake that has to be AS good, if not better, than the original. Radiohead, a while back, remade Wish You Were Here as Thom Yorke sang the lyrics through his telephone in a hotel room. It gives it this empty feeling that I think the first song lacked severly. It's a good one to get, download it. Highly recommended.
Whomever yells the loudest is obviously the more right

it is a general rule at my house. I just had a " fight " with my father - it ended with " if you dont like it you can pay rent " - first it was " if you dont like it you can leave " and then i'd leave towards the door and he wouldnt let me leave. then it was " if you dont like it you can go get a job " - then I got a job and now it is " if you dont like it cough up some money " - and Im thinking considering this ' room ' i will have for rent is 15% occupied by a large piece of furniture I dont want - and that I have siblings and no locked door - and that all I do anymore is get on the computer and sleep - that my room should be worth at most 25$ a month. I bought my own fuckin' food. Sum-bitch.

Also - I'd like to point out about the first post - that Andy gets horny when thinking about 'deepsea diving' - and then reads 'fantasy books' and then thinks up witty ways to imply that Jeff is homosexual ( notice - he is still horny ) - and then finds himself scurrying off of a tangent about " the barbeque " - hmmmm.

Other than that - everything seems to be ok.
My father's computer might be " de commissioned " for the evening/weekend however - so if you want to just bring your whole system over ( like last time ) Jesse - that'd be darn tootin' - and hopefully we can all con andy into getting his lazy ass to move his computer ( we'll have to have someone with a nice ass offer themselves to him ... note - not me ) - and then that'll be five computers running. wer're running to the max now, baby. I tell ya - ALIEN VERSUS PREDATOR TWO is so much fun it isnt funny. It'll be great. As for Godfather - GOOD IDEA - Ive been meaning to see that for eternity. Definately a renter.

As for the paypal debit card.
fuck you steven
my life was almost complete with my 1.5% cashback -
and so now I'm paranoid.
now I'm trying to read small print.
trying to figure out where it says " by the way we'll fuck you in the ass "

Somewhere, out there - there's someone sitting infront of a computer waiting for a first post to appear, and now they have it.
Late nights are always grand, the strangest thoughts twitter around in my head. Could I be a Police Officer or perhaps a Deepsea Diver ? Have I had anything alcoholic to drink to think these things ? No, I haven't. Maybe I should and those thoughts will vanish.

Oh yes, I have the right to laugh like an ' evil wanna-be-world-dominator '. Mua hahah!!
After a certain someone told me, "Read that book." (Wizard's First Rule) coughDoreencough I have finally caught up! grins with feverish delight I have the newest book she doesn't have! Now I shall no longer get the answer "You'll have to read it to find out" type of answer to when I speculate on the upcoming events in these series of books.

Hrmmm... I'm horny. I thought I might have been wrong, but no - I was right. I shall save all my goodness for this here Barbeque and I shall ... well - nevermind that.

Fuck... I wanted to say something smart about Jeff and his sodomy stuff... Not sure what it was about though, something about "I've had saltier" and "It'll come back and bite you in the ass"... I'm not too sure though.

Hell, I've wasted enough time. Maybe this won't be first post anymore. Doubtful though.

Screw you all a good night.

January 23, 2002

everyone needs to calm down.

so i was thinking today...about jeff callling me(and everyone else) sodomites....and it occured to me, and James i think i will need your help on this one..but do you remember a trip to seattle, a night on the town, and then goin to sleep in the cramped, freezing dorm room? do you remember james, do you remember how cold it was? how th eonly thing that could keep us warm was each other? and how Jeff went above and beyond(and deep, deep DEEP inside) the call of duty? how then, is it possible, for JEFF-o to call the lot of us sodomites, who commit sodomy, yet ..... not call himself that? as he has committed sodomy with the best of us? and has performed sodomistical acts on the best of us? HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?

im going to deleat th egibberish post...because my brother did that......
JAMESIs the BARBE-Q thingy this weekend? If so, I will be in attendance assuming I have transportation, when am I expected to be somewhere and where would that somewhere be?

As for my list, Joe Satriani wasn't even on it, seeing as he is a SOLO ARTIST! However I did forget a few great groups (A Tribe Called Quest, Dave Mathews Band, Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention). Anyway, James, don't buy a real Roland synth until you KNOW music. And Jesse, bring me rebirth tomorrow.
NOT mud just repremanded me for not posting in forever. Like any of you know who I am or care. I am a boring old hag... not hip and cutting edge like you younguns. Here is a website for my friends art work.... www.bunnywax.com. Any questions???? Love, Octavia
click here

thats right bitch.
Oh and jesse not to mention the stupid pop music "orlando" mutants that carried the torch for that huge .2 miles bastards
Ay, iyaiyai,
Ay, iyaiyai,
A-a-a iyaiyai
Where's my Samurai


Boom boom boom boom
Shoot you like a bambar

Boom boom boom boom
At your order

Boom boom boom
Pushing all the buttons



fuck off......................

James, whats going on??? weekend, barbeque? WINTER!!! cold....

oh ya, can I still get a email account???

not first post, ohya, got ya all, bizzos...
I want to carry the Olympic torch. I'm fucking tired of these retarded people who don't have the honor or respect. The onlyone that Ive seen so far has been the old lady here that battled breast cancer 3 times. I think that deserves a little "congrads" and is a very profound accomplishment, unlike that fucking little 12 year old moron who's oh so popular and all that shit. fuck...I hate people.
That seems like Spam...fucking idiot...I'm for banning him...spam and wrong and is punishable by death.

James- We are planning an opening on the 1st. It's been pushed back 2 times already. We're actually having people come in as a sort of "test" to see how people respond to it. Getting info, incite, blah blah blah, to see how it can improve and where they want it to go. I'll get to you witha date. You're invited to come. As for the stuff...maybe friday...not too sure...work...and I met someone awesome here...maybe soon...not too sure.
that would constitute spam.
however - we've never had a problem with that.
and there really isn't any " rules / regulation " against it.
( although I almost enstated a " no fucking test " rule because I didnt care if you were geek / goth / emo / blue / yellow / stupid / horny or dismembered [ where is the dismembered quiz anyway? ] )

but he makes me laugh so much! zach~0 5000, " yes indeed sir i have sodomized, on more than one occasion " - but the jibberish post was annoying - STILL - he is one of the few postees who really just makes me laugh - it is sad that Jimmoi, otherwise known as " airforce bitch " - cannot see his brilliance. sad day.

and now - onto my " hey you " posting!
Hey Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooou :

I will probably stop by tomorrow. Being that you are you and I am me and so on - tomorrow will probably be friday instead of thursday ( so not tomorrow ) but still - hopefully the (cough) 'stuff' will be ready by then. Also - still havent heard any info on whether or not you'll make it to the " big weekend " deal - and ask drew to post if he can make it as well. crazy day. oh - and what time does your 'store' open up? " the gang " can show up there and make it look " popular " the first day. heh. and when is the next "release" of the bethel high school newspaper - DO NOT THINK THAT I HAVE FORGOTTEN MY AD-FULL GOOD-NESS-ISHNESS.

yes. Even you were specifically mentioned to be present, merely because of the few women that I know ( notice > FEW ) - you do not seem to be abraisive with my associates, asides from Aaron getting pouty that zach-o got to feel you up when he himself had it planned in his dirty little mind, that is about all - and now that we're all passed all that I figured if you'd want to hang out with us losers then it would be perfectly A - O - K - but you seem to harbour a unwarranted " dislike " for me it seems. Go figure. The offer still stands, however. But your weird-haired would-be "lets meet the parents and cook dinner for you" boyfriend isnt invited. har.

can you make it this weekend or are you running of to ( name a college ) to peruse and examine their facilities?

I dont know. Cybersex just doesn't do it for me. Sure you can use many different words to say " I done shoved this hot iron rod up your ass " but it just isnt the same when I'm here all alone and doing it myself trying to imagine you here, nut-sack sweating and all. It JUST ISNT THE SAME. So I'm sorry to say that I've moved on and found a better man. No, not the asian-stank air-force-bitch jimmoi, but GLEN FABIAN. Yes, he may be asian, but he isn't stank or bitched-to-the-airforce. Mmmmm. Oh! He's calling my name, gotta go.

I resent being called a sodomist.
I resent, however do not deny.
I do deny any correlation to my being a hedonist, thou.

Where the fux0rs are you?

D S-
and you too? Gone away to happy no-post on the slug-board land?

David, Sherrie, Andrew, Anthony, Goldfish, Rae-27390281, Pinkos, JD, Doreen, Octavia, Michaela, natalie, Michael, and Kimberly-

a great thing happened today. I got my paypal debit card. whoo hoo 1.5% cashback on all bought items from here-on-in! $$

other than that. fleh.

What fucking now... ?

Good question, lets have a vote shall we ? I call that spam - lets ban him! Hell ya! Lets ban Kansas boy!
what now bastards?


January 22, 2002

subtract one post that i didnt make.......

Now, I'm sure that many of you know that something called "sodomy" is illegal in some states.

Others of you may know that the term sodomy stems from the biblical Sodom and Gamorah (I apologize
as i cannot spell gamorah and would appreciate any info on that) story.

Well, i just thought that i'd take a couple of seconds to say that you ALL, (and by ALL i mean that
i am sure you ALL) have committed sodomy.

Good day sir,

to whom it may concern.

through rigorous training, days of dedication, and hours of patience, i have successfuly shed the "Zachary" persona, and caste it into oblivion.

Presenting the Brand New.......

ZACH~0 5000

now all your needs shall be met by this new creation, the ultimate assimalation of beauty, grace, skill, dignity, and good in bedness.

ZACH~0 5000 has shed the vain lusts of the common man, for a higher form of infinance.

ZACH~0 5000 does not feel the need to wear clothing. shame is irrelevant. the body unit of the ZACH~0 5000 mainframe, is spectacular to behold. those fortunate to witness his passing, are awed by his beauty, and gracefull stride, as he is not concerned with his nudity. passers by are blessed with his beauty.

ZACH~0 5000 is smart.

ZACH~0 5000 is funny.

ZACH~0 5000 is a great baby sitter.

ZACH~0 5000 can simultaneously do your dishes, wash your car, walk your dog, AND weed your garden.

ZACH~0 5000 is......tired ofwriting such things to mere mortals who cannot fully understand what that it is to be......ZACH~0.
im gonna work for zee government.

"but zach-o?" you might say.."zee government? zee evile empire of satan antichrist devil hell bad horrible nasty opression communism fascism bushness?"

to that i say yes! but wait there is a twist.

"what twist zach-0?"

"this twist"

its not the army. its not the navy. its not the airforce

its not the marines even...

hell its not even the bonney filled military intellyjunce....

not the post office either. or the irs.


ill tell you.

this marvel of non that stuff i already said goodness is know by the simple acronym....

AAFES ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

yes my friends. zee PX, which is short for POST EXCHANGE..is hiring. and they are calling me tomorrow to set up my interview. but this marvel of moder exchange postness should hire me because the schmuck limp bizkit-atite who lives next door to me works there...

now i dont know what AAFES means..but im sure its important.

and its only 10 minutes away by bike....which means..i can sleep untill 30 minutes before my shift. just like i did with target.

in other news..alithea is back at her home from SEEING ZEE AQUABATS....let me say that again for james...


in other news.....

WHICH SERIAL KILLER ARE YOU? find out at: slitmyfuckingthroat.cjb.net

who the fuck is that? apparently he is gay. and apparently i am him.

hey dead man....

SECOND POSTR IS FLAMINGLY HOMOSEXUAL AND NOT STRAIGHT AND UNCOOL. FAGGITY FAGY is what it is...everyone knows that second post is dumb..and trying to justify it by saying its cool..is just UN kewl.

in fact..i hate second post. if i ever get second post ill say"FUCK" and break stuff..cause second post sucks that much.



why do i even bother?

*shakes head in shame*
Thank god, at least it takes a little bit more skill when it comes to making the gold of second post. Now, instead of holding a FIRST POST VICTORY that you wrote at 10 PM and click post at 12AM exactly, you now have to wait...mwahahahahaha, sucka. Timing is everything!
It shall be so bitch. However - the disqualification you just spoke of would not apply to me, this time, someone has to start.

what is this?
did I hear dM make a challenge.
to reduce " first post goodness " to nothing more than " hah you stupid loser " and to, in fact, have second post goodness instead?

OoOoh, the challenge will be met -
but wait -
let us have a ' disqalification ' in the event that the first postee is the same as the second postee ( ie - you post once just to get second )

Now, notice how I didn't make a big shit ass deal about having the first post ? Ask yourself, why the hell did he not do that ? Hmmm.... long silent moment of thought and reflection

S-E-C-O-N-D__ P-O-S-T__ R-U-L-E-S

That's why ya damn peanut eaters. How did that little jingle thingie go ? First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the hairy hairy chest ? Somethin like that. Why is the second post the best ? Because those that post second have the first post to bitch about, and they can laugh at all the wierd folks who stay up late at night. ( Ignore the times of my posting, the clock was fuggy. James needs to fix it. )

Well fuck-o
Damned log in thing doesn't seem to have a long memory. I try to log in and type some bullshit ( which I forgot now ofcourse ) but my login name / password weren't there. Vvloops! Took about five minutes to figure out and now I just have this to complain about.

Right okay, barbeque... yea... my system... has like - zero - room for new games 'n' shit on it ( and I hate movin the damn thing ) so I may or may not bring that. Mostly depends on how many of us " cool losers " show up to play stuffs.

If we're going to rent mooovies we might as well ( or should ) get The Godfather since no one that I know has ever seen those.

Oh yes... my rare appearance seems to have been blessed, destined so to speak. First post o' the day.
Neato spazgetzi-o

right... okay... I'm done.

January 21, 2002

so shizoit! james decides to have another barbe que funzo and i am out of state.

maybe all of you should chip in to get zach-0 a appartment.

or not.

hey james...what is your address. emale it to me or something or another....and i will get you your cd back..because i really did intend on giving it back. so great googley testiballs. and my anal penetration of you will take place as soon as i can send you a spermie covered iron rod of penetration. it wont be as warm or tender as my man member..but it will be fullfilling none the less.

i hate kansas. hate hate hate. but fuck it....... im starting to miss my pitiful existence of being homeless and hungry and leaching off everyone for food. im sure every oe else is glad that is over.......but i miss being in the area i loved. FUCK.


and now.......i must stop posting cause im out of things for saying.

oh yes..tomorrow is the day of looking for a job.

un funzo - yet..necissarizo
Jesse -
recently have become interested much in anime.
thinking ( seriously ) about wasting that 200$ on the " perfect sessions " cowboy bebop thing / however have never actually seen any of the episodes - hence, am rather hesitant. So - any manner in which I could scrape off a couple episodes or a manner in which I can get myself a viewing of them ( or lain - or anything I can waste a good penny on ) - also considering buying the Urotsukidoji saga merely to say " HEY YOU GUYS WANNA SEE ANIME! " and then fuck people over. haa haa. but anywho.

also - ( cough ) - 5$ might have your name on it if ( cough ) in the event you can hook me up with ( cough ) anime clips that there could be a little slip of ( cough ) a copy of that ( cough ) REASON program you've been googling about - instead of ( cough ) my buying an actual Roland Synth, I could play ( cough ) around with that.

And yes. Zork does rule.

Zach-o -
you bastard. you moved. when did that happen? Here I am all bending over and waiting to be penetrated and what happens? NOTHING - because there is nobody back there fondlin' mah balls like a good lil' boy! YOU BASTARD! In stead I look back and there is a wild badger sitting there nibbling on my scrotum. SON OF A BITCH. Also - you never gave me a " IM GONNA MAKE THAT A TZA " shirt that I gave you $4 for ( dont worry about it ) and never got that 5$ Pain ceedee copy ( eh, dont worry about it ) and I never got my Reel Big fish CD ( feh, dont worry about it ) - and uh ... MONKIES!

Aaron -
get a'hold of joe. ask'em if he wants to be a slug. and your top fifty list looked like a re-made version of their list - but with Joe satriani added. hee hee.

Anyone -
I'm considering having another would-be " barbeque " at my house come some weekend - the thing is, it will probably be according to my schedule - and all weekend long. Possibly considering next weekend, even. So - There will be a little something for everyone. Four computers ( hopefully ) up and running with Alien vs. Predator 2 and other multiplayer games. I have a five-buddy switch ( if anyone has another that can be added, and some systems . . . . ) - so if anyone [ hopefully andy ] wants to bring over a system thats one more for the fray. Also - the Playstation two only has two controllers and two games. Dont worry - we can rent games. I also have a dvd player in my room - meaning that we can rent dvd movies - and have plenty of movies in stock to watch ( requiem, the wall, akira, life of brian, holy grail, tommy, blade runner, o-brother where art thou ) - and would gladly watch anything NEW that I havent seen. Now - to be specific, I am only interested in people who are willing to stay THE WHOLE WEEKEND - that is to say STAY OVERE HERE - and being that I have a weird schedule, expect to stay up WAY LATE at night ( be it playing games, watching movies, coffee debates, making music [reason?] - you name it ) and not do anything actually ' productive ' ( meaning school-work ) - and if you want to take a shower, that is if you smell bad ( JIMMOI! ) that's perfectly fine. You can use my shampoo even if you'd like, but as for soap - you can fuckin' buy that yourself. Heh. Would anyone be interested in such an event? I had jimmoi stay over ALL WEEKEND just this weekend and it was a grand event. I specifically wanted Aaron, Jesse, Mike, Drew, Zach, and even Bonnie over - and thought up of this crazy-ass weekend-deal. Again, not necissarily this weekend - but if enough people mentioned are interested, available, and willing - then hell maybe this weekend.

oh - and the excerpt above is from The Stranger - mah mucho greatest favoritest book ever. By Camus. Funny thing - someone this morning called me " Sisysphus " enroute to work. I laughed at her. She's funny.

- end.

Then, I dont know why, but something inside me snapped. I started yelling at the top of my lungs and I insulted him and told him not to waste his prayers on me. I grabbed him by the collar of his cassock. I was pouring out on him everything that was in my heart, cries of anger and cries of joy. He seemed so certain about everything, didn't he? And yet none of his certainties was worth one hair of a woman's head. He wasn't even sure he was alive, because he was living like a dead man. Whereas it looked as if I was the one who'd come up emptyhanded. But I was sure about me, about everything, surer than he could be, sure of my life and sure of the death I had waiting for me. Yes, that was all I had. But at least I had as much of a hold on it as it had on me. I had been right, I was still right, I was always right. I had lived my life one way and I could just as well have lived it another. I had done this and I hadn't done that. I hadn't done this thing but I had done another. And so? It was as if I had waited all this time for this moment and for the first light of this dawn to be vindicated. Nothing, nothing mattered, and I knew why. So did he. THroughout the whole absurd life I'd lived, a dark wind had been rising toward me from somewhere deep in my future, across years that were still to come, and as it passed, this wind leveled whatever was offered to me at the time, in years no more real than the ones I was living. What did other people's deaths or a mother's love matter to me; what did his God or the lives people choose or the fate they think they elect matter to me when we're all elected by the same fate, me and billions of privileged people like him who are also called themselves my brothers? Couldn't he see, couldn't he see that? Everybody was privileged. There were only privileged people. The others would all be condemned one day. And he would be condemned, too. What would it matter if he were accused of murder and then executed because he didn't cry at his mother's funeral? Salamano's dog was worth just as much as his wife. The little robot woman was just as guilty as the Parisian woman Mason married, or as Marie, who had wanted me to marry her. What did it matter that Raymond was as much my friend as Celeste, who was worth a lot more than him? What did it matter that Marie now offered her lips to a ner Meursault? Couldn't he, couldnt this couldn't this condemned man see . . . And from somewhere deep in my future . . . All the shouting had me gasping for air. But they were already tearing the chaplain from my grip and the guards were threatening me. He calmed them, though, and looked at me for a moment without saying anything. His eyes were full of tears. Then he turned and disappeared.
With him gone, I was able to calm down again. I was exhausted and threw myself on my bunk. I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up with the stars in my face. Sounds of the countryside were drifting in. Smells of night, earth, and salt air were cooling my temples. The wondrous peace of that sleeping summer flowed through me like a tide. Then, in the dark hour before dawn, sirens blasted. They were announcing departures for a world that now and forever meant nothing to me. For the first time in a long time I thought about Maman. I felt as if I understood why at the end of her life she had taken a 'fiance', why she had played at beginning again. Even there, in that home where lives were fading out, evening was a kind of wistful respite. So close to death, Maman must have felt free then and ready to live it all again. Nobody, nobody had the right to cry over her. And I felt ready to live it all again too. As if that blind rage had washed me clean, rid me of hope; for the first time, in that night alive with signs and stars, I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world. Finding it so much like myself - so like a brother, really - I felt that I had been happy and that I was happy again. For everything to be consummated, for me to feel less alone, I had only to wish that there be a large crowd of spectators the day of my execution and that they greet me with cries of hate.
haha first post

January 20, 2002

Everyone remembers Zork! Gotta love Zork...so do some lazy students at MIT.

Aaron - I need my DVD back on Tuesday. There's a whole new part on my Aphex Twin video that requires the joy of a little girl running around. (episode 4). If you've seen the actual video, there's a part in it that has a girl singing "The flowers that bloom in the warm summer sun, are there to be loved by everyone." mwahahaha, scary
Vampyros Lesbos - hmm. considering this as well. funny looking.

Princess Mononoke - consider this bought already

Hell on Earth: The Urotsukidoji Saga / ah hah hah hah. no really. funny.

Brazil Brazil is worth 60$? hmm.

Half.com: Cowboy Bebop - The Perfect Sessions
edit yaw own blog hizzoe!!!
zach-0s top 50.

1. the beatles
2. pink floyd
3. the ramones
4. ac/dc
5. radiohead
6. fugazi
7. run dmc
8. the clash
9. the specials
10. jimmy eat world
11. primus
12. david bowie and the spiders from mars
13. black flag
14. blondie
15. talking heads
16. zao
17. r.e.m.
18. brandtson
19. u2
20. the beach boys
21. the who
22. the police
23. they might be giants
24. spazz
25. the rolling stones
26. bob marley and the wailers
27. the doors
28. social distortion
29. tom petty and the heart breakers
30. black sabbath
31. gorilla buscuits
32. kiss
33. the new york dolls
34. prince and the new power generation
35. man or astro man
36. pain
37. the jimi hendrix experience
38. system of a down
39. savior machine
40. underworld
41. fishbone
42. the locust
43. led zepplin
44. the stray cats
45. nirvana (i hate to say it..but its true)
46. Electric Light Orchestra
47. Every Day Life (E.D.L.)
48. Red Hot Chili Peppers
49. bad religion
50. nwa

aaron got to put incubus on his list.........so brandtson is on mine..although i belive brandtson is a more solid band musically than incubus....so what if theyve never had a top 40 hit.

first post.

January 19, 2002

A Spoon full of sugar makes the what?

Today I had my reviewing of Lord of the Rings. I must sit here and say "I'm sorry, you fuckheads" for saying that this movie was bad and suming it up so poorly in my earlier post describing it. I must say that this movie has to be one of the best I've seen for a long while in the theature. It kept me interested, it kept me wanting to into it. I want to read the book now, and I'm also going to get the soundtrack. It turns out, originally, I fell asleep 30 minutes into it, not 1 hour. hahahahaha. Oh well, my review gives it 9 out of 10...I knock it down only because the over acted death scene in the end...that was just horrible. This has to be one of the only 3 hour movies I'll want to buy on DVD.....but the costume design at the beginning didn't thrill me at all still, neither did the special effects, but they did get a hell of a lot better.

As for Aaron's top 50 bands of all time list...I'll go against what I said before and post 10 of them.

1. Boards of Canada
2. Radiohead
3. The Beetles
4. Pink Floyd
5. Jethro Tull
6. Rush
7. Aphex Twin
8. The Pillows
9. Autechre
10. The Specials
I'm glad you all decided to pick apart my list and point out the subjectivity of best, rather than making your own. Anyway, if anyone else does it I'll compile it, if not, then whatever. Also, does anyone know where I can get a working copy of one of the following programs: Cakewalk Sonar XL, Fruity Loops, Acid Loops, Cubase, or Worms World Party ? Just wondering.

Hey Aaron, I found one of the most bad ass features of REASON yet!

You can do some rewiring in the back of each insturment! WOO! FUCK YEAH!

January 18, 2002

I would create a list of artists to compile into a list of 50, but the fact is I can't. Mainy because each band has their own special quirks, it's hard to say who is better and generalize them into a simple list. Like Boards of Canada, they have the best feeling out of any of the music I've ever heard. The voices, the samples, the orchestration. Radiohead has the greatness of making music I can just relate to. Hybrid makes music that's pleasing to listen to and holds this sort of energtic feel. Opaeque does a mixture of twisted video came and conversation sampling. You can find Opaeque on www.ampcast.com. So many bands are unexplored and unknown, the thought of putting together a list would say that my search for them would be over.

I need a microcassette recorder...I want to experiment with noise and sampling for a while, does anyone have one I can borrow? or buy?
added :

my outgoing SMTP is having a problem.
you'll get your passwords at some time when it works.
and then when i figure out how you can change your email - ill do that too.

... just had an idea.
but -shrugs-
imagine this, youve been under the knife for about 2 maybe three hours and you find your self awake on a recliner with your mouth stuffed full of gauze and just a little bit woozy. You sit there for awhile trying to figure out how the two nurses got your unconscious 250 pound frame from the surgery chair to the comfortable lazy boy. Fast forward to the time you get home, obviously with your mouth full of gauze this could create some communication problems. So anytime i need to say it i have to write everything out on a pad of paper, which im definately going to post when this is all over, most of it is to my mom cause thankfully my brother isnt here this weekend, if he was id probably end up screaming and ripping out the the stitches and setting free the torrent of blood once again. Nasty stuff that blood. Very coppery tasting. Oh yes and i was oozing blood out of the wounds, and i couldnt spit because it would aggravate it and make more blood. Gotta swallow it and the mix of saliva. Yeeeecch, now my jaw aches but at least i can feel my bottom lip and chin again
and so nowhere can i find the complete top 50 list from spin.

they have 25 of them on the site amd they want you to buy the mag for the other 25..assholes..
haha i made james do it.

now how do i get to it?

i shall compile my top 50 bands. im not as cool as everyone else..so people will yell at me for a lot of it. but fuckkit.

ill post that later tonight probably.
Hey, just a question. Who's cooler, The Frehmen, or the Jedi? I vote Frehmen.
zacho@loose-slugs.com ( zach )
maxpowers@loose-slugs.com ( michael )
nonfinis@loose-slugs.com ( jeff )
tarwyn@loose-slugs.com ( tarina )

anyone else?
There you fuckers, I changed my name. THIS IS AARON! Not Jesse, Aaron. Now, I have spent some time compiling my top 50, to factor in with whoever else picks theirs.

1. Pink Floyd
2. The Doors
3. Dave Brubeck Quintet
4. The Beatles
5. The Yardbirds
6. Duke Ellington Orchestra
7. Run DMC
8. The Jimi Hendrix Experience
9. Nirvana
10. The Who
11. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
12. Bob Marley and The Whailers
13. Public Enemy
14. The Ramones
15. The Stooges
16. Queen
17. The MC5
18. Rage Against The Machine
19. Led Zeppelin
20. TOOL
21. Radiohead
22. Prince and The New Power Generation
23. NWA
24. Kraftwerk
25. The Cure
26. Pearl Jam
27. Jethro Tull (sp?)
28. The Clash
29. Duran Duran
30. The Beach Boys
31. New Order
32. KISS
33. Primus
34. Jane's Addiction
35. The Specials
36. Blue Oyster Cult
37. David Bowie and The Spiders from Mars
38. Black Flag
39. Talking Heads
40. The Pretenders
41. The Eurythmics
42. Incubus
43. Live
44. Red Hot Chili Peppers
45. Stone Temple Pilots
46. Black Sabbath
47. System of a Down
48. Blondie
49. Orbital
50. AC/DC

Now remember, these are the fifty BEST, so although opinion will be a factor, it is supposed to be best ever, so you'll have to think about the band's popularity as well, also no solo artists, this is BEST BAND. That means no Tori Heather. And pick apart my list if you feel so inclined.
once again Napster is going under the knife for the third successive year in a row!! Thats some crazy shit.
This time though at least i didnt break my leg or anything.
I just have to have some guy wearing rubber or latex treat the inside of my mouth like a deep core oil well
hes tearing out my wisdom teeth, will i indeed get stupider?

I have been away for a long time...a long long time...
during that time i have uncovered a great atrocity, a mind-numbing tale of intrigue and espionage...

and now i share that tale with you all...
in a series of posts...

Episode I: Ordinary Day

It all begins a couple of months ago, last year, in September, when i was on my summer interim, a break from going to college. I spent some of my time down in Roy, hanging out with james and andy and jimmy on occasion. Usually, however, they were at work...

Well, one day, jimmy, andy, and myself were driving around, trying to figure out what to do...
We were also looking for james and heather, since we couldn't find them. James' clone..err...brother Michael had told us that Heather dragged James over to jOe's house to pick berries or something...

I really couldn't understand him because he started in the language of EQ, and about how his brother was going to spawn at jOe's or something...
i really couldn't follow.

thankfully andy was there to translate while jimmy and i ransacked james' refrigerator for food...

So anyway, we headed for jOe's house...with little enthusiam...

Upon arriving at jOe's house, we entered and stumbled upon a startling scene:

Suffice it to say that jimmy, andy, and i were quite shocked...

The sounds of vomitting still haunt me in the nights...
We will never really know what happened that day...
nor should we, i imagine.

Anyway, after heavy tranquilization, we all decided to do something.
We tried to ditch jOe and go watch a movie, but that didn't seem to be working...

(plus, i could have sworn james mentioning something about how it would be bad to use him and leave him...)

So the movie was out. Andy didn't want, as he put it, "jOe's large bitch-ass in his car". We ended up sitting around jOe's house making prank calls to the Target pay phones. James ended up calling and getting some girl. He thought it was funny...

he seemed to be the only one.

Meanwhile jOe kept talking about potatoes and land-o-lakes...i don't know why.

He also kept staring at his pet dog while holding a butter knife and a napkin...

After about an hour of this, i decided that i'd rather have the neighborhood rednecks catch me and eat my liver while i was still breathing. Just as i started hinting at wanting to leave however, jOe spoke up and said, "Mrrwaa...wanna sea somting coool?"


Jimmy: sarcastically Sure jOe.
Me: Hey, is it in the barn?
jOe: Mrwaa!!FFds...NO, you will never have the necronamic...arjjlwmmrr...necronamican!
Everybody: Looks around confused
Me: What the hell are you talking about jOe?
jOe: looking confused, trying to understand the situation mRmmr...I mean, NO! you mrr.ww musst never entter the baryn...mrrwwa...
Me: Uhm, okay, whatever jOe.
Jimmy: Sure jOe.


With that said, jOe lead us toward a part of his yard that we had never quite seen before. You see, jOe's yard is vast...vast and stinks like wet dogs covered with three day old rotten eggs... Much of his yard i have not explored, nor wish to.

jOe brought us to a strange site. In the air hovered a strange image surrounded by a glowing yellow light...

All jOe could say was, "Mrrwa...twinkey"

After looking at it for a moment, i realized that we were looking at some strange portal...


jOe: mrrrwwa...its a lexus...
Jimmy: What?!
jOe: It's a mrrwaa...lexus... it takes you places far away...
Jimmy: Damnit jOe, you're talking about a nexus...
Me: Actually, a lexus can take you to places too i suppose.
James: Smacks me upside the head with a broken plyboard as everyone gives me the stupid look.


We were standing in front of a nexus, a gateway to other places...

We looked around and noticed other gateways, other nexuses leading to various places...
In the very center of the yard stood a gateway in the ground, with a piece of plywood laying over it, and a toilet sitting on top....
You could see bright red flames flickering underneath the board, and i swear i heard the sound of laughter...a dark laughter, eminating from beneath.


Me: Hey jOe, what's that...
jOe: meniacally laughing in a jOe-esque way Mrrwwa...nothing...mrr..gass leak...
Me: Let's check it out.
Everybody: I don't think that's a good idea...
Me: Aww com' on, what could possibly happen.


Unfortunately, no one agreed with me, so that mystery will always remain on the boarder of being answered.

Instead, we all walked up to the first portal jOe had shown us. We all stepped through, wondering what mystical place we would end up in...

Yes, that's right, stonehedge...
We were all amazed.
Andy talked about taking pictures of it...
James started poking the ground, while i had to stop jimmoi from urinating on one of the rocks...

Heather decided not to join us, and went off to wherever she goes when she gets tired of us...

After checking out the place, jOe suggested that we have a barbeque...

now, since we were all hungry, that idea actually sounded somewhat decent.

jOe had spare steak in one of the folds of his skin. (Don't worry, it was wrapped in layers and layers of seranwrap...

So james, andy, and i worked on the fire, while jimmy started gettin' jiggy with himself...
jOe stood back, and it looked like he was staring at something...

yes, it was a great fun day had by all...

until, out of nowhere, something appeared in the sky!

Out of nowhere, this giant fish began hovering over us, telling us that he had a warning for us...a dire warning...

a warning that would change our lives forever...

oh yeah..hey fuckors...


jeff-0? back?


i live in kansas. i suppose that makes me a KANSASATONIANITE.

i must have written tza on the bathroom stalls of a thousand truck stops.

my dad admitted to liking pink floyd...and many other bands from the 70's that i enjoy.

i nearly went to college. i could have. i woulda started this tuesday if i had said yes. but fuck it. i also briefly considered pulling a jimmoi and joining the airforce..but fuck it too.

what the fuck ever happened to loose-slugs email addresses james? WHAT THE FUCK!

and to elaborate on that i will tell a story....

one day a nice toad was hopping along. and he was just thinking..."fucking a i have a wart on my dick.." when suddenly..a car ran over him, thus nullifying his warty dick. then a bird flew by and went.."whoa! a dead toad...FOOOOOODZORS!!!!!!"..so the bird swooped down and et the dead toad. well a week passed...and the bird was on a date with his girlfriend..who had decided it was the time to finally let mr bird get lucky..and they were just about to go at it..when the girl bird went..."OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT ON YOU BIRD DICK?!?!?!"....needless to say..mr bird did not get laid that night..or any other night for the next week. he went to the dicktologist to see what was going on...and the news was not good."severe dick wartyness im afraid" said doctor dicklooker....well mr bird got soooo depressed..that he didnt know what to do..or where to go. miss bird said she would never talk to him or sleep with him as long as his dick looked like that. well he didnt see much point in living. consequently..bird hunting season opened the next day. so he wrote out his final letter..pinn dit to the wall..and went for a fly to the hunting grounds...he flew real low to be sure..and sure enough...bubba the hickitty hick hick opened fire*BOOOOOOOOOOOMERZ!!!!!!!* went his 27 barrelled shot gun. and me bird was no more. "hot damn! i dun sheeeot me a birdie thang..git yer ayus over thar and get eeyit dawg!!!" but the 27 barrels produced so much shot..that mr bird carcass was not take homeable. "well sheeeit!!!" said bubba"that gawd damn bird wunnsint beeeig enufff fer my dayum gun to keeeeel properly!"..so bubba left him there..riddled with shot..and unrecognizeable. the next day.....mr cat walked by. "yum!" he exclaimed at the sight of a freshly killed bird meat carcass of bloody yumness. and well before you knew it he had eaten what was left of mr bird. then he had to pee..so he did. then we went to his normal alley and had cat sex with some of the local slutty girl cats. what he didnt know was that in the mess and confusion of eating mr bird..he hadnt noticed tha he had eaten mr birds bird dick with the wart. and in doing so..had himself gotten a dick wart..and in turn had given the wart to the girly slut cats. but thats ok..because some boys down the street had finally saved up enough money to buy pellet guns..and they saw the cats in the alley and ..well...they did was boys are said to ofetn do(though i never really have seem it happen)..they started shooting at the cats. and it was a dead end alley...so the boys killed all the cats with their guns. but mr cop piggy police man didnt like that when he saw it as he drove by..so he turned on his siren. and he thought they had real guns..so he shot them. except one boy...who escaped...never to be heard from again. this all made it into the news..and people heard about it all over the place! even in afghanistan. but they forgot about it....because everyone forgets about things. even things that they think are important. so in conclusion i say....DAMMIT JAMES WHERE IS THE LOOSE SLUGS EMAIL THING PLACES YOU SAID COULD BE OBTAINED SIMPLY BY EMAILING YOU WHICH I DID, BUT I NEVER HEARD ANYTHING BACK FROM YOU FUCKING SHIT!.

i like writing stories. i think ill do it more often.

January 17, 2002

Yes, Aaron, change your fucking name, you confuse the people who think the proper spelling of Jesse is with one S and ends in an I.

New Band Alert!
Its much like Boards of Canada with more of a spacy, 16 bit SNES tone. Reminds me of some very very abstract video game music.

due to subsequent power outages in the region of ROY the " post " that was here-in stated that would be " posted " is delayed to a date which would possibly be tomorrow. I repeat :

See, Aaron? Your name -is- confusing - Jefff replied to your post and called you Jesse!! Ha ha haha!

Everyone needs to listen to Bitch and Animal. I'm sending their music to MyKalie. . hehehe. .about how some girls can't stay away from the best cock on the block. ..heh

It should be noted, though, that I also recommended Tori, so you might not want to listen to me.
so james wheres those post you were talken' about???

James...I'm sorry that you have to see this, but I thought you should know...

it may be painful, it may be heart-wrenching...

it may make you consider ending everything...
but remain strong my friend...

Hey...maybe it's not what it seems...

As for other things...

yes i am back...whahooo...
i wasn't really gone so much as extremely busy...
still am to be honest...

which comes to the other reason why i haven't posted...

i lost my...creativity, for lack of a better word. I hit a lull, and rather then flood this place with crap...(not that that has EVER happened with other people's posts), i decided to simply take a hiatus...
and unlike others' strategies...i choose not to make a big deal about it...
considering it's not that big of a deal in the first place...

also...i have been on important assignment getting some top secret news for you...

that picture i posted yesterday...that is only the tip of the iceberg...
an iceberg of which i will reveal to you all in steps...

and then it will all make so much glorious sense.

January 16, 2002

James, the worst thing is not that Pink Floyd is number 49, but that Korn is number 48, and hence BETTER THAN PINK FLOYD according to those dumbshits. Also, there are many absences from that list which piss me off. For isntance, why are there NO JAZZ BANDS! What about The Dave Brubeck Quintet, or The Duke Ellington Orchestra! WTF! And how about The Doors, or Queen? Crosby Stills Nash, and Young? Soundgarden? Where are all these great bands? Fleetwood Mac even, I'm sorry, but Outkast is NOT one of the greatest 1000 bands of all time let alone greatest 50!

So I propose, you should make a list of your top 50! Let's see what we come up with, I'll tally them up pointwise, so the way you position them is important, and I'll come up with THE SLUGS TOP 50 BANDS OF ALL TIME, WHICH ARE OBVIOUSLY MORE ACCURATE THAN ANYTHING THOSE FUCKFACES AT SPIN COULD EVER COME UP WITH THOUGHOUT THEIR ENTIRE MEANINGLESS AND FUTILE LIVES TWICE OVER! And if I ever need to tell someone about it via cell-phone text messaging it'll be "TST50BOAT,WAOMATATFASCECUWTTEMAFLTO". Yes that's right, I'm leeching off of your humor James. And Heather, no I will not change my name... yet.

And Thank The ICe Climbers that Jeff is back.

Super Smash Brother Melee owns your soul. Thrice.
YA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT PEOPLE TO POST!!!!!!!!! awsome...

and yes james, give me posts.... dare, DARE....

so who likes the strokes, I do... I recomend them...
it looks like drew needs to call people ' fucking eediots ' more often.
being that it seems to have arouse(en)ed the great and omnbious Jeff-o.
this is good. this is real good. considering my father has just recently bought a digital camera that is worthy of shoving up my anus and playing " WHO HID THE DIGITAL CAMERA IN MY ASS " - much like pin the tail on the donkey but in reverse. that in mind - be expecting ... photos. ... and stories. yes.... yes... all will be good... and with jeff making a comeback ... egg salad....

egg salad

so drew and jesse - you want posts?
posts you'll get.


also, SPIN magazine voted Pink Floyd #49 out of 50, best bands ' of all time -
SPIN magazine = fucked in head