April 30, 2001

Dr Jekyll im here and will talk to ya, although you just might have to give me a verbal kick in the head once in a while, ill be glad to talk aboot stuff


Hehe...its magenta.


Fun Fun Silly Willy

Yeah, i haven't posted in awhile. Don't get me wrong, its not that i don't love to post on this extraordinary thing that we have called Blogger (I wonder if i will get paid for endorsing Blogger as the wonderful thing that it is, and how without it my life would be a meaningless cesspool of filth and disease?), but i have been extremely busy. On Thursday I was out and about running back and forth to the Woodland Park Zoo. That was the worst ever. I am beginning to hate animals and zoos. I should take a trip to Europe and then come back here and have the animals lick my shoes...Yessss....excellent...

Ahem...anyway, I am still doing lots of work. Not fun. I have already registered for my summer classes up here at UW. No i am not expecting you all to care. I am currently signed up for Japanese, intensive stuff. I get to learn it for five hours a day for five days a week. Originally i was going to take Spanish, mostly because it is used a great deal in our country, and everyone learns it. I wasn't going to take it purely because "everybody else is doing it", but at the same time i was. Let me explain. Normally i back the idea of doing things because you want to, not cause everyone else is, otherwise i'd be a mindless, Matrix adoring (hehe, funny stuff jimmy), Mi2 worshipping individual, but when it comes to learning a language, you do kinda have to go with that whole majority thing. It's rather useless to learn a language only spoken by the tribesmen of Boswania if no one else has learned it.

I have yet to learn the whole "forms" HTML stuff, so until then, the Most Vile Thing Imaginable contest lives on. I hope i don't forget everyone's entry by the time i do learn forms though. I am working on another entry which promises to be just as vile as a bucket full of miniture jOe's feasting on the remains of a maggot-riddled dog's corpse. Yummi.

Well, that's about it. I am coming down on the 4th to hang out for a while. Hope that's not to much trouble for all of you. I just hope plans stick to the way they are. It should be entertaining...or not.

Oh, one last thing:

Happy birthday, jimmy!

Somehow I thought it was Rigney of which you were speaking: however I was lothe to make an assumption. I've known Rigney off-and-on since 5th grade when we rode the same bus (we both went to Elk Plain, he had Hance and I had Shefvland) I sorta lost contact with him at Cedarcrest when he started doing a lot of drugs, but he got out of that and I knew him again at BHS.

I certainly hope he does join the board, that would be very interesting.

In further news I will be buying a $32,000 vehicle in the next few weeks, hopefully by the end of next week. I won't get it until July or August, but then again I'll be getting it custom ordered. And I'm buying it from Costco. I will be, how you say? BROKE for a while (only until I get it, as I'll be saving for the down payment.)

Well, back to work.

I hate you jimmoi.
I was trying to ammass a large group for friday : I was even trying to get Jesse along with the group.
Damn you. Damn you a lut.
Wow : hang'n with jeff-o and justin : it'll be like way back in the day.
i could possibly get a-hold of andy : but then again : maybe I shouldnt.

good to see you posting : and you didnt inform anyone how it went sunday morning at your house.
also :

Heather has friday off ... I believe next next friday and next next next friday.
I, however, on may fourth, will more-than-likely be present.

you want pathetic?
here you go : my parents were going to get me a car today.
however : my father looks outside, finds it is raining : and decides to 'reschedule' it.
I know all about rescheduling things.

three years ago I had a dentist appointment and my father "rescheduled" it.
so don't expect me to get a car anytime soon.
however much it would have been entertaining to have.

also : i believe I'm going places with heather after school today.
hopefully I can con her into going places in which I would enjoy working.

life : feeds on life : feeds on life : feeds on life : feeds on
this is necissary : this is necissary : life : feeds on life : feeds on life : feeds on . . . . .
Jesus god man did you eat all that acid

HAHAHAHAHAHAAA oh funny funny, HAHAHA! oh yea, that was the funny funny. good good story james. oh, and BTW-saying Slaughter House Five sucks is like saying ET is Steven Speilberg's worst movie. oh wait-it is! anyway-i enjoyed Slaughter House Five-and consider it one of the best books ever-but compared to other vonnegut books. please. BREAKFEST OF CHAMPIONS, PLAYER PIANO, SIRENS ON TITANS, JAILBIRD-actually...i hated JAILBIRD. JAILBIRD SUCKS!

anyway i'm reading VIEWER reviews on YAHOO of the MATRIX. haha. funny.

Keanu Reeves is an awesome actor
by: Dreamy_Dolly 03/30/01 05:42 pm EST
rating: *****
This movie really rocked. It was really cool and neat effects and makeup. Keanu Reeves is sooo hottt and he did an excellent job in this movie. He is a really good actor. The movie was also disturbing in a way, like "wow, that would be really scary if that happened" but it was also really good.

Sexy Mr.Reeves!
by: matrixgirl4987 04/02/01 06:27 pm EDT
rating: unrated
Keanu Reeves is the GREATEST actor on the face of this planet! HE really proved it in this movie. Keep up the good work Keanu!

oh my god...that was...HALARIOUS!

Jesus! Did I say that?Or just think it?

well-i have nothing more to say cept my car is cold and cramp and i dont enjoy sleeping in it. also-james, we will have to concell the MIKE/DREW/STEVEN/AARON funzo day thing and will have to cut it into YOU/ME/ZACH/BRICE because fuzo day is MAY 4th. jeff is comming down that day. and that means justin will hang out with us. which means MIKE/DREW/STEVEN/AARON will not be able to hang out with us that day, being that they all hate justin, and justin hates all of them. actually-they dont hate eachother...or do they. i dont know. i know justin doesnt hate aaron, but aaron hates justin. besides, we're gong to see that play so we caN MAKE fun of the PENIS and elizabeth. and i dont feel like being in a large group on friday. maybe next friday.

well-anyway. im going to do my report that was due a hour ago. fun.

A man is in bed with his wife when there is a rat-a-tat-tat on the door. He rolls over and looks at his clock, and it's half past three in the morning. "I'm not getting out of bed at this time!" He thinks, and rolls over. Then, a louder knock follows.

"Aren't you going to answer that?" says his wife. So he drags himself out of bed and goes downstairs. He opens the door and there is man standing at the door. It didn't take the homeowner long to realize the man was drunk. "Hi there," slurs the stranger. "Can you give me a push??" "No, get lost. It's half past three." Says the man and slams the door. He goes back up to bed and tells his wife what happened. His wife says, "Dave, that wasn't very nice of you. Remember that night we broke down in the pouring rain on the way to pick the kids up from the baby sitter and you had to knock on that man's house to get us started again? What would have happened if he'd told us to get lost??" "But the guy was drunk," says the husband. "It doesn't matter," says the wife. "He needs our help and it would be the Christian thing to help him." So the husband gets out of bed again, gets dressed, and goes downstairs.

He opens the door, and not being able to see the stranger anywhere he shouts, "Hey, do you still want a push??" And he hears a voice cry out, "Yeah, please." So, still unable to see the stranger he shouts, "Where are you?" And the stranger replies, "I'm over here, on your swing."
1: nobody responds because you didnt make a statement that anyone could attack, unlike

2: SlaughterHouse Five, IMHO, Is as bad as J.D. Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye" ... a book which has absolutely no value what-so-ever but to catch the public's eye so everyone can say "I LOVE J.D. SALINGER" and/or "I LOVE VONNEGUT!" - both books sicken me. Merely because without reading any other Salinger books you cannot grasp the concepts behind CitR : and not only that but the problem with Slaughter House Five is that it is just plain stupid. I hated it. I had to -force- myself to read it : unlike most vonnegut books where I enjoy reading cover to cover and from time to time am given philosophical tid-bits of yummy-goodness ( Galapagos, Timequake ) SH5 just plain sucked ass. The movie : however : was funny.

I laughed, and laughed, and laughed : are you mating yet?
ahh, funny stuff.

3: the mike was mike RIGNEY : many people may know him because of his drug-induced past : but he seems to have gotten out of that and is striving for something new : so would anyone be against his joining of the board? I myself know for one he is really bad with typing things out : MUCH BETTER to talk to in person : very hard to understand him through text. almost as bad as Jimmoi is with spelling : but not with spelling : just ... "grammar"

can't hold it against him though : just really hard to understand.

4: to end this all ... here is a conversation I had with someone on MSN messegner : I dont KNOW the person : and they SEEM to think they knew me.. very odd :

chickybabe says:

Mud says:
hello. . .

chickybabe says:
how r u?

Mud says:
fine . . . i guess.

chickybabe says:

chickybabe says:
we went to the bball stadium all day

Mud says:
-we- ?

chickybabe says:
the grade 6's and 5's

Mud says:
ok. . .

chickybabe says:
yes elena asked nico to be her sponsor

Mud says:
ah... yes... elena...

chickybabe says:
yes finallly

Mud says:
. . .

chickybabe says:
what the hell do dots mean

Mud says:
the absense of speaking and/or typing

chickybabe says:
hahaha om what ever

chickybabe says:
you going to daniels party tomorrow

Mud says:
... uhm... yeah... it'll be great.

chickybabe says:
hahahah i know it will be sooooo much fun

chickybabe says:

chickybabe says:

Mud says:

chickybabe says:
what now ???????

chickybabe says:
you taled to vuka lately

Mud says:
not really.

chickybabe says:
hahahahaha i talked to him yesterday

Mud says:
what did he say.

chickybabe says:

Mud says:

chickybabe says:
me and biance made a plan and we told him

chickybabe says:
im sedning you something really funny

Mud says:
oh. what sort of funny?

chickybabe says:
really funny

chickybabe says:
whats your email

Mud says:
you should know that since you have me on your list :

chickybabe says:
ok i jist sent it but it mught take a while

Mud says:

chickybabe says:

chickybabe says:
its sooooooooooo funny

chickybabe says:
youy got it yet'

Mud says:
no . . .

chickybabe says:

Mud says:

chickybabe says:
you get it

Mud says:

chickybabe says:
how funny is it

Mud says:
on a scale of one to seven, it'd be a negitave three : negitave being

chickybabe says:

chickybabe says:
so do you like it

Mud says:
it is very funny i laughed a lot

chickybabe says:
hahahaha its so cool i semt it to nic too

Mud says:

chickybabe says:
i love it

chickybabe says:
i gtg

chickybabe says:

Mud says:

chickybabe says:
tata deary

What The Hell?

April 29, 2001

I think this clearly demonstrated my point. 3 days and not a single responce. I told you I either don't exist, or no-one cares anymore.
I finished reading a really good book yesterday. Slaughterhouse Five. Im not a real fan of fiction books, matter of fact I dont enjoy them at all. However, seeing as how I had to read this one for a grade, I did enjoy this one. Not so much the book itself, but the consept that the book presents about time and life. The main character, or "hero" (in this case more like the victum) is a man named Billy Pilgrim. He goes to some planet named Tralfamadore where he learns that all time happens simultneously; thus, no one really dies. The irony of this all is that the permanence has a dark side, and all horrific events live forever as well. The author, Kurt Vonnegut, really makes a point about fate and destiny though. Through his view of time it shows that all events are fated and impossible to change. Which makes death all the better in the novel. Everytime someone dies Billy just says "so it goes." Because someone is dead only for that moment, but is still alive for millions of moments prior to that one.
The one thing that really sold me into this book was when he started to talk about Jesus being Gods son.
"Jesus really was a nobody, and a pin in the neck to a lot of people with better connections than he had. He still got to say all the lovely and puzzling things he said in the other Gospels. So the people amused themselves one day by nailing him to a cross and planting the cross in the ground. There couldn't possibly be any repercussions, the lynchers thought. The reader would have to think that, too, since the new Gospel hammered home again and again what a nobody Jesus was. And then, just before the nobody died, the heavens opened up, and there was thunder and lightning. The voice of God came crashing down. He told the people that he was adopting the bum as his son, giving him the full powers and privileges of The Son of the Creator of the Universe throughout all eternity. God said this: from this moment on, He will punish horribly anybody who torments a bum who has no connections!"
The point of this was: what if Jesus wasn't the son of God? Would it still have been so horrible to kill him? Why do people think that killing Jesus is anymore important than killing a bum on the street?

Remember: all good children go to heaven
ok, the Sakura Con 2001 was the coolest thing that I've been to in years. Beware of my field report *Comming Soon*. I spent too fucking much money, 170 bucks just on 6 CD's. Fucking Import shit.

There's an anime called Neo Tokyo, it's a bunch of short little animations, one is called Manie Manie. CAN SOMEONE HELP FIND IT!? Anywhere, Manie Manie is the most fucked up, acid trip anime I've ever seen. It's Pink Floyd's The Wall in anime form.
tomorrow my parents buy me a vehicle.
fun. i was expecting heather over today.
she didnt show. her reasoning was because Jimmoi was over.
Jimmoi, however, isn't over.

too bad. so sad. oh well. boo hoo. look at me, I'm a baby.
I hate being attatched to someone.
It hurts.

I tried to convince myself that I didn't really expect her.
I didnt convince myself that well.

guh. I hate the concept of life.

I cleaned my house.
I did the dishes.
I made lunch.
I made and maintained a fire in the fireplace.
I did the laundry.

Why didn't these things make me forget she said she'd be over?

like i said.
too bad. so sad. oh well. boo hoo. look at me, I'm a baby.

April 28, 2001

Which Mike did you run into?

Today, I had almost as much fun as you did Friday. Sort of. Okay so Wednesday the radiator in my truck started leaking when I got back from lunch. I guess doing 80 the whole way up the mountain highway on the way back didn’t help. Of course, I’m not the one who discovered the leak. Paula told me about it "you’re truck is dripping," says she "oh. From the back?" says I, "No, from the front, it’s dripping green," she responds, "oh. Bummer." Then I went to check it out. It wasn’t leaking all that bad (comparatively), but dripping it was. So I figured, if it doesn’t pop completely, I can at least get to work and back the remainder of the week, adding water all the while. So I do. With the intention of taking the radiator to the Radiator Nazi to have it repaired today (Saturday). So I wait until this morning to remove the radiator (in no mood last night) thinking that the shop will be open today.

Well, first thing this morning (after breakfast) it starts raining in a rather monsoon-like manner. While I’m making other plans, it clears up, gets sunny, and nice. I go out and start removing the FUBAR radiator, about a 30 minute job, and of course as soon as I get to the part that involves laying on the ground, it starts raining again. Mind you, there is also a good 30 mph wind, so the refuge of under my truck isn’t as dry as I would have hoped. Now, if I hadn’t been to lazy to pull the truck into the shop to do this, I would have been perfectly dry, but then I would have had to clean the floor of the shop when I was done, wereas the driveway can stay nasty for all I care. The radiator is out. I take it to the other driveway (the driveway the truck is in has no water service, and thus no way to add water to the radiator to check it) and I can’t for the life of me tell where the leak is, or if it even is leaking. The rain and wind most likely account for this.

So I bag it. Go inside, play some Rogue Spear, dry off. Once I decide to take the damn thing in to have it fixed, call the shop, he’s closed on weekends. After a brief but spirited string of expletives, the determination is reached that the repair should be attempted for free before anything else is tried (of course, I called around to find prices on a replacement radiator, but the $350 price tag was slightly discouraging.

Lets just say the repair attempt failed. Mainly because of the heavy-dutyness of this particular radiator, it was not something that could be done easily.

At this point I went to Schuck’s, bought some Bar’s Leaks, put the thing back together, added the Bar’s Leaks and am now done with the project.

That took until around 7:00 to accomplish, making me wonder what the hell I did all day that took so long.

Thursday, I went to the Washington State history museum. (that’s the one next to union station in downtown Tacoma) This time to see their Thursday Night Music series. The subject of this weeks was "Hard Hitting Songs From Hard Hit People." Mainly Woody Guthrie songs, quite the live show. The performers were all (I assume, judging by their great knowledge of the songs and their origin) history professors and researchers. It was amazing, all these songs from the thirties about the struggles the Okies and Arkies had in their journey to find work, about the sharecroppers in the south and the organizers in the Great lakes states. The history takes on an entirely new life when you hear the songs written by the people living the experiences. The coolest part is, it only cost $2. And that was to park, if you’re willing to park elsewhere, the museum is free Thursday nights from five to eight.

Down across the freeway (I think that’s the freeway) from the Hysterical Museum they are building the Museum Of Glass. As in Dale Chihuly glass. They’re building the museum right next to the old Alber’s Mill, the one people keep trying to tear down, and other people keep trying to keep from being torn down. MuseumOfGlass.org If you check out the live webcam, you see the same view as my dad from the break room at his work (the camera is on top of the building where he works. Pretty fulking cool.

Damn. It’s almost 11. Time for sleep.


Climb a tree :

I know I might forget much while typing this : and will leave things out : but what little I do put in will be grand ... a summation of this Jimmoi day : we ran into Mike <: whom will possibly soon be added to the board :> and then Brice ... The plan was to go to jimmi's house and then to my own : ... we hopped into our respective cars and the fun began.

When we got to Jimmoi's house : me and mike stood outside his door : awaiting his return : when we heard him in the garage : we went to the garage : he was getting a cooler for the sodas we had : so i went in and got the cooler and brought it to the trunk . . .

and then his parents came in. at first one of them. his father was rather calm, cool, and ok about whatever it is he was talking to jimmoi about : which sounded like $$ ( why do you think i fsking hate money? ) and then his mother came in. She wailed at him about giving him and/or showing him money. And WAILED some more. She was YELLING at him. Eventually he had no choice but to yell back : in which resulted in his father yelling at him for yelling and "not talking in a manner which is appropriate" ... the hypocracy couldn't have been at a higher peak.

then all of a sudden his mother was yelling at me and mike. something about we're the reason he's not a good boy. we're BAD BAD kids! ... like we influence him to do drugs or anal sex or something like that... buh.

brice and zach showed up and i waved them away from jimmoi's house to a building site : where we proceeded to hack things with axes that Brice happened to have : then jimmoi was done with his parents : came by - informed us that the police were called : and now jimmoi seems to be "out on a limb" ...

all in all we took it lightly : either because jimmoi know's he isnt "REALLY" given the boot from his nest : or because that's how he deals with things : calmly : because any other manner is a waste of time, emotion, and strength. got to give the J-ster ( ah hah ) props.

After we gathered together at my house we played some Unreal Tournament ... it was much fun : and the deaths were plenty. Then we got it into our head to utilize the axes that Brice had and to CHOP DOWN A TREE. Merely because we could, I mean we had the axes : why not?

So we drove away : found a tree : and slowly ( mostly zach however - because the rest of us were either stupid, lazy, weak : or all three ) chopped the mofo to the ground. It creaked and snapped and then hit it with a thud. A loud "HURRAH" came from the group as we saw the greeny blob hit the dirt. Ahhh, yes. It's something that must be done to be understood.

After that we went to the mini-mall on ft. lewis : where stupid slipknot kids were looking at us all funny : so loudly we spoke of how we'd go camping and have much anal sex : and that we needed ice to reduce the swelling : and people / the slipknot kids looked at us funny : but it was all good : because they were stupid anyway.

Then we took a long drive out to the bridge of Nisqually. We threw rocks into the river and watched them splash : then we threw them onto other rockes and said "BIG BOOM GO! YUM! FUN!" and then we got the idea of playing Hide-And-Go-Seek with a toy-guy, which ironically didn't work out all that well : and sucked majorly.

There was something written under the bridge dated '50, so brice and I decided to make our own mark as well. Brice used a pen. I used a rock to IMPRINT my name : MUD Into the rock. You'd be amazed how long it takes to chip rock with another rock just to make three blasted letters. it is rather time consuming. kudo's to those who make rock-letter-books.

after nisqually the day ended with a usual night-at-Shari's, with Jimmoi being treated as he couldn't pay for anything : being broke. Brice and Mike hit it off : and a band-member talked to us. All in all : with varied discussions and debate about life, liberty, music, the future, and philosophy in general : it was a good night.

We went to Fred-meyer for purposes of tradition and/or habit only and began to formulize the concept of a Movement ... it seemed fantastic at the time : and hopefully we'll be able to pull it off. However I still don't believe we have that "stable" of a philosophical and/or political standpoint to be a "movement" ... I wonder what classifies a "movement" anyway? Hum.

after mike left us we just came back to my house to drink jones : play Unreal Tournament : and fall to sleep. The -best- part of all was the irony of Zach's Jone's quote :

Climb a tree.

what if the tree is already on the ground? heh.

April 27, 2001

Life is a swirlilng maelstrom of fear, pain, and anger.

or is that just my house-hold?

So here I am. Bored as hell. my dad finally went to bed before 3 am for the first time in weeks, so I actually get to use the pc during hours when people are still online..and of course NOONE is online! In fact, the only person online..is my ex girlfriend sarah..and talking to her is so weird cause i can feel the eyes..staring at me! and i can just hear her singing stupid little songs form the 60s! its....unpleasant. at least tomorrow will be fun. dammit it sure as hell better be fun! cause im in teh mood for some fucken fun! jimmoi should get his ass online STAT! cause he said he would see me online dammit!

i was forced to mow the lawn again today. and to weed eat..it sucked..i had no protective eye wear atfirst..so i was in constant fear of being blinded and never again seeing boobs. that would be a tragedy...........

tuesday i got to see the juliana theory live! i was massively stoked for it. the first band that played was funny cause they were all hardcore and full of rage and the guitarist had a shirt that said"I HATE EVERYTHING!". the humor became evident just before th elast song they played. the guitarist who hates everything started talking about how we need to get past hate and start accepting people for who they are and not pointing out differences and just stop the hate..all teh while we are laughing at him because his shirt says" I HATE EVERYTHING!"..then he looked down and he looked very embarrased. the next band was boring so ill skip them. the 3rd band wqas squad five-o. they are the geeks favorite band off all time...so obviously all the members of the geeks were there. squad played a very energetic show...i was especially appreciative of the very attractive female fans who were jumping up and down while i was stuck with my head between their boobs because the crown was so packed.*giant grin* Not to mention that the girls in front of me were jumping too and most of them had very nice asses that my hands were smooshed onto :) the last song they played was a cover of Blitzkreig Bop by the Ramones..and they started pulling people on stage..so I was onstage jumping arouind like a moron. finaly the juliana theory came on stage. it was cool..i knew the lyrics to all but 2 songs..cause those were new songs. i got kicked in teh head because some dumbshit was crowd surfing. I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE CROWD SURF TO EMO DAMMIT! i was so mad that i actually kicked his ass. seriously. i got pissed. do not fuck with me when i am at an emo show. after the show i saw marshal..the guy from KGRG and i got him to autograph a used napkin at dennys. yay. ok enough of this posting..no one cares....

April 26, 2001

So, there I was, listening to the radio on the way to the mall with my sister. Being the radio, there was nothing on it. So we spontaniously turned it to the classical station. WAM! I thought they were playing Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan, the classical part of the song was blasting through my speakers, and I was just waiting for the techno to kick in. Well, I guess all great artists have to bite off someone sooner or later. The classical beginning to Clubbed to Death is actually an old orchestration of Sir Edward Elgar's Enigma Variations. I guess it doesn't REALLY matter though, if the piano riff isn't his, it does. BUT THE CLASSICAL PART WAS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!! GARG!
Oh yeah, HAHA! Suckers, I goto Anime Con! I dress up like anime character and join the freak show! OH YEAH! I be back sunday! W00T!
Well I first must say this: I am not an actor, I am an ACTRESS. Do I look like a boy to you? If you answered no, then you should see the error, if you answered yes, then I think we have a different kind of problem.
Jimmy, I do not post once and then not post. I post with the intent of posting again, then forget to post...oh well.
You know, I would post more often, but no one ever talks to me in here, ever. I pretty much was talking to myself most of the time, with an occasional post from heather about how much better her life is than mine. The rest of you bums ignore me. So, I quit wasteing my time.
By the way james, that girl was stupid. Does she have aol IM? I would like to talk to her.
Remember, all good children go to heaven.
with erotic dreams out of the way : i believe i will go out and attempt to find more people to add to the board : merely because my last attempt "scott" seemed to fail more-than-effectively. How very dissapointing... Ok : but this time I SWEAR I will get someone

1) educated
2) older than us

or well. ... yeah... so ... OFF TO THE AIM SCREENING I GO!!


this lady came out of the blue and ostrisized(?) me for my info, which contains "PUNK IS DEAD" -- the conversation is rather... odd.

HeavenHlf: does it amuze you what i think
HeavenHlf: do you think it's funny
not mud: well you never told me and so I wouldn't/cannot be amused. (?)
HeavenHlf: well you make it sound like no matter what anyone says about punk rock your amuses
HeavenHlf: amused
not mud: generally, yes.
HeavenHlf: well that there fore makes you an a$$
not mud: Well I had no qualms against the fact that I'm an ass, or any deviation of thus.
HeavenHlf: i can see wwe like to use big words
HeavenHlf: what is it with people getting a kick out of others discmforts
not mud: not really. the high vocabulary just gets me in trouble with stupid people. they tend to think I'm "acting" smart, when in fact all I do is know how to spell and use words correctly. go figure.
not mud: I don't find being misinformed a "discomfort" ... just ignorance. and you've got to get a kick out of people's ignorance.
HeavenHlf: i bet you enjoy people calling you an ASS hole
HeavenHlf: no in fact i feel sorry for them
not mud: I bet they do. In fact : I enjoy them calling me thus : because it proves they've got no point and I'm correct.
not mud: how could you feel sorry for the ignorant? they're ignorant. you can't help them.
HeavenHlf: so why don't you tell me your defintion of PUNK ROCK
HeavenHlf: yeah and your an ASS HOLE and no one can help you
not mud: it's dead. ie> dead milkmen and dead kennedys. mwa haha.
not mud: please... YOU'RE.
not mud: that aggrivates me so very much.
not mud: if you're going to insult me, do it correctly.
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she logged off. she didnt even warn me. what the hell?
ah well. got to love people like that. just gotta.

do me a favor and yell at her that PUNK IS DEAD.
Yawn. Work sucks, stay in school and avoid it as long as possible. So here I am, it's 2 in the afternoon on a Thursday, and it's just about naptime. Yesterday, it actually was nap time. But today we turned the air conditioner on, so now not only is it not like a sauna in here, it's far too noisy to sleep........until, that is, you start to get lulled by the constant rushing sound from that thing.......
I think that maybe I'll leave a little early today (again). Everyone (well, four of the other people) are in Oregon at some tech conference, to which I was not invited (mercifully), and won't be back until Tuesday. So it's been fairly quiet around here.

I managed to spend some time today in the EBD room at Cedarcrest (woo-hoo). Man, did that suck. EBD stands for Extremely Behaviorally Disabled. These aren't the worst of the SPED (that would be SBD, Severely Behaviorally Disabled, those are the ones with helmets and harnesses and shit. But the EBD kids are a blast too.....makes me wonder how you could be one of the teachers for that. Those kids spend a lot of time yelling expletives at the teachers. The worst part is, they aren't as messed up as they seem to think they are, just programmed that way. Quite a few of them say shit like "I'm too stupid to learn that" or similar. It's really strange that this happens.

Sounds like an...............interesting dream you had there James.

It looks like I can get a loan for the new truck. It sucks though, I'll have to wait so long to get it. Two months is a long time, and that's the lower end of how long it'll take. Might be three, or more. Ugh. But I still have to get in contact with the Costco auto dealer. They were supposed to call me, yesterday, but it didn't happen. So I'll call them. Tomorrow. And if they can't quote me good enough, fuck em. Carsdirect.com quoted me 32 on it, and I'd bet money (fact I will, 30 grand of it, more or less) that Titus-Will can beat carsdirect.com's price (or at least come real close to it) I got this one dealer's card. Barry Bornstein. Nice enough, in that he didn't jerk me around and try to sell me what I didn't want. As soon as he found out what I wanted, he talked about it, and didn't try to go for shit I didn't want. So of course he stapled his card to the book (yes, it's a book, 100 pages of it) about the truck when he gave it to me. So after I talk to the Costco dealer, get their quote, it's off to the dealers I go. I think maybe first Titus, then Korum (someone told me they would beat carsdirect) and maybe finally Van Eaton. Whoever gives me the best price and pisses me off the least will get my business.

Well, I better start looking busy, and the easiest way to look busy is to be busy.

uh-napster, if you notice-she doesnt post for a long time, but than post once, and than doesnt post for a long time. thus-we're due for her to check the posts and post. and beware-soon you'll wish you NEVER said those words. believe me, i should know-im a medical doctor.

anyway-my "illness" is receeding. i still have a massive headache. man, theres a lot of fat FAT chicks at this school. a lot of hot ones too. man im tired. fucking sudafed. its "nondrowsy" too, and i feel fucking tired. i actually wrote a song about the "illness" called SUDAFED. i sit and take sudafed, cause that drowsy feeling in my head, allows me to sleep in my bed, hopefully it wont leave me deAD. i have a cold that wont go away. they said it will be gone in a day. three days later, its here to stay. I sit and take my sudafed, cause that drowsy feeling in my head-and so on and so on. simple, and...uh, simple.

i have a contestant. yes i do.


JIMMY STYLE pt 7, i think...

lately, in the news, you probably have heard about ROBERT DOWNY, JR. going to jail again. this fucker (yes, i said FUCKER) is costing the gov. thousands, everytime he's locked away, taken to court and goes through therepy. i think he should just stay out of the publics eye. if it was any other american, he wouldnt have gotten a second, thrid, fourth-what # are we on actually, anyway? not a year/month goes by where i dont hear about the bastard going to jail for cocaine or heroine or pot. and not a week later, it seems, he's out making a movie, or on a TV series. he is whats wronge with america. we forgive everyone thats a celebraty. we tend to follow like sheep to what the media says. people wonder why i'm a fascist. well there you go.
i had an erotic dream, just a bit ago, about Bettie Page and Heather Taylor... Ah hah... ah hah... ahh ... whooo yeah.

in any other sense of the manner i'd probably not be telling you this : but JESUS H CHRIST : who would've thought that dreams can be so erotically compelling? To think that I didn't want to wake up.

wow oh wow oh wow.


wow oh wow oh wow.
and i wasn't even emotionally/physically triggered : that just came out of nowhere. coool.

April 25, 2001

Well, I must say and I'm sure it's been obvious for a while, Napster sucks. In their compliance with the RIAA, they are "filtering." Filtering - verb - 1.) to purify, to filtrate. Yes, filtering, in otherwords, they are riping away ALL that was good, and leaving you with the crusty remains of what used to be a program. Bands that were pro-Napster such as Radiohead and Less Than Jake have been filtered for your painful delight. That's right, no more Radiohead, all we are left with is the horridity of artists such as Aux 88. Lets just say that Napster sucks now and will soon die off, like everything does. Now, lets move on to things such as Abes MP3 Finder www.abes.org and Audiogalaxy www.audiogalaxy.com. GARG!

It has turned into what it was a year ago, very few files on it and it's harder then shit to actually find what you want. I really can't explain this any different, I try searching for something, then WAM! doesn't even search, just returns a "No files were found on server" shit. Oh well.

Kicking screaming gooshi little piggies!
James whyfore didja slice your foot
Best quote in a movie: Dear god i was in the middle of a fucking reptile zoo, it was then i realized that someone had been giving the damned things booze, i figured it would be only a matter of moments before they ripped us all to shreds. Raoul Duke-Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Oh heres something to add to the vilest thing imaginable list if there is one: Running over dog poop with a lawn mower, if i had a digi cam i would get pics for you guys
a sliced up foot makes for no fun. :\
Yeah right her check the board, funnystuff when was the last time she posted. Dude james you looked majorily run down today what was rong?
hey jesse-isn't it a holiday in cambodia?

anywhoo-i still feel massivly sick, guh. tired. almost fell asleep on the drive to skewl, and asleep in class. in fact, i just dozed off a minute ago, while typing. FOOK!

i think i will hold off typing on blogger, till i get over this...illness.

James says I have to post a blog, so here goes... I've been 18 for two days now and yesterday when i got carded at the clove shop the guy commented, "Whoa, April 23rd, huh?" Four-fifty a box. Cha-ching. I just smiled. So here I am sitting at my computer smoking legally purchased sampoernas and trying to mellow out and read some Vonnegut. The snakepit I used to buy them at charged me 6 bucks a goddam box. Boy was that place a snakepit. Sometimes the silly Indonesian guy that owns the place would ask you for your ID just so the camera would record him "checking IDs" for the next time the bacon squad cracked down on the place. Then he'd go ahead and sell you the loot. You could be 12 years old and he'd sell to you for chrissakes, as long as you had a school ID or a Subway card or the potty pass some teacher wrote you at school earlier that day to flash in front of the goddam camera. He's been busted about 5 times (as far as I know) for selling coffin nails to the neighborhood kids, but he doesn't really have choice anymore if he wants to stay in business. They built up a Texaco right in front of the strip of shops that his store is in. 6 bucks a goddam box to any minor who wants em. Damn, what a snakepit. ***Natalie***

April 24, 2001

James: Right, CD's will be brought....Oni and Moby. Drew has a copy of B&W, but most likely he'll say tomorrow, "I tried running set up and my computar Machine wasn't playing the game. What does I do?"


james: i want einstruten neubautan back on fishing friday. im actaully in the mood for them. odd. also, i want that brittney spears poster too, yummy.

i have a cold, blasted. and i feel horrible. i had arguments for WASL, butt im too sick and tired to debate. also: jeff, if there is a possibility of you comming down on friday, i wish you would. this jimmy day will be a fishing/camping trip. would be swell. hopefully my cold will be gone by then...it is receeding. sorry james for not comming over yesterday, but i was too sick, and didnt hgave enough gas, and had no money so we couldnt do anything, thus, it would've been pointless. but you dont really care anywhoo-so it was pointless for me to type that all out, eh? anyway-thursday might be a ZACH-o day, just have to ask zach and you if thats fine. we can buy suplies, fishing permits (laughing...haha...yea) and figuare out where exactly is it where we're going. yeup. also, we can see SAVING SILVERMAN again...damn i love that movie. we can also do a stack out and beat up mexicans, and get killed in the process. sounds fun. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

also-jeff, did you tell justin that paintball is off? i havent the strenght to get up and call him...i dont even have the strength to get up to lay down and sleep. if you dont, i'll call him thursday. i need to call a lot of people on thurday. hey, where did writer person go? scott...or steve...or rhino man. yea, anywhoo-meeza stry to get up and sleep. fuck colds. oh, and HAHA! Andrew-you telling people you like raechelle. haha! been there done that. haha. yea. anywho-

I just sliced me foot.
yum yum yum.
also : Rachaeleelealelaelelele posts on the board you monkey.
so if she just happens to check the board ( gasp ) she can read all about everything, monkey x2. and if you'd want to get a'hold of her through AIM she can be reached by IMing : MrHyde518327. HOO RAH times THREE.

other than that. nothing new.
mwa hahahaaha.


nothing of real importance to discuss anywho.

{ edited for redundant purposes }

{ insert grave rolling here }
Hey boys whats up its been awhile (god im getting tired of that song) but im posting again. Id like to announce that last week i recieved the Sophmore Writer for Third Quarter Award, and it was signed with a personal touch by BETHEL HIGH ENGLISH DEPARTMENT, not each person individualy but the BETHEL HIGH ENGLISH DEPARTMENT itself weird how these departments can take on a life of their own. ALso what i find weird is how anybody can anything seriously from a teacher whos name is Hordyk. Crazy stuff.
James your probably gonna roll around in your future grave when you read this but i must say that im beginning to find my self attracted to Dr. Jekyll. THERE I SAID IT GODDAMMIT, call me crazy but shes cool and nice, and quite the actor. Right up there with Keanu Reeves (just kidding on that, well he was good in Devil's Advocate). I guess we will talk tomorrow.
Do not tease or feed Happy Fun Ball.
Yes, you must respect Rob D.
Mainly because Rob D kicks ass.
As do just about everybody mentioned. Except the ones I don't know, but since Jesse is grouping them with ones I do know, they kick ass by default.

Standardized tests are more than bullshit. I say this from the same perspective as jEFF. (99th percentile on almost every one I took since 7th grade, except the SATs, but I was really hung over when I took the SATs, so my piddly 1260 is excusable)

The main reason the WASL is bullshit is because, since the students can't pass it (duh) they are teaching to the WASL, which is assinine. "Lets make a standard that our own system of standards can't reach, and when we figure this out, we'll only teach what is needed to reach this standard and get our federal money for it." That is what is bullshit.

I'm buying a new truck. Not another truck, but a new truck. This is not going to be cheap. I'm looking at around $31,000, minus the substantial down payment I'm going to make, plus taxes (thank you Washington State) The strange thing is, I'm most likely going to buy it through Costco. I'm going to use my bro's account, since he is an "executive member" I get 2% of what I pay back. That more or less cancels out Costco's markup. So I'll have it done by May 31, whether I decide to buy a used one, get whatever I can from local dealer's stock, or order a new one, because it takes 8-12 weeks to get one if you custom order it, and that would give me the time to save up an even bigger down payment.

Shit, time for work.
Still haven't read all the posts.


April 23, 2001

I'm jussa po' man

I never actually thought i stated myself clearly and confidently. If i do...then that's a shock to me.

Anyway, yeah, i will admit, it is a dream/fantasy to expect that type of system. Even if it were possible, which being an optimist i will say that it is, it would take at least a hundred years of minor tweaking...if that. Still...

In answer to your question james, i was coming down this saturday. However, i am extremely short on funds and i can't come down and play paintball. Friday sounds like fun, but likewise i am short on those funds. However, i have made plans with jimmy and justin, i think, to come down on May4 which is friday of next week. I figure i will check out this funzo day with you all, and maybe play some paintball that day as well. That would be a nice break from having to work on this awful proposal that i have to do for the Woodland Park Zoo. Which reminds me, why do people wait for forty-five minutes just to watch a baby elephant for thirty seconds, before being shovled off to leave the exhibit. People can be sheep sometimes.

Anyway, i am working on an interesting little thought, which is probably apparent to everybody already. Still, i find it interesting and need to think about it some more.

Oh, and about the "Most Vile Thing Imaginable" contest. It is still going on. I have been looking for the last two entries i plan on putting in before the contest is over. I know they'll hit me. Originally number 9 was going to be the lady who reminds me of a thousand pancakes stacked one top of each other. Ewww...can't you just imaginable her taking a swim in syrup? She looks like she already has. Anyway though, jimmy already posted her picture early. Damn. Oh well...there are more scary vile people and things out there. Also, the contest can't end until i learn how to do "forms" in html, and i don't know that yet, and don't have time to learn it just yet, so it continues just a little longer. Quewl...

I can't think of anything else to write right now, but i'm sure i'll think of something for later.

i hate america. and i hate papers. i agree with james. i agree wirth jeff. but james is looking at it in a cynical persprective, ands jeff is looking at it at as a dream/fantasy, if only if both views can exist. oh wait, THEY CAN! and they do-in england. i say we SHOULD have our education system set up like the english. have school end at the 6th grade level, and then threw performence, tests and the willingness of the student to continue, they will be enrolled in a PRIVATE like school, college prep. the rest are bunched into public schools. it seems to work. i guess. asia seems to work more, but they force people to be willing to learn. funny funny. anyway, off to james' house. weeee.
also ... now that my steak is done ...

Jeff : i believe one of the reasons why me and Jimmoi always "attack" your stance is merely because of they way you express yourself and/or word things. I believe both Jimmoi and I suffer from what I like to call "IM RIGHT YOUR WRONG"ism. IT doesnt matter what is being debated : no matter what it is me and jimmoi will always take the opposite stance against the previously stated one. A reason we might always contradict you is that you are so, dare i say, "confident" in your convictions and/or propositions.

where-in I would say "what do you guys think about : (proposition)" or "how about this : (insert proposition)" and/or ask a question I know LEADS into the discussion I am looking for > you make your stance known quite clearly.

I'm saying this just in case you think we're always harping on you because we're jealous that you're making something of your life ( it could be stated that jimmoi is making something of his life through community college - but c'mon, it's PIERCE for christ's sakes ) - and through that jealousy we must continually "bring you down" ...

however : I don't believe that is as much of a fact as it is just the way you present yourself. So : all in all : you're great to debate with. :)

and hey : jeff-o : what are you doing this friday?
and if nothing : is it possible you could "come down" ?
it's been awhile. we all miss you. me, jimmoi, and zach have spent our jimmoi day with you once... what about experiencing jimmoi day how it's meant to be spent ... with a vague idea of a concept of a plan, a couple bottles of jones, and globs of fun inbetween the farts and semen.

.... err...

well . . . . .

... i don't...

.... yeah.
but wasnt WASL not really a standardised test? its standardist to the point where yes, you have to meet their standards, but wasnt it made so that we can weed out the idiots from the graduating class. seriously. every year, i have to watch on TV the stat that about 350,000 students graduate from high school without learning how to read. i was under the impression that WASL was the test that would see if the students even learned anything, and if they havent learned much, they should stay one more year. also, if too many fail, than theres something wrong with the school.

i remember taking the test, and there not being a WRONGE or RIGHT answer. rather, if you can provide prove, or arguments for your case (ie, 2+2=3.9, because theres no such thing as an exact numerial, and the "2" can be actually 1.7 or less, and was merely rounded up to fit the equation and thus the answer is 3.9, + or -. this is massive BS, and probably not even correct, but i wouldve gotten points for it). i loved WASL. it was fun to BS on it, and recieve a good score on it, for proving that it was in fact , JESUS not the VIKINGS or the CHINESE or the SPANAIRDS/ITALIANS that discovered the US, and pie is better than ice cream, and sarah likes ice cream more, ths she wouldnt have eatin any of the pies in the equation so there would be still 5 pies on the table. i love the WASL. also, the WASl was a test where youd have to answer IN YOUR OWN WAY. much like the AP exams, but more simplified, and broad.
jeff : your style of education : however badly needed and/or yearned for by those of our ... "sort" is about as reality-based as .. well... about as much as these here grey dots exist...

notice how they may SEEM to be there (ie> your proposition of a individual based public schooling system may SEEM to be the best possible answer) I have learned that upon closer inspection : them grey dots are only a figment of my perception (ie> what you propose is utterly insane).

why? why insane? why are idealistic thoughts always insane? well... a couple of reasons :

1. it would require teachers to care about what they teach, how they teach, and the manner in which they teach it. these things cannot be done because of :

1a. over-crowding. public school ( particularly this area ) is jam-packed full of students : a high school class generally has aproximately 20-25 students. More students = less thought .. i believe this has been scientifically proven and you yourself have stated it.

1b. "the standard" i know there is a better word for this : but basically it is "how can you say you've met a requirement when there are no requirments to be met?" ... case in point : "HOW TO SHARPEN A PENCIL" ... if the answer they were looking for was "use a pencil sharpener" then a standardized test would be the best way to go. But they just DONT HAVE TIME in public schools to allow that much individuality to where a teacher : instead of sticking a test through a machine : to go through aproximately 30 students and checking to see if 1) a student's train of logic works, and 2) if it is coherant and 3) if the proposed solution WORKS. Knowing ANYONE of us who posts on this board : we'd come up with Rube Goldbergish manners in which to do the simplest things that yes, DO show train of logic, IS coherant, and DOES work. but they just dont have time.

1c. too much power for the teacher. the teacher : given discussions : could stray debates into regions previously untouched by public education and sure, it make make them LEARN : but there is a trick to knowledge : hitting the RIGHT BUTTONS leads one to nothing but MORE QUESTIONS. High school, public education, and education in general doesn't like that. Education to them is something you, quite literally, "buy". You fork the money, you do the time, and you KNOW THE ANSWERS. NO "if and or buts" about it. Education isn't about the broadening of one's mind and/or learning of new activities or even the gain of knowledge. It's about proving and showing that you have the skills needed for (Job A) and why you are qualified to be there. Education is what you stick on a piece of paper to say "I can do what I do." You're mistaken in believing EDUCATION promotes INTELLIGENCE. this, i have learned.

1d. "Incentive" and/or "Willpower" and/or "Umph" ... in public school not everyone enjoys reading. Not everyone enjoys learning. Not everyone enjoys knowledge and the pursuit of such. It is public therefore maintained and derived for everyone : in short : everyone gets what everyone wants. we live in a society where the "majority" of people are druggies, fucking dumbasses, and/or people who haven't a thinking neuron in their head -- unless it's about music and "what sucks" - people who think are the minority and therefore, unfortunately, slip through the cracks of general/public education and -do- deserve more ( this is what some lady came up with "gifted education" came to the conclusion of... heh. )

i just lost track of everything as steak here is done.
i will stop this : and proceed to eat my dead beef.

good day.
ugh... i have to do on-demand writings tomorrow at school. so, off to read some vonnegut for inspiration. that'll show those bastages. oh well, i'm graduating in a month or so.

ehh... i saw an old fairlane today. i want it bad. i wanna have its children. yesh.
I know what you're thinking... you're thinking to yourself :

Zach-o day?!

exactly, I told you I knew what you were thinking. Well that's what today seemed to be. I guess the anticipation of showing me that Jimmoi's car actually (i wonder if the doors were unlocked and they just tried to get in a LOCKED one... that'd make it oh-so-much-more funnier) had drunken MEXICANS anally rape his car. Actually what it seemed to be was that the car anally raped the MEXICANS : merely because they were SO STUPID ... I mean... what self respecting man would pour ANY SORT of money into a p-05 car like what Jimmoi has by giving it QUALITY SPEAKERS? psssh. Not only that, they didnt take the skiis, they didnt vandalize : ie> piss on everything for having a shitty cd-player : and most of all : they didnt even pop his tires. wtf?

in any event : to bring things to a close : since there's a zach-o, jimmoi, and fraturday ... I do believe I'm going to have to come up with something to do with Heather. Hmmmm.

Also. Jimmoi seems to think that me working for the district is a "more-than-obvious" path of execution... we shall see.

"The Universe is made up of LOVE AND PEACE!"
Yeah right Vash, the quote means nothing in the real world because everyone has to bitch about something. Everyone has to stress about school or work and everyone has to bitch about how there day was. WELL FUCK THAT! I'm sick of god damn coldwar generation shit, "Bad grades me you can't get a good job....kill the reds!"

"You're not trying hard enough, because you're grades don't show it. If you actually TRIED you would be passing."

Place a poll in front of me, 50 feet up in the air. I'll try til I pass out to reach that poll by jumping. I will NEVER reach that god damn poll, so that means I didn't try?

The WASL issue

Now, i know i hardly ever post about anything serious anymore. Seriously. Yes, i know some of you are stunned. But in all truth, i finally have a subject that i consider to be of some serious concern. Education. I think most of us would agree that the education system has flaws, though some of us probably differ as to how much they are flawed, and how we would all solve these flaws. Personally, i find fault with some aspects of the education system, and one of those factors is the standardized test.

I was just watching the news, which is pre-recorded with a "LIVE" label on it...funny, and they featured a story about boycotting the WASL test. Guess which school was featured: Bethel Junior High School. How very interesting... Now i have a huge problem with standardized tests. Why? Well, it is not because i could never pass them, for in truth i often scored in the highest percentile for standardized tests. That, in fact, is part of my grievence. There should not be a high percentile, and if there is, then i should NOT be able to score in that top. Anyone with half an iota of common sense can come up with a reasonably good score on a standardized test. I hate, hate, hate, HATE multiple choice tests. I don't care how easy they are, and i don't care how much harder an essay question or short answer test is, i would prefer it then multiple choice any day. Why? Simple. Multiple choice is the equivalent of having a bird regurgitate its food, just to see what it had eaten. Anyone can train to remember facts. I want there to be a way to determine if a person can not only remember information, but actually UNDERSTAND and COMPREHEND that information.

Here lies the largest problem with education. Too often we have teachers that ask us to remember the day that the alamo fell, or remember the day of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. They hardly ever ask us to understand why it happened, or what events caused that event to happen. Further, if you understand the whys of something, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to remember something arbitrary as when. (An exception to "when" as being arbitrary is history, since history does have some importance with dates.) Instead of asking what two plus two is, we should be asking, why does two plus two equal four?

This need for understanding is accentuated by the fact that most teachers realize the need for smaller classrooms. Smaller classrooms is not a way of getting out of dealing with less rowdy kids. At least not for the good teachers. Smaller classrooms equals more discussions, which equals more understanding, and comprehension.

Ahem, sorry about that huge spasm of information, but when it comes to education systems, i take it very seriously. Currently there is a WASL boycott, which i find very interesting, and can't wait to see the results of this and how it plays out. Considering that many WASL test takers who are forced to take it don't even truly try, i am considering supporting such a boycott. I don't like the WASL. I don't like the SAT. I don't like the ACT. In fact, the only standardized test that i can actually stand are AP tests, because there are portions that ask you to answer a question, or solve a problem, in YOUR OWN WAY. That means, if you can find a way to solve or answer the question, even if it is beyond bizarre, as long as it makes sense in the end, and you show comprehension, you get it right. Now that is a test.

well- i have something fun and interesting to show james and brice on funzo day. my fun fun automobile was broken into and my cd player and my primus cd were stolen. bastardos. they tripped over the skis though, so that was funny, and the jokes on them-they stole my cd player. HAHAHAHAAA! my cd player! james brice and zach all know why thats funny. HAHA! they also stole primus, *snickers*. weeeeeeeeeee. they stole primus, but left Weezer and Pain. dumbasses. i have to buy Pork Soda again, but i still enjoyed a good good laugh. hehe.

we're guessing that my car was stolen by a MEXICAN GANG no real evidence of that, but deffinatly a gang because about 7 (seven) cars were ripped off in the parking lot, and one guy's truck was stolen. aparently they hit the entire town, because while driving home, we say a lot of police cars at houses, inspecting cars, and when we got to zachs house, his car was broken into. they also tried to steal his car. this is very funny, sicne zach's car doesnt have an ENGINE. haha. funny funny.

well, i have nothing to do-i should, note SHOULD, work on my paper due today, but i rthink im gonna go pick up zach and go eat pizza.

the car was broken into at the Puyallup 6 (six) cinemas, AKA the cheap-o theather. there we saw SAVING SILVERMAN. the review? ok, well the movie was simply AWESOME. thats right, funny. halarious. better than TOMCATS, DUDE WHERES MY AUTOMOBILE and ENEMY AT THE GATES. yes. it was the best movie not names CROUCHING TIGER/HIDDEN DRAGON that ive seen since 2001 started. of course i still wanna see O BROTHER WHERE ART THOW before i make my final decision. but this movie was far from expectations. even james JAMES would enjoy this movie (this movie is even better than BEST IN SHOW believe it or not and WONDER BOYS).

the movie has many flaws, and follows the same format made standard by the success of SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, but unlike AMERICAN PIE and TOMCATS, this film adds originality to the form. actually-it adds slapstick. loads of slapstick.

this movie is more enjoyable if i dont tell you anything about it, since it'll catch you by suprise. the previews dont do it justice, and uinlike most films from the early decade, and late ninties, dont give away the entire film. so go to puyallup six, take the facing of your cd player offf and watch this movie. you'll enjoy it. i'll guarrentee it. well-maybe. i love you guys.

also-id like to say that i actually want to see PLANET OF THE APES. the new version. tis more true to the book, and its directed by TIM BURTON. im guessing James Cameron was kicked off, or decided against making the film. so, guess what-FUCK YOU JAMES. im going to see it, and bitch about how much better the CHARLTON HESTON version is better, and how MARK WARBURG cant act his way out of a nutsack...but im sure i'll enjoy it becuase its TIM BURTON and its based more so on the BOOK and bot on the MOVIE which was awesome, but loosly based on the BOOK. so again, FUCK YOU JAMES.
My personal mission continues, trying to find a band thats music is better than Radiohead and Boards of Canada is difficult. My little excursion begins at Warp Records.

Warp Records is the label that has brought us such wonderful artists as Aphex Twin, Autechre and.......Boards of Canada. I had to start on BoC's home ground first. Lets the music sampling begin!

Aphex Twin: I've been a fan of Richard D. James as long as I've been into the genre, being that he was my first exposure to it in the 7th grade. From his very first CD to his latest, he's always kept his sound original and full of varieties of static, ambients, fast snare drums that dont have the time to reverb before another is hit, sine waves and nonsensical lyrics like in Milk Man and the angst beauty of Come to Daddy.

Plone: Plone I found very amusing, with music that sounds like 1970's infomercials mixed with Kirby. When I heard this, I imagined myself being chased by flowers with fangs around a world painted with pastel-ish colors. Everything would be extremely cute looking but violent and have the hidden earge to eat you for breakfast.....lets move on.

Nightmares on Wax: Nightmare on Wax is a band with a jazzy ambient feel, much like Air's CD Premier Symptomes. Their mellow arrangement of almost MIDI sampling, made a good blend of ambience and PCM, but nothing close to BoC.

CHRIS CLARK!: NUMBER ONE SEXY BONUS! Chris Clark is holy, amazing, and beautiful blend of ambient color under a loud staticy discharge stunned me. The song Caveman Lament is like a mix between Alice, Einsturzende Neubauten and the song Perfect Night from the anime Trigun. The Dogs is an arousing mix of static and noise with an ambient choir. Chris Clark isn't all of what BoC is, but he's a veriation of great things.

Squarepusher: Angst! Much like experiemental artist AK-47's song Watch Your Back Punk, but with better sampling. The violent music that Squarepusher releases is something you would have playing at a chase scene in a movie.

Mira Calix: Out of all that Warp Records has to offer, Mira Calix is something I didn't want to stumble upon. Samples of cat's coughing up juicy nuggets and wet lumps of hair, repeating 3 note piano melodies that'll drive anyone crazy after 5 minutes, and crazed goth female vocals that sound like something from Switchblade Symphony. Mira Calix was someone I knew I'd fall upon, but didn't want to.

Jamie Lidell: Can we say Skinny Puppy? Jamie Lidell is an artist who does what everyone likes for some reason, distortion in the voice. This makes for a Cult, like Funker Vogt.

L.F.O. (Low Frequency Oscillation): With a name like this, people would get them confused with the boy band, but, they are what I would call ... 'good'. Their CD's contain House and Rave music with some Jungle. About the only song I cared for by them is LFO which was so cleverly named after

Autechre: Wonderful, I love this band. With sampling not unlike Jega. I really can't describe this artist.

Plaid: For some reason I dont know what to think about this band, maybe it's the lack of sleep or the fact that for some reason, whenever I hear their music, I somehow go blind. No but really, this artist is brilliant. It causes my cat to chase it's tail.

Polygon Window: Polygon Window, sounds like Aphex Twin? Because Richard D. James is part of it! Therefore, See Aphex Twin for more details.

TwoLoneSwordsmen: I was not able to receive any sort of good sample of their music. Only the 30 seconds of the worst parts in any song off CD-now. Nothing on Napster, I'm very disappointed in people. From what I heard, they were good, I'll probably buy their CD.

Anti-Pop Coresolium: Ha Ha, Ok, What's up, shut up! The Anti-Pop Coresolium is down there with Mira Calix. Don't get me wrong, it's not because it's rap, I have nothing against rap, esspecially if none of the lines of code contain the word FUCK. It's just the content of the strings of nonsense that got me. A.P.C. is a sort of "Freestyler's Dream," if that's your bag, but it's not mine.

Prefuse 73: I have nothing against Warp having a diverse taste, but their taste in diversity isn't mine. See Anti-Pop Coresolium for more Details.


The Not Warp Record Reviews


Funker Vogt: If you like the sound of yourself puking in the morning, or the sound of an engine grinding while you drink your coffee, you'll love Funker Vogt. This band has some interesting tunes like in Gunman, but this does not in anyway deny or cancel out the fact that the guy distorts his voice to the point of white noise. I WANT A TRANSLATION! WHAT THE HELL DOES HE SAY! At least Skinny Puppy had a limit to distortion which is why I find them exceptable. I would rather claw my eyes out with a fork then listen to more of Vogt.

Hybrid: One reason why I reference most techno to New Age Classical now. Hybrid does a beautiful job at mixing orchestral composition and techno together in a meld of fasinating ear stimulation. This group I do love, except some of the songs with lyrics, some of their songs would be awesome if the lyrics weren't in there. But all in all, this group is the shit.

Rob Dougan: The man most famous for his song that appeared on The Matrix soundtrack. Rob Dougan (aka Rob D.), was first noticed in America with his song Clubbed To Death, too bad it wasn't even the original mix. The version that was bestowed upon the Matrix OST was the Kurayamino mix. This version I can admit was composed a little better, the piano wasn't as fast and it gave it that more depressing feel, but the original mix is what I beleive to be the better of the 7 mixes out there. All of these remixes can be found on his, never released in the US, CD called Clubbed to Death. Other masterpieces by him include Furious Angels (Bradbury knows this one, which I'm sure everyone over the summer knows this one). With lyrics that have been noted to scare my friends, this song is H.R. Giger in music form. This guy is up there on my list of 'good', but he was passed by Radiohead and BoC, but not by much.
I'm back.
Haven't yet read all the previous posts. I'll get to it.

Ok so now my webserver on OS X is accessible. Why I couldn't hit it before, I don't know, but I can now, and so can you (yippee)

SO - those two links I posted, a long time ago, they will now work.
Here they are:

Musical Interlude

This is the perfect car alarm

There you go.
And it's off to work(?) I go.


April 22, 2001

I am now on a musical venture, I'm trying to find a band/artist that beats both Radiohead and Boards of Canada. Right now I've subjected myself to some of the worst shit ever, like Mira Calix.
B&W does kick ass, but my monkey keeps on eating his shit....much like my dog if we leave her outback for too long.
!?!?! MANWO ?!?!

mwa hahaha.
black-and-white RULES.
it's been awhile since my last post. this is because i finally got Black-and-White downloaded and haven't been online for that long at times. I've changed the bottom to respect Jesse and Napster's posting : as I don't really have any "req" in order for someone not to be "the who" ... as long as I see you post within a month : ie> notice how Slim Jayee hasn't posted in eons.

to address a few things :

fight-3 can be located : well jee : up there at the top with all the other links! ( heh heh heh ) - if you havent checked it out : do so : it is supposidvely (sp?) is spreading faster than AYB : which also can be found by clicking on the button towards the bottom.

my mother just recently came into my room : tried to talk to me about "what my plans are" : it's becoming more and more a frequent happening : they are becoming upset : and i need to remove myself from this household and/or school ASAP. I need to stop pushing aside the fact that I need a job. heh. maybe I'll do as advised ( and much I believe bradbury will not advise ) and go to the 'tech-thingie' this summer at the school and work for the school. that'd be... "interesting" ... to say the least.

other than that, I'm going to go play black-and-white.
remember kiddies :

"I just REALLY dont know why." is not an acceptable answer to the question "why can you not do the easy stuff, but when given something HARD, you do it without question?"

because obviously EVERYONE knows why they do EVERYTHING.

{ -grumbles- }
Hey James, what was the URL of the flash movie of the stick figure fight?

April 21, 2001

Just recently, about 2 months ago, I found a band that has not only inspired what I write and draw, but has some of the most fucked up sampling and drum arrangements. This band can only be called Boards of Canada. The scottish duo stunned the world by releasing thier first full-length CD called Music Has the Right to Children with it's amazing psychedelic ambience. Before join Warp Records (the same label as Aphex Twin and Autechre) they were on a UK electronic label called Skam. British writer and BoC fan, Steve Nicholls, describes their music by saying: "I sat and listened to the whole album, overpowered by the myraid kaleidoscopic layers, messages, hallucinations and images it relayed. I was like the tantalisingly elusive parts of a beautiful dream that you struggle to grasp after waking."

I agree with Steve that Music Has the Right to Children has to be on of the best records of the last decade. BoC's life style out in the country is because, they say, the reason for it's analog nature. In the countryside area surrounding Edinburgh, it is not uncommon to see a double rainbow appear over the countryside.

"I think we are trying to do that more and more now," says Sandison (one of the two memebers of BoC), "I like to think that where we are going is trying to compose totally horizontally. The vertical way of composing is the lazy way, where you just build stuff up and build stuff up, and then just bring them in and out. I think the way we work is so much more orchestrated, so that you can hear something that just happens, and you want it to carry on because it's so tantalizing, and you want to hear it again and again. We both understand the principle that if you put something beautiful into a piece of music just once, it makes people put the record back on because they want to hear it again."

Much of what he just described is crammed into thier songs Smokes Quantity and Everything you Do is a Balloon. Sandison goes and talks about their music as a spiral or a fractal that gets more detailed the further you go in, and how they experimented musically by using Fibonacci's Golden Ratio.

Of course BoC has more than one full-length album that is unmentioned called Twoism, which you can obviously find on Napster. Most likely the reason is that there were only 400 copies of it released. The singles released prior to MHTRTC are Aquarius and Hi Score. The latest released single is called A Beautiful Place Out in the Country. In closing I shall say that each one of their songs are different, and that each one of their drum sets are just as varient. In my opinion Boards of Canada is one of the greatest bands, right up their with Radiohead. I will leave you with a quote from BoC:

"I do actually believe that there are powers in music that are almost supernatural. I think you actually manipulate people with music, and that is definitely what we are trying to do."
Ive recently found one of the best songs ever by megadeth: Kill the King
I reveal a deciever in the highest seat in the land
idle hands the devils workshop
generate more smoke than heat

April 20, 2001

Here is a couple of tidbits id like to share with you
The Running Man; has got to one of the best predictions of what could happen to our civilization in the next 30 years, Stephen King/Richard Bachman just about peaked in this one and the ending was mind boggling, gooshy intestines
Tonight i went and saw the TLT production of Harvey.....it was awsome thats what i can say, the cues were picked up wicked fast and even zoomily and the girl who played Myrtle May was a bit on the portly side but as they say...more cushin for the pushin
The Movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas kicks one hell of a amount of ass. i only watched about 30 minutes but that was enough, in those few minutes i saw Johnny Depp swatting at invisible bats, crawling around and moaning upon realizing hes in a hotel lobby filled with iguanas during an acid trip, and then commenting to Benicio Del Toro that two women are in the corner fucking a polar bear....fucking awsome.....To quote King Missile "Jesus is way cool"
Heres a little addage that ive been writing on desks in my english: It reads as follows (this is a quote of my own personal workings)
Many who act as one are called revolutionary
One who acts as many is called crazy
From the creater of Johnny the Homocidal Maniac, SQUEE, I Feel Sick, and The Adventures of the Filler Bunny, Jhonen Vasquez, now bring kids around the world a fresh new animated series called "Invader Zim." Invader Zim premeired March 30th on Nickelodeon at 9 pm. I was a bit sceptical at first, knowing how his comics were, and for something to appear on Nick that came from Vasquez wasn't expected. After watching the first episode I was stunned, he was able to keep his sense of humor without the vulgarity that had been in JTHM and SQUEE. Noodle phrases have been everywhere in the series, from the first episode with Zim's rambling about Rubber Pants, to the most recent (tonight's) where Zim had a serious case of Head Pidgeons.

Here's the story from what it has explained so far:
Every year, Zim's race casts little invasions. They choose people to goto planets for research, so they can then invade and conquer them. Sending people far away, from planets with the horror of the "Ravaging, insane, chaotic mutant Rats" to the planet with the universes most comfortable couch. Zim supposidly wasn't even picked this year to invade because the last time, he destroyed a whole city on the first day...and he wasn't even off his home planet yet. So Zim runs up the stand in from of millions of his fellow brethren in hopes to be sent to a planet of extreme importance, but he gets sent to Earth with his stupid pile of trash robot named "Grr."
Well, after about 6 months of traveling, they reach Earth. They land, put thier lair up, and change form. "Grr" get's a cleaver outfit of a dog......and Zim just turns into a human Zim, with green skin. Then, that's what I can recall from the first episode. The story and the characters really didn't really get fucked up and twisted til last week.

The cast is the main character named Dib, who is a paranoid little kid who is always on the look out for aliens. He takes on the look of Johnny in child form. His sister, I can't remember her name but she is Devi from I feel Sick in child form. Plus all the little extras at Skool including Squee's insane teacher. Then you have those spontanious cameos of Jhonen and the color artist, and the Lawn Gnomes. You can get what Zim and Grr are like from just how I described the story.

For the summary, Invader Zim is the shit. Watch it or die. Friday's on Nickelodeon at 9 PM PST.
IS anybody going to Ozzfest, ticket master opens tomorrow at 11am if somebody could pick me up two tickets id be glad to pay you back.
I finally met tickneeschlong and Dr. Jekyll. Dr Jekyll is one big slice o hot apple pie. :) you can thank me later rachelle
*masturbates to pictures of ex girlfriend in texas who is hot*
never..it never ends jimmoi.....

April 19, 2001

whos winning the contest btw, and when does it end? when!!!
well-im hungry and extremly bored. i might actually have a "date" for saturday, holy shit. thats like something, weird and odd. sweet jesus. in class today we were talking about genre and time periods in history, i was bored and i decided to make lists. and than i decided that i have a canadate for contest.


jimmy style

shit bands. yes, shit bands. bands that are WORSE than the smashing pumpkins. bands like CRAZYTOWN, PAPA ROACH, LIMP BIZKIT, and BREAD. bands like BBMAK and other such pop shit crap and what not. i reliesed that there are so many, that iom just going to make guidlines. one, bands must be comtempery and not classical or genre besides rock/rap. no pop. much to simple and wont be open for debate. we all no that all evil is LFO.

i think that most shit bands basically lack creativaty. or, they try too hard, and thus, just look stupid. like MUDVAYNE and this here crap shit band

yes, unfortunatly there was a time in which i thought they were neet. but that was beofre i actually listen to there songs. guh. i hate my self. but you can get the jest of what im saying. there's just toomany. modern music, most notably NEW METAL is all basically the same. its crap. repeating crap. all bands sound exactly alike, and theres no room for orginanility. even "soft" meloncolli bands sound alike now. so does punk and SoCal. Travis sounds like Cold Play, Cold sounds like the Destrubed, Fenix Tx sounds like Sum 41. crap = crap =crap. dont get me worng, i like coldplay...and travis was-ok. but since they all sound the same, it kindda takes the fun out of music these days. i mean, when you have the new Moby album out, and the new FAT BOY SLIM album is better, theres something wrong with music today....that sounded liek a NOFX song. squee. btw, james, you should listen to the new FATBOYSLIM album, its actually neet. theres some songs on there that'll make you vomit, but theres a few A FEW that are decent. i borrowed it from zee librAry.

well, i think i made my point. music today sucks. new rage sucks. new deftones-ewww. i cant wait till tool, but im also frighten. what if they suck now too? afterall, new Nine Inch Nails was subpar. Pewrfect Circle was a dissapointment. what if?

i feel that the only group that didnt suck witha new album this year was RADIO HEAD. good good album, good good band.
now, i'll leave you with this ammusing picture. enjoy.

well-class was fun/ but now i have to tell you all about why i hate ticket master.

last june, jeff justin and breanna and myself decided to go see NINE INCH NAILS. now the tickets cost about $30, but the service charge made it over $50. thats reason one. ok, so we purchased the tickets, and decided that it'll be smart to camp out there, so we went to purchase a camping pass. the pass was 20 dollars. 20. it wouldve been cheaper to spend a night at a motel. thats what jeff and i wanted, but breanna insisted that it'll be cheaper to camp. well, it turned out that we all needed to purchase a camping pass, so it cost us as a group an aditional $80 to add to the $200 that we already spent on NIN. fuckin trent. so we have the tickets and had to travel to Eastern Washington to the Gorge (at george, squee!) and when we got there, we discovered, foundout, reliesed, were told that we only needed ONE (1) camping pass PER CAR/that fat ticket master whore.

ok, so the concert was fun. saw lesbians. saw boobs. but it deffinatly wasnt worth $70. now, with all that happened, you'd see why i hate ticket master. well, guess what. theres more.

last saturday, brice and i woke up at around 8 am, to go to the ticket master to purchase Blink 182 tickets for the birthday eggstravgensta...damn spelling. anyway, we get there, and there like only 7 people oin line, so we were like, "fuck yea, blink 182!" and "yeaaaa, assfuck twins!" and stupid stuff like that. hehe, we saw casey, and brice was saying stuff like -theres this guy named casey at my school-what a fucking fag. oh shit, there he is, see, what a fucken fag. fun fun. anyway, we were there for like a hour, and more and more people began to show up. than, at about 9.30, the fat ticket master whore came out from her/his lair. he/she/fat made us line up against the wall. so we did, thinking, FUCK YA BLINK 182! OOOOO ASS FUCK TWINS! and than she did something unexpected. he pulled out a BAG.

the he/she/it WO-man in her enviroment, in preperation for a feast

SHE SAID in his high pitched manluv voice, 'okay, we're going to reach in the bag, and pulled out a raffel ticket. theres a number on the ticket, and i am a man, and that number, or a woman, is the number in which you'll line up in for the line...im fat.' what the fuck! exclaimed brice. holy sweet fuck! exclaimed jimmy. thats the gayist thing ive ever heard exclaimed brice. buttsex, added jimmy.

now let me tell yuo why this was fucked up. if there was a guy, who decided to spend the night so he'll be the first to get BLINK 182 tickets, witht he raffel, he'll still end up not getting any tickets. in other words, fuck first come first serve. so brice and i, haveing just three (3) hours of sleep, speeding down roy, down meridian and getting there 2 hours early, are getting fucked by ticket master, because of their communistic, totalian, nazis beliefs. what the fuck, i exclaim once again.

so we didnt get the tickets. they sold out in the frist 30 seconds, because one from the car pool of post skaters was able to get in front of the line, despite the fact they came in at 9.15, and the entire van (there was 17 of them) gave him their money. so instead of 11 people in front of brice, where he eventual ended up due to the gay raffel, their was 28. with the people behind mr postskater also buying for their friends. so there couldve been atcually 70 in front. i hate ticket master, and fat he/she/its. so , my canadate for the most vile thing imaginable?


April 18, 2001

ARG! I can't stop listening to this song! GREAT HOLY NOAH! Mazedude's Impulse Tracking is awesome, some of it is so god damn annoying, but Violentist is the shit. Most of his stuff can be found on his page Mazedude's and the rest can be found on MP3.com at Mazedude's MP3.com page.
chris emailed me bach after emailing him telling him that he is a moron. hehe. funny. he accuses me of being the MORON. haha. me! oowow. im not the one who steels or is the poser now, chris. haha! funny funny.

April 17, 2001

on TheSpark.com, they have a paper/essay writing thing, where you just put the name of a book and author in, and it'll type you up a book report. this doesnt work (unfortunatly) with actual authors and works oif literature, but if you make up a writer, and a title...it works. kinda. anyway-

Porcelin : Revolution And Sexuality

By James Miller

Writers of the 16th century often ignored the themes of wilderness and human nature. Thomas Thatcher was no exception. To wit, human nature was never so present in Thomas Thatcher's work as in the monumental novel, Porcelin. In this paper, I will show that Thatcher's reknown writing is representative of the strong Symbolist ideals of the author's time. This claim is buttressed by three points: (1) the powerful use of social commentary in Porcelin, (2) Thatcher's adversarial relationship to the Constructivist school while writing the book, and (3) the author's portrayal of the supernatural, showing the influence of the the Modernist movement.

To start, the phallic imagery motif in Porcelin was not original with Thatcher. Consider this famous quote by T. S. Eliot: "I subscribed to Colonialist beliefs." Many feminists have looked to these words for guidance. Still, Porcelin was not originally seen as a tour de force by the intelligensia. As we begin the new millennium this is truly foolish. To see how this supports my previous claim is quite trivial; parts of the book's twelfth chapter are often cited as evidence.

Porcelin is probably a reknown work. While most other French authors conceived of their characters as early 20th century Romantic symbols, Thatcher's lusted for real truth! It is also apparent that scholars--by seeing him as an avatar of Thatcher's conservative views--have misinterpreted the character David Dick's role in the book.

Down by the river, there was much mud and much water to drink. All they needed was peer pressure. Six of the men were students; the others were immigrants. Life offered nothing but fear itself. The whiskey tasted good to the man. Autumn is the finest, and third, season. (Thatcher 89)

Truer words have never been uttered, at least not by me; the contemplation of this passage is beyond me.
When expatriots dismiss Porcelin as a simple allegory, all I can say is, this begs the question: why? As such, the words of the character King Crane ring true: "The winter winds blew cold, like snow." This reasoning differs radically from traditional theories of the Romantic school.

Lines like "She was not so much fat as unloved," have made Porcelin required reading for the conservative student. While most other Greek authors conceived of their characters as Minimalist symbols, Thatcher's lusted for real peer pressure! Thatcher's point here is clear: religion and hate are one and the same; Captain Dick is a far from marginal character; in fact, it is through him that many of Thatcher's mid 19th century influences show through.

To start, the lingering line of Porcelin is, "Tuesday was a the bleakest day for the Parkers." (Thatcher 97) The contemplation of this passage is beyond me. Of course, like all great works, Porcelin has its flaws! Master Crane's famously insane attitude throughout the book is often blamed; it is no great feat to realize Thatcher has written himself into a corner here!

Realize that Thatcher had lost his sanity just before completing Porcelin. Thatcher's quest for truth in his later books supports this conclusion. Developments in the first chapter are often cited as evidence; to see how this supports my previous claim is quite trivial.

She looked to the bleak horizon. He was ready for any unforeseen event. Tuesday was a the bleakest day for the Parkers. She was not so much fat as unloved. There was nothing else to be done. Oh! How beautiful a sunrise can be!. (Thatcher 90)
Truer words have never been uttered, at least not by me; these words encapsulate nearly the whole of mid 19th century thought.
These themes are most evident in second chapter of Porcelin, for that is when Thatcher's often drug-influenced prose shines most brightly. In the latter half the reader is presented with a paradox: though the characters seem unable to escape allegory, they are simultaneously pandering and powerful. Holden Dick is a surprisingly totally brainless character.

Porcelin is fertile ground for the Symbolist German. It should be obvious that Thatcher was never driven purely by the reason paradigm. It is no great feat to realize Thatcher has written himself into a corner here; Little Timmy Maxwell is a surprisingly powerful character.

Thatcher's German sympathies are evident in Porcelin. Still, Porcelin was not originally seen as a tour de force by the intelligensia. This begs the question: why? To see how this supports my previous claim is quite trivial; it is no great feat to realize Thatcher has written himself into a corner here!

What ignorant moron annointed Thatcher as the Colonialist savior? Thatcher's quest for life in his later books supports this conclusion. Parts of the book's tenth chapter are often cited as evidence.

I subscribed to Surrealist beliefs. I couldn't believe it. Life offered nothing but fear itself. There was nothing else to be done. She looked to the bleak horizon. Love lived in pandering bottles of regret. (Thatcher 97)

Pregnant words; in these few words, the Minimalist movement was left in shambles.
Porcelin is, like all of Thatcher's great works, with few equals in the forest of truth. As such, the words of the character Tom Joad ring true: "Four years had passed since the fun county fair." Thatcher's point here is clear: being and being are part and parcel; of course, this is the Romantic view.

Critics are dead wrong when they cite Porcelin as an example of Thatcher's dwindling intelligence. As such, the words of the character One-Eyed Daniel ring true: "His face was bright as he looked at her." Some of Thatcher's richest writing is in Porcelin.

Porcelin is, like all of Thatcher's great works, the most succesful. As you can imagine, immigrants took to the streets after the book's first publication. Developments in the first half are often cited as evidence; as an affirmation of reason, this is Thatcher's grandest statement.

Consider this passage: "The man and the boy talked for hours about absolutely nothing." (Thatcher 121) Truer words have never been uttered, at least not by me. As you can imagine, parents took to the streets after the book's first publication. As an affirmation of life, this is Thatcher's grandest statement.

I subscribed to Romantic beliefs. The man doffed his nice hat. She sat on the bed. His face was bright as he looked at her. All they needed was immortality. The man doffed his nice hat. (Thatcher 97)

To conclude from this that my argument is true is... trivial; still, the patriarch and coming of age come to bear here like never before.
Thatcher's prose is so typically brilliant that we often take for granted lines like "My ideology is quite obvious." (Thatcher 83) To indicate that David Lee is the work's villain, the author makes his dialogue insane. Nick Sawyer is a far from marginal character; in fact, it is through him that many of Thatcher's early 20th century influences show through; Holden Daniel is a far from marginal character; in fact, it is through him that many of Thatcher's mid 19th century influences show through.

Finally, what ignorant moron annointed Thatcher as the reactionary savior? While most other Canadian authors conceived of their characters as Surrealist symbols, Thatcher's lusted for real salvation! It is no great feat to realize Thatcher has written himself into a corner here; critics of Thatcher's work often overlook this aspect.

The sun may never set on the empire that is Porcelin's lasting influence. While other works influenced by the pre Romantic school of Cuban literature are frequently forgotten, Porcelin remains monumental. Though famous for portrayals of satire in other works, Thatcher will always be loved for his reknown portrayal of nature in this book. The Great Muse certainly smiled on Thatcher when Porcelin was written.

The End

April 16, 2001

Yes okay how many of you could download the two songs? None? Well that’s not to terribly surprising, because my fooking router doesn’t want to let me share out services over http (port 80) and ftp (port 21) however, telnet (port 23) works just fine (?) So I’m trying. Keep hitting the links, maybe it will work with the firmware upgrade I did earlier (firmware is software saved to the hardware of the machine, like the BIOS on a PC{macs actually call it firmware, even though either term is correct})

Jimmi: not a good idea. We’d have no way of controlling gun speed, and that can lead to serious injury. Over 300 fps, you have no guarantee that the mask will stop the paintball from removing one or both of your eyeballs

Zach: I’m going to enlighten you about a little thing called the Flowers Rule. There was a guy at Bethel, couple years back, Ryan Flowers. Some of you may have known him. He is one of the few people I know to have slept with more females than his age in years (the other, I believe, would be John Paul Thiel). He had MANY former, and sometimes current, conquests. He lived by a very simple rule: Lower your standards, up your average. Not very complex. But like Ryan points out-if you screw anything female that comes down the tracks, the good ones seem that much better, and at least you’re getting laid. Small advice.

jEFF: No offense taken. Those guys are fooking crazy. Sounds like fun, no? My vote is for Ft. Lewis.