October 11, 2002


Working for twelve hours straight is a toll on one's body when all you're use to is laying around.
So nothing new is going on. I have seen the television show : Soppranos - and well, im addicted.
Go figure. Mmmm, Gangster / Mob activity. Nothing sweeter.

Some things are bothering me as of late,
some things arent. It is silly - really.

Steve - I would have had contact with betzer earlier however it seems I lost her email-address.

It feels good to work again, thats for sure.
Can anyone else think of anyone " from back when " like betzer that we could put our collaborative minds out to " get " ?
Now this may be hear-say, but I hear Megan McFadden works at the Fox(xx)'s down close by -
And - for anyone interested : I ran into Sam a bit ago and not only pulled his email-address but phone number as well.
I have still yet to get ahold of Brice.


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