October 01, 2002

I really dig zach-o's last post. he spoke of my anus. that turns me on.
Im gonna try and post because im not drugged at the moment.
They drug me a lot and the last drugs they have me on ( Vicoprofen ) dont seem to fix my pain.
Just turn me into, literally, an asshole who wants to kill everyone.
and it messes with my head a lot.

I dont want this to turn into a " look at me I am mike and am drugged up wow Im so high and psychotic " post.
I will try to make that not happen.
Jeff made a disturbing post and so far nobodoy has sayd much about it.
... very disturbing.
where is bradbury? He deep in work, he hasnt posted much. Or maybe he has and I havent seen.
I dont know ... Im really sorry all of you - I wanted to reform the board but ... oh ... you dont know.

I got hurt at work and im missing work and they drug me and I get an MRI soon.
I didnt ... It was an accident... I dont know... I dont like it ... I just want it to be over. Soon.

I will get Mr. R on the board - and see what I can do to get Mike Rigney as well.
Other faces soon to be on the board : Sarah Betzer - a lot of you didnt like her but if you give her a chance she's much better.
people grow up from who they were in hich school - or at least most of us.

( cough )

more faces : I've talked to Jeff and tried to get him to get ahold of Breanna and Justin.
Old pals. From back in the day that I'd enjoy having on the board. Jeff says Justin isnt into posting as much.
But they had good opinions and would definately enjoy their say on some things.
more faces : Brice - although I dont know if he has an internet connection yet or what he is up to - I would very much like to get him on the board as well. He is funny - and if you've seen him recently, he has physically matured a lot.
more faces : Pinkos - hopefully I can get her in on the slug action as well.

Im hoping to make a new layout for the board. I dont know when. but it will also intergrate " ASK BRADBURY" as it was suppose to.

Hey - Im on it guys.
and thanks for all of you being around still.
and being alive.

Sorry I didnt get to say good-luck to Bonnie, but she'll be back someday.
Jimmoi calls me from time to time and says he'll post but never does. fucker. Next time he calls i'll be sure to get him to.
and Im working with photoshop. Mmm, picture goodness.

Hey - Im gonna burn.
and remember all the " fun posts " from back when?
Heather keeps talking about them and reminding everyone of good times.

heh heh heh.

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