February 28, 2001

. . .deleted. . .


SO I heard that PCC closed its classes for the rest of the evening. I wanted to be sure that I still had class, so I called TCC and was told that all classes were, in fact, still in session. SO I drive all the way up I5, trying not to be kilt by those darn crazies. I get there and the county shut down TCC for inspection. GRRRRRRRRRR. . .

In other news, I got to save somebody from incompetent care. Yeah! I took care of seziure girl, but missed the explosion. :( What a sad kitten this is
Well...that was fun. But lets not do it again, eh?

I was at wonderful Graham Elementary, and we had just started a "lockdown" i.e. lock the door, close the blinds, turn out the lights and hide in the corner. Of course, this being a drill (I think-still not entirely sure), Gerry and myself were generally exempt. But then it starts rocking a little. Gerry looks at me, kinda like "huh, a little earthquake." Then the rocking increases. And increases. The computer we were at was directly under a window, so I get up, and the fucking floor is just going apeshit, so I duck under the nearest desk-Gerry is under the table that the computer is on. The kid whose desk it was didn't appreciate that very much, but I got there first, so.....

But the floor moved around a good foot every way, really something. One hell of a ride.
oh, by the way ... i was almost scared because i got a "WINNERS SELECTED" thing from ekissable on 'jessica's email. lucky for me, she only got fourth place. jeez. give me a fsking heart attack will they? anywho - if you want to check out her scores/stats > go to eKISSABLE.com and click on 'previous top 10 winners' ... you'll see her name there shining brightly. har har har.
can you go hallucinegenic when you breathe in farts?
I caught a really potent one in the air and the world started shaking on me.... it was really, really creepy.

February 27, 2001

"BESS" is not administered by the Bethel School District. It's all handled by a company called N2H2 (don't ask what it stands for-I don't know)
We don't say what is or isn't blocked, all we do is put the servers in place as proxies, and tell them which IPs can use the service. That way, we are removed of all liability, both for the sites that should be blocked, but aren't, and for the sites that are blocked but shouldn't be. It's all handled by N2H2.

One thing you should realize: ALL internet traffic in the district can be monitored. ALL requests for blocked info ARE monitored and to some extent investigated, depending on the seriousness of the material. Any time you log on to a windows machine, that is logged. Any time you request blocked info, that is logged. The two can be, and are, cross-refferenced. Big Brother is watching in this district.
yeah james you look sick whyd you even come to school today, if this site moves under the districts eye as being BAD will you guys back me up ( the ones who still attend BHS) or even the ones that dont like Jimmoi or Bradbury. Yeah, well ok im back from lunch and it was appetizing to say the least, or it was until i saw the Plague carrier that is James. hahaha
i feel sick.
HAHAHAH ive beaten the system this post is coming to your from my 3rd period class and id like to say that im a little nervous. This site isnt being blocked by bess so i assume that its not illegal. Right? I hope not please will you guys help me clear this up. ALL HAIL THE FLARG DOG


*Disclaimer: This is NOT my MegaPost. Stay Tuned.

I'd like to apologize once again. Due to unforseen circumstances, i willl probably not be posting that fabulous megapost that i have been referring to today. Instead i have to go to downtown Seattle to observe the River Otters one more time. Yeah, it sucks, but its what i have to do. However, fear not faithful readers, for today i will be in the process of obtaining some rather interesting photos for you. Later tonight, around nine o'clock, my friend Kyle Batie and Madonna (yes, i have a friend named Madonna, though she does NOT act like the actor/singer/one-time prostitute Madonna...if any of you know joe ellefson, he used to go out with her...i think she was his first girlfriend...) are going to go to Pioneer Square and video tape some of the Mardi Gras hilarity. Will i get shot? Likely... Will i get a face full of pepper-spray? I'd say there's a good chance... Will it be worth it? Damn straight it will! Just imagine a crowd of morons all drunk off their asses getting pepper sprayed and beat down by "the man". Is that entertainment or what. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this guys off on the right start to making specials for Q13 Fox.

I may use some of that footage for my MegaPost as well...which i admit is off to a rocky start. But fear not, for when posted, it will both awe, and inspire. Well, i have to go for now, i need breakfast, or lunch...who knows, and then off to the river otters.

February 26, 2001

look at me. i am posting. yay. i hate my isp, because like, when i cuss on my posts, they dont post. grrr. friday was fun i spose. the show was small. the first band sounded like an early blink-182..like from the budda album. they were called k through six. then the next band was like..um..blah...i dont remember what they were called...secind by choice...? anyways..they were like yeah.....then the next band was a ska band called not even close. they are really good when they have all their members......but they are missing two members right now. so they were so/so. teh geeks were the best band by far. there was like..nobody at the show and it pissed me off. like the geeks like are the most technical difficulty prone band i have ever seen. the bass comes unplugged at least 4 times a show..and the mic falls down at least twice..or its not a real show. and this time..they jumped off a stage behind a basketball hoop..and the bassist got his bass stuck in the net. it was one of the most hilarious things i have ever seen at a show. and i got some veruy rad pics taken of me. one is of me holding thedrummers shoes in the air on the stage behind teh band. i would post it if i knew how..but ill put it up on my website.
i finally have enough monetary units to fix my poor dead car. this is very much good news, as it means i will no longer have to take the damned pierce transit bus to work and school. ugh!! but at last i shall have it fixed. hopefully next week.
my friend jordan came down from way up north in sedro-woolley to see me. sedro-woolley is a small hick/logging towne located in the foothills of the cascade mountains..about 5 minutes north east of mount vernon, if anyone knows where that is. well i used to live in sedro-wooley for 10 years..then we moved to texas then back here. anyways......jordan is like..the only person that kept in contacvt with me when i moved. he even moved to jamaica for 6 months and we still kept in touch. well now he is living buck up there, and i am living here in puyallup. yes..so he showed up at 5 am. and we decided that when we woke up we would go get tatooed in the same place as a sort of male bonding thing. we were going to get the cobra commander symbol. we talked about it all morning, and i even got him into the tatoo parlor..but he pussied out. i was pissed at him./ i woulda got one anyways..but he was paying for the damn thing..so when he pussied out...i couldnt do it. damn my pussiefied friends. oh well. we went and saw monkey bone. zach opinion...it has some really funny parts..like the part with chris kattan...but i wouldnt recommend you actually pay to get in. luckily i didnt since the girl i am dating works there. so final analysis...if you have a friend that works at the theater and you are bored..go for it.
has anyone ever seen the movie orgasmo? its somewhat funny. its about a mormon missionary in LA who winds up becoming a porn star, and then a super hero called, you guesed it, Orgasmo. his arch rivals are JizzMaster Zero, and Neutered Man. his main weapon is an orgasmo ray that causes the recipiant to have an instant orgasm, rendering them powerless to fight back. it is really a comical, all be it, cheesy movie. and the opening song is really damn funny too.
i suck at video games. i think ill eat some chinese foooooooood now. actually i hate chinese fooooooooood. so i will eat some american foooood. peace out people.

ps. james-if i some pic to you-would you post them? they are funny-like this one that james and i found in the bathroom, and the one where im making a complete dumbass of my self on stage behind the geeks, and the one pic of the geeks bassist getting his bass guitar stuck in the basketball net...yea...
*weeps in agony*

February 25, 2001

something has been going wrong with blogger.
but i figured you'd guys would want . . . . .


well. you see it's actually sort of funny. Jimmoi currently has 3.49 and that's almost exactly what he thought he was. now isn't that a fucking weird co-inci-dence?

3.5 you say? hmmm.

where-as I'm lagging behind in votes, and score : with a measly 3.05.

3.05?! NOOOOOOO. say it aint so!

There you have it folks. Jimmoi is better looking than me. I will now proceed to commit suicide... as i could never imagine Potatos being better looking than me. It just isn't possible. HOW CAN THIS BE? WAIT! I KNOW! it's because I'm white isnt it? Them racist bastards. them anti-caucasian fuckers! THOSE SONS OF BITCHES. I SEE HOW IT IS! GOD DAMNIT.. notice : ive inserted all these curse words so that zach cannot view the post CUNT LAPING COCK SUCKING WHORE BITCH ASSHOLE SHIT FACED MOTHER-FUCKERS

hee hee.

this white man has angst.

and as you've all guessed - that " jessica " girl is beating the tar out of us both. me and jimmoi's scores combined do not even meet her score. NOT EVEN JIMMOI'S SCORE X2 MEETS IT. it seems either the fact she has blonde hair... or blue eyes... or no dog... gives her the score. Jimmoi has stated that it is probably not the girl - but the dog ( or absense there-of ) that gives her the high score. Great. I look worse than a dog that doesn't exist. but then again - so does jimmoi! so wheee!

Oh wow, that un-dog looks so neat!

anywho. that's it for the updates.
oh, dear.

February 24, 2001

YOU FOR GOT TOBASSCO MAN!!! TOBASSCO MAN AND HIS PLAID PANTS!!! ARGH! that was the funnist thing that happened...well at least i thought so...

anywhoo-i was sick last night after dropping james off-so i think it WAS the chinese food, dammit. uhm-oh yea-JAMES: the reason i said i was going to call you, but furgot why-you left your wallet in my car...yeup, the FETISH. and btw-i kicked ass on Unreal Tournament! i was in second place-only to JIMMY, my nemisis. i just wasnt use to it yet.

well-im glado that some one new is on, or should i say, old rejointh...ah fuck it.

im hungry.

AAWWWW !! i forgot my neopets pass/name, and now my pet is ded most likely!! forgot about it for almost 1 or 2 years now :( Poor Moo cow!
there was once doubt, maybe even hesitation - in jimmoi's mind before we went to go see sleeping tiger / hidden dragon : that it would suck. that the universe was not all that is should be ... and a movie that we actually wanted to see would suck. but when jimmoi finally got his ass to my house at around 2-3pm ( not noon ) we go to talking. we listened to johnny cash. we waited for my mother to get home with guppies. ... and when she did there was hell to pay.

actually, hell had to wait for jimmoi to play unreal tournament and really suck at it. it was a marvel for me and michael to watch someone suck so much at a game that was so easy. then came the guppie slaughtering that my gar so easily dished out. it was grand. and then a little fish ( whom we like to call the outcast loner "fish face" ) tried to eat a fish. and he couldnt. i laughed. in fact - everyone did. it was great. then i beat my mother up for $15 and gave her a black eye. she cried. i went with jimmoi to the movies.

on the way there i grabbed the wheel because jimmoi scared me and almost drove into a car - but instead we almost ran into a tree. it was funny in a not-so-funny laughing-matter sort of way. in any event. i had to mention that.

we also stopped by a chinese place. the cheap place. i suddenly realise how much i didnt feel like eating chinese food. oh well. he ate stuff that was red and orange. i ate two pork rolls. there was a homeless man who came in and used the bathroom. me and jimmoi looked like buisness men. so i started talking about stock. we argued about stock. we didnt know what we were arguing about. it was funny. the people there thought we were two young buisness men who wanted cheap chinese food. and then we went to the arcade

( after getting tickets I mean ) and played the fun game. the fun game only ate $1 of quarters. then we played WAR. I won. Then we played Silent scope and both got to the same place and died. next time i think we should do co-op and linked play. maybe we'll be faster then. we'll see. then we went to k-mart. because we always go to k-mart. there was poop in the stall. i couldnt go pee. i cried. it smelled. we left.

we forgot to go to the mall. i believe it's because we weren't getting zach because zach was going to a show. the geeks. everyone loves the geeks. woo-heee. in any event, where was i? oh - lets just skip to watching the movie!

the wonderful movie that is SD / CT

I wont ruin anything for you - dont worry. however i do advise you to go see this movie - if you enjoyed the movies in Mr. Ball's class { if you had him } then you'll guarenteed to love this movie. The first fight scene gets you so imersed into the show that you entirely forget that it is subtitled. Yes, you forget ----- not because the dialoge is any less important... although that could be debated.

two downfalls i find in the movie are 1: the plot/storyline/point ... whatever the fuck you want to call it - was "cut/paste"-ish. You can tell this by the multiple ways me and jimmoi 'off the wallishly' made fun of it. there are connections to Star Wars, Bat Man, and ... uh.. well, those are the two i can remember. The second is the ending. I'm still puzzled, lost, and dissapointed by the ending. HOWEVER these minute details are not enough to deter you from realising this is a great movie! The SOUNDTRACK is awesome. The FIGHT SCENES are awesome. The CINEMETOGRAPHY is awesome.
everything that makes a difference - is awesome.

also. since jimmoi got a pet - i figured i should get jeff a pet as well. i tried to go to neopets.com to get him one - but it just wouldnt work for me. so instead i went here and got him a pet from there. HIS NAME IS ALSO "BUTTLOVE" !!!

yO, my name is BUTTLOVE.
my name is buttlove. can you guess why?

i wouldnt advise clicking on the link, by the way - as it will send you to a site called "FRESH-MEN" - i figured that jeff would enjoy a pet from there, instead of neopets.



*Disclaimer: This is NOT my MegaPost. I would have had that yesterday, but unfortunately someone was using the digital equipment computer, the only computer with movie making software/hardware. Expect the MegaPost on Monday or Tuesday.

First i'd like to quickly apologize for not posting for the past two days. In truth i would have had my megapost for you all to feast your eyes on, but unfortunately there were unforseen circumstances. Mostly i have been spending my time finishing reports and projects, taking exams, and doing homework. It gets rather hectic toward the end of the quarter...but enough of that, on to the subject of the day.

One of man's greatest companions is his pet. Most people have dogs, those varying of different breeds or sizes. Dogs are great friends for people. They are both loyal and affection, for those who need such qualities. Others keep cats, who are independent, for people who want pets but don't want them around all the time.

"So....why are you talking about pet's jEFF??"

I'm glad you asked my faithful blogger readers. I have noticed that my good friend Mr. Miller has been rather lonely. So i said to myself, "What can i do for my friend...hmmm, i know, i'll get him a pet!" And that is just what i have done. It took some time and thinking, but i have come up with the perfect pet for my friend jimmy. I'd like you all to meet:

i am ButtLove
ButtLove, the Chia.

Isn't it perfect? ButtLove thinks just like jimmy, and eats and acts just like him too!

Here are his stats:

Name: ButtLove
Attempt: 1
Health: 9
Strength: quite strong
Defence: armored
Movement: speedy
Height: 56 cms.
Weight: 78 lbs.

His is quite a feist little character isn't he?

I think this little guy will be the perfect pet for Mr. Miller, and they can talk about quite a number of topics that they both agree about. And when jimmy's out there screaming "buttsex!" from a speeding car, good ol' ButtLove" will be screaming right along with him. Of course, i wouldn't suggest doing that anytime soon, as he had a slight altercation recently. ButtLove was joy riding on one of those Scooters that you can get at Target. Well, he was riding around and yelling, "Who want's some ButtLove!!", when a man tripped him up and he fell over. Then the perpetrator proceeding to beat up ButtLove. He's not doing all that great right now:

ugh...find that bastard who did this to me, pleeeaase!

Police have been working on the case for days now, and they have put together this computer generated image of what they believe the perpetrator looks like, based on the descriptions of witnesses and from ButtLove:


There has been an extensive manhunt to find this man and bring him to justice. However, do not try to apprehend him yourself because he is considered armed and dangerous. Simply call in America's Most Wanted.

Well, all that being said, I hope you enjoy the new pet jimmy. Occasionally i'll post how the little guy is doing.

I'm done for now. I probably won't post until monday, due to the large volume of work i have ahead of me. But on monday or tuesday you can expect that megapost. It will change your outlook on life forever...that or make you want to phone in the psychiatry ward and have me committed...we shall see...

February 23, 2001

Riddle me this...

I have two arms,
but fingers none.
I have two feet,
but cannot run.
I carry well,
but I have found
I carry best
with my feet OFF the ground.
What am I?

My thunder comes before my lightning,
My lightning comes before my rain,
My rain dries all the land it touches.
What am I?

When I am needed, I am thrown away;
When my purpose has been served, I am readily retrieved.
What am I?

You yourself own me, but use it the least,
'Tis others who put me to use, though I'm yours.
What am I?
Pernounced as one letter,
And written with three,
Two letters there are,
And two only in me.
Im double, Im single,
Im black blue and grey,
Im read from both ends,
And the same either way
what am I?
The ultimate riddle
My thunder comes before my lightning,
My lightning comes before my rain,
My rain dries all the land it touches.
What am I?
If anyone can answere all of these then I would hold them to be the smartest person alive.
James this is cause you asked me to.


Better now?
My god, .. floap??!?! ok im not his brother!!! -cries for the child- :( its, just so sad. BAH
so whats all new??? i know alot of stories are going around here. welp just came by to say HAY and im bored..........
........... ... .. . . .. . .. so when we going PB'n Jimmy has the same idea as me ( your all wussy because you dont wanna go in the cold) WWWUUU-gets thwacked upside his head- bah, when we goin!!! MUST KILL MAME SHOOT STAB BASH SLICE KICK THROW DICE SHRED PUNCH !!!!!!! WWHHHEEEEE (insane) WAAAHHH WWHHOO KUNG POO HHHAAAYYEEEE!!!! -does all these kool gung fooo moves- WWHHAAAAAWEEEEEEEEEE!

do you feel like saving a rain forest?
feeding starving children in boswania?
maybe helping out at the local Red-Cross station?


do you know how many starving children are out there who suffere from FCRD ( Flam Cake Respiratory Disease ) and cough up flam cakes each and every day while you're sitting there on your ass thinking of "who you should help today" ... ? DID YOU KNOW THAT?!? I DIDNT THINK YOU DID. You know what you can do about it now that you know however? Buy a FLOAP bar!

this child suffers from FCRD.                                          -cry cry cry-

Yes, FLOAP is made from all natrual FLAM and SOAP . . . better yet - each purchase gives $00.00005 to those poor children out on the streets suffereing from FCRD. FCRD is serious, shouldn't you be? Buy a bar of FLOAP today from your local Bargain World or any other name-brand Thrift store.
Remember : FLOAP today, GONE tomorrow!


yup. today is a day of a lot of posts from me!!!!!
I didnt mean it was stupid just that it should make the family think twice. Dale Jr is a great racer but hes sorta like George Bush Jr not the brightest man or a PR genius. Did anybody see his interview on Turn Ben Stein On. Jeez. James if you wanna hear some good Radiohead listen to Paranoid Android the video is awsome. Its animated and full of guys amputating their limbs well only one guy but theres an angel in it
I'm ahead...I'm advanced.
I'm the first mammal to wear pants.
I am at peace with my lust.
I can kill cause in god I trust.
It's evolution baby!

I'm a beast...I'm the man.
Buying stocks on the day of the crash.
On the loose, I'm a truck.
All the rolling hills I'll flatten 'em out.
It's herd behavior...it's evolution baby!

Admire me, admire my home,
Admire my son, he is my clone.
This land is mine, this land is free,
I'll do what I want, yet irresponsibly.
It's evolution baby!

I'm a thief, I'm a liar.
There's my church, I sing in the choir.

Admire me, admire my home,
Admire my song, admire my clothes.
Cause we know an appetite for nightly feasts.
Those ignorant Indians got nothing on me.
Nothing. Why? Because it's evolution baby!

I am ahead...I am advanced,
I am the first mammal to make plans.
I crawled the earth, but now I'm higher.
2010 watch it go to fire.
It's evolution baby! Its evolution baby!
Do the evolution!
C'mon! C'mon C'mon!
It's evolution baby!

this song dedicated to the wonderfully stupid person :

can you not feel her angst? her teen-driven rage?
ahhh, how hopelessly depressed she must be.
her blood runs cold. she's a hardkore vampyre.

oh but that isnt all! check out this ORIGINAL PUNK ROCKER!!!





doesnt he just make your insides go "FUCK AUTHORITY!" ?
isn't he just so unique, and different. Im sure he's got plenty to say.
and thinks a whole hell of a lot about ANARCHY. because ANARCHY RULES.

meet me at the red pony of chaos ... dude.

and one last guy i thought would make a great couple with the goth-girl!!

Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel my Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnngggggggssssst!!!

bye now. :)
hmm. i didnt post her picture. well it can be accessed by going to


wee. looks like i am first to post. it seems rachelle is always up this late at night. thats rather disturbing. my room is officially 85% clean. and I'm talking -CLEAN- ... even my files ( at the top of the entertainment center ) are organized. what the hell? oh well. i will finish cleaning it tomorrow before jimmoi comes over. other than that, im singing Im A Creep by RadioHead ....

it seems im getting into radiohead and pearl jam. very odd stuff.
oh well. i feel like posting a -very sexually explicit- .avi on the board. i wonder if that is against some sort of policy. hum. you know how it is at some-time AM in the morning and nothing else is happening and so you go crusing around at pornography to just laugh at. well i found an .avi that just begs itself to be laughed at. not only that - hey : i sent an image to jimmoi - and had i NOT DELETED IT i would have posted it up on the board. it was funny too. i laughed. man, did i laugh.

the people at ekissable seem to hate my guts. i've been rejected four different times. im going to go to jeff's site and get one of the pictures of me from there. thanx to jimmoi for suggesting that. ALSO since i remember - JEFF, POST A PICTURE OF ALF!!! heh. in fact make a porno-website ( on tripod if UW wont allow ) of alf pictures.

Jimmi rating update!

since the re-post of jimmi's picture we've seen a startling combo. it seems as jimmi is a tie between a large vote of either really shitty ( 1 ) or just above what he predicted ( 4 ) ... and this tie between the two puts jimmi up in the 3.82 category. will it go up or down? tune in the next time i'm up late and cant go to sleep! note to self, dont drink a lot of hot chocolate!

hmmm. oh yeah! almost forgot

my new picture im puttin on ekiss

watch that get rejected. psssh. im going to sleep. fuck this.

February 22, 2001

Wow.... I’ve been gone a while, eh?

Yeah, Damnit, that really ruined my day when I heard Dale died.....fucked my whole week up, to be truthful. Not that I’m a very big NASCAR fan, actually I couldn’t care less about super speedway stock car racing, but Dale and Dale Jr. drove one of the Vettes in the Rolex 24 just a few weeks ago, and he was a hell of a driver. He started when NASCAR did more short-track races than super speedway shit, and most of the short tracks in the circuit were dirt, not paved. But the loss of ANY driver hurts the racing community as a whole, not to mention a legendary one like that. The crash didn’t look hard, but if you watch it, he hit the wall with almost the full speed left from the straightaway. That’s the same kind of crash that used to kill guys in CART and Formula 1, until the HANS device came out and became mandatory for drivers of both organizations. The medical examiner and everyone saying that that device wouldn’t have saved his life is BULLSHIT. It’s been proven. I’ve seen video of F1 drivers hitting the wall at higher speeds than that, head on, and walk away, because of this device. But the drivers in NASCAR bitch because it’s bulky, so Bill France gives in. That’s four drivers in two years who’s deaths would have been prevented. And the argument that his organs would have been scrambled also holds no water-again I go back to the F1 and CART crashes-at higher speed-that resulted in little more than bumps and bruises. Basically, it’s time for a change, these cars are going too fast and being too competitive to not have a rule change requiring more safety. If Bill France can’t see that, then he’s putting these guys’ lives at risk for no reason.

Morgan-how is it stupid that his family races? I don’t get exactly what you’re getting at....

Onward......to something slightly less depressing.

ugh, had to sit in the dentist’s chair twice this week, once today. Two fillings, two appointments. If it wasn’t for the Nitrous, I couldn’t have done it.

But on the positive, this week at work has been good, without all the ungrateful little bastards around things are much easier. I’ve left early every day so far.

Got a new carb for the truck (finally), ‘tis much better. Actually starts in the morning now. Goes like a raped ape on crack, too. And, to top all that off, it gets better gas mileage. And with only around $350 into that project, the savings will show themselves rather quickly.

Thinking about a stereo. Seriously thinking about a stereo. The fact that it only has faint AM right now makes the choice somewhat easier.

James, you never linked to the picture of the female who is beating Jimi on rating. Or did you?

Sitting here, looking at Supertramp’s "Breakfast in America" LP, on vinyl. I taught my dad to use Napster, so he’s referencing song titles from all his old records.....it’s good he has something to do, I guess.

Now, I must bathe and prepare for tomorrow....plus the smell of gasoline is getting on my nerves (been tuning my carb, after all)


You are beautiful. I would be honored with some more pictures for you. My name is Sean and I am from Sacramento California. I am sure you probably get many of these letters but if you like you can email and i will tell you more about myself or i can put you on my contact list for future conversations.

Sincerely yours


ok - so now what should i say to him?
hee heee............. HEEEE.
dont mind her.
she's being satire
So, who wants to hear about my day? As I know you are all very excited to hear, I will tell you. I went to the washington state GSA-type meeting today, because Meg invited me. She only invited me because she is currently car-less, but she admitted it, so I didn't mind too terribly much. We were late because I decided to bring Alyssa Howard with us-she's the oldest friend I have here. SO we were late.

Once there, I gathered a variety of informations to share with the GSA, including the 'Queer terminology' as a woman who looked like k.d. lang called it. When it ended, three hours later, I had managed to volunteer for yet another organization, once again as an advocate/educator. and an interviewer. and an organizer. and a filer.

Megan left with Pinkos, and I was very lucky to have Alyssa Howard with me, as I did not know where I was. Meg ditched me. She can't help it, though, I suppose she was BEING SATIRACAL.
the events at my house that are currently unfolding are rather... shocking. normally i would be asleep at this time - dreaming of many dreams i've had before. others would know this as re-occuring dreams, and that gives you the slight insite that something is terribly wrong with Mr. Collins's head. anywho, yes - i should be asleep but CRISTIN'S FRIENDS have woken me up. one is at the door right now - knocking and knocking and ringing the doorbell... and knocking. soon he'll go home and start calling... over and over again. no. wait - i know why he is continuing to knock - because I am on the phone line! mwa hahah! he cant call because it is busy! hmmm. I should turn on some very loud music so he knows that someone is home and just isn't answering the door. --- now, forgetting all that ( oh! he just knocked again! ) i will address everyone in the order i've read their posts.

Jeff - you ideas about the grammies for the board are interesting. but i do not think many people will have the same... abilities as you for ranting and raving about things to yourself and having everyone else listen along waiting for the moment you snap and attempt to kill yourself in text. but speaking about the grammies - i didn't care for them with exception to watch two performances : one - by blue man group - and the manner in which the camera-man/woman handled the performance i about cried. blue-man-group performances are suppose to be seen as a whole. not two people singing and playing a gee-tar ( i think that was moby with the gee-tar! ) ... and the second performance was by eminem. many people don't like him. specifically D-S ... so i looked into it. i actually am begining to like him more and more. just because he flipped off the grammie award people. yup. he summed up my feelings towards the grammies right after he performed "stan" with uh... elton john. i dont know why elton john was there. they hugged. i grinned. then he turned around and smiled, raised his hand, and raised his other hand to flip everyone off. i laughed. my mother gasped. i laughed some more ( i've recently put a sock into my doorbell. that means that everytime he pushes the doorbell-button, all that happens is a 'duurvfpphfhh' ... which nobody can hear unless you're right next to it. the boy has now resorted to a continual "knock-knock-knock-knock-knock" ... i hope his arm falls off ) ... yeup. I also laughed because my mother was like "wow, madonna didnt win any grammies!" ... i quietly thought to myself "they dont give grammies to whores" and laughed some more. blah. enough about the grammies - lets move on. come get that dummy head from me. I think that is all for Jeff-o

Napster - what? i didn't say the song "do the evolution" sucked, i said it is probably one of their not-good songs ( as jimmoi is an avid pearl jam fan and said that their newer stuff isn't as good as their older ) - but over all, i enjoyed it. in fact i continually go around now telling everyone "its evolution... baby." - other than that - i have the majority of your songs requested and i dont think -ALL- of them will fit on a .cda disk. ill try to get as many as i can, however. and what is this about heather being depressing? you've entirely lost me. ( UPDATE: the boy is now -lightly- knocking. i think he's ready to give up ) Get icq - everyone has icq and not aim. and about Dale Ernhardt... he died not on the lap ... but like on the last couple feet of the last turn towards the finish line. crazy stuff. I was at heathers house - it caused a great commotion ... her father was very "well its the best way for him to go out" verifying the manner in which he died. the crash didnt look all that bad either. and lastly - more info on what im going to attempt at school can be found on the board... i dont know how far back ... but im still half-awake so ill either tell you in person or at some later date ;)

Jimmoi - I've beat you to the bunch and made yet-ANOTHER website to host things at homestead.com. I've already uploaded your picture so all you have to do is re-direct your picture URL to


and that'll do it for you. if anyone else needs space to host things on ... i've got about 8 different places to host it.... so uh, get a hold of me. heh. in fact! fuck you jimmoi! since i have your password - ill just change the picture URL myself! mwa hahahaha. on a lighter note ... uh... UPDATES ON THE SCORES OVER AT EKISSABLE!!!

jessica's scores... damnit
what the fuck?
jimmoi's scores before i reset them
the scores before they reset because of the 'new picture URL' ... sorry jimmoi, and you were so close! i believe people voted higher for you when they couldnt see your picture. weird huh?

i still have to find a picture for myself - i finally realised why mine always got rejected : because its a picture of a child. son of a biatch. oh well. i dont know if heather is going for the 8pm thing.
but we'll see. and now to top it all off... i'll end with some lyrics.

we can dance if we want to.
we can leave your friends behind.
cuz your friends dont dance.
and if they dont dance -
then they're no friends of mine!

we can go where we want to.
a place where they will never find.
and we can act like we come from
leave the real one far behind.

im a 3.48 now!!! despite the fact my picture isnt even viewable!!! damn im sexy!
andrew morgan: id like to talk to ya-being that you seem to be always the one posting after me and being online late at nght...however, AIM wont take on my computer...

today, i worked...hated it. No joe atacking me at home or at work...thats great. on Ekissable-i improved to 3.25, but my pic wont come up anymore, due to geocities' system being down, so i have to move to a diffeerent sercer/provider/i dont know shit about computers. I did a little "torturing" of chris today at zach's house, it was fun to watch him squirm...i said things as if i thought they were cool-and when he said, "DUDE_I LOVE THAT GAME" id just say, dude, that game sucks...and that state why it sucks, and he'll be like, dude, yea-that game is like...ok, but (and states what i just said why that game sucked)...fucking fat bastard. he cool though. Zach kicked his ass earlier though, to get my cd back...hehe. funny.

so i dont know what is going to happen tomorrow-id hope that james and heather will pick me up at target and we'll hang out-that way, heather doesnt come with us on JIMMY DAY...which traditionally is an all male thingie...
what will happen on JIMMY day? well-im hoping that james will come in contact with brice, for id like for him to come with---and maybe andy...if he doesnt bitch. zach still wants to go to that SHOW...but i know james wouldnt wnat to go-and brice is not "cool" with that type of music anymore...hmmm. deliema.

Do the evolution...ive never heard that song...neevr seen the video...i feel so lonely. i lost that Static X cd, i think i put it in the library return thingie with MUSIC FOR THE JILTED GENERATION cd when i (durrr) returned it...fook. i lied that cd. Static X roolz. but Pain is Better...and so is Weezer...in fact, heres the list of my Fav Bands:

Pink FLoyd, the Doors, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, Sublime, Weezer, Pain, Dead Kennedys and NOFX. fuck you james, NOFX is the shit. Weezer is awesome, and now, after getting the CD...i like them even more...

JAMES: if at all possible-i would like for you to burn me a copy of JEGA...i found them interesting and would like to hear more.
ZACH: if you can see this-let me barrow Buhdda from Blink-182 on friday...and what is your statis for Friday? and how anzy are you to go to the SHow? id go...if you really really wnat to go...
JEFF: next time you talk to jOe, tell him that hes a fat fucker. maybe we'll rid of him
HEATHER: you no come with us on friday...you me james hanga outa on thurday---im off at 8. target. food area. buttsex.

okay-well, i think im done...good bye.
Oh eya, i saw a rat try to mate with a fake rat at target...fhunny fhunny
Wow heather that is depressing, oh and by the way if anybody ever wants to talk to me my AOL screenname is ZEBSBUDANDY msg me sometime.And james Do the evolution does not suck, but because i believe everyone is entitled to their opinion i will do the noble thing and not cuss you out on your own blog. Was anybody else shocked when it was announced that Dale Ernhardt died in a car accident during a race. And the stupid thing is that 75% of his immediate family races. Lets give a momoent of silence to a great racer............. Ok james what was that thing that you were trying to organise for after school? Need the info

February 21, 2001


*Disclaimer: This is NOT my Mega-Post. Stay tuned for that.

Today has been a rather busy day in my little world. I have been working steadfastedly toward the goal of getting my moral development paper done. However, my efforts up to this point have paid off, and my work is now complete, and two days ahead of time. For those of you who do not understand or know how i operate, this is quite a new feat for me. Up until this point, my acedemic life had only known one philosophy: Procrastination. However, this new ideology is quite intriguing, and i plan on seeing exactly how far i can take it. One of the most striking things about it is that i don't have that waking dread i get just before the due date of an assignment. Quite the contrary in fact. I feel quite energetic and relived. How odd...

Aside from the vigor expended toward getting that paper done, my day has been filled with a surmountable deal of what i like to call "there is nothing better to report than about jebediah's pet frog being able to burp the Declaration of Independence" news.

What are you talking about jEFF?

Simple. Today i was lay victim to a great deal of worthless journalistic reporting, and lo-and-behold, it wasn't from Q13 Reports, like i am quite used to. For about ten minutes i watched a news report about how some guy landed his plane on a road in University Place. Wow. To top of that finely crafted and intriguing story, i saw footage of school children taking a field trip to see the great landing of 2001. Wow x2. Guess what every witness's response to the plane's landing was? Whoa, that was awesome! I felt like i was watching dozens of little Neo's as they reported about seeing the great plane land from somewhere within the Matrix. Wow.

Afterward there was various news briefs about recalled products, including a report about Barbie sunglasses that can cause cancer. Seriously. I guess i had it wrong when i said that hotwheels causes cancer. Ah, but then again, Mattel owns both. Hmmm, could jEFF have been right all along??

I would have pictures to provide with these stories but unfortunately my day, as i said above, has been very busy. But fear not, for i will soon post some images of these events that i have spoken about, as all part of my Mega Post, or maybe earlier than that. I should be able to procure some images tomorrow after i give a quick introductory speech for Amnesty International. Yeeup, that's right, i am moving up in rank, givin' speeches in front of people and whatnot. Wow.

On the subject of my MegaPost, i have come up with a hair-raisin', or at least the equivalent of barn-raisin', idea. Why not have a post-off... You know, where one day we all post the best type of post we could ever come up with and see who can post the best. Well, that's the basic gist. It would be like the Grammies, for Blogger. Okay, so the idea actually sucks, but its late at night, and i am not quite all here, not to mention that this post was meant for Wednesday night, but i typed so long that it is now Thursday morning. Damn, foiled again.

" jessica " and her likeness has recently got 7.32 on the votes. what happens if she wins? at this rate, she's been getting 9s and 10s like crazy. here's the story everyone : she was a friend of mine who gave me the picture - i told her "hey no you cant use dogs" so she made me edit the dog out. she then moved away to michigan. mwa hahaha. so that takes care of who she was. but uh... you know what? they'll need a picture I.D. --- which i cannot procure. oh well.

but it'll be -really funny- if she wins, eh?

i'll laugh.
i fear my anti-pearl-jam ideologies may be taking a hit.
i have recently seen the music-video "do the evolution"
im sure that it's probably one of pearl jams worst songs....
but the video was so good.... and i've associated the good video with the music. heaven help me. how could my defenses fail so quickly

( reguardless of the fact i've never even HEARD a pearl jam song - with exception to that song in which jimmoi told me was pearl jam and i entirely ahbored. )

why is this centered?

in any event, once i get dressed ( yes, blogging in the nude / after a shower again... you know you love it ) i am going out with my mother. they all got pissed off about the fact i look funny with my glasses now and so they're getting me a new pair ( pair as in two ) of glasses. I told them i don't need them. but they don't listen. oh - bloody - well.


-end transmission-

February 20, 2001

well-im doing okay on EKISSABLE, but must have .33 more to make the goal...damn, must beat ugly buff mexican guy named el macho...3.17 isnt bad considering that most people on there are mostly male not paying attention enough to notice that their on OVERALL, and we all know that all guys will rate other guys a ONE almost automatically. i know i do, at least. Dont get me wronge, im not a 5, im a 3.5.

I had a weird dream last night, I dreamt that i was some kindof secret agent that had a partner, and i was sneeking into a secret milatary base becuase some general was planning on waging a war against Canada-or was it Uragray? anyway, i was like james bond. the thing that pissed me off though, is that there was only one chick-who was british...i flirted with heer...she wanted me. but there was no sex FUCK! i dont even score in my dreams anymore. pooey. Anyway-i dont know how it happened, but somehow or another, i was in a large room, with all the former presidents, and they were all tied up. And holding them hostage was the Slavic guy that assasinated Fredick Fernanand (the Arch Duke of Austria-Hungary empire) that sparked WWone...he was holding everyone hostage, and Partner and myself were in the middle. there was some dialouge, and than i noticed that Grover Cleveland (who was behind the Slavic Bastard) somehow got untied, so i blinked singaled at him, and i did this roll over thingie that distracted the slav and Grover Cleveland bashed his head with a chair. Than we all high fived and i woke up. cool dream...mustve been sparked by Presidents Day.

Anyway, i saw GOOD WILL HUNTING on tv yesterday...neet movie. Robin Williams actually is good in it.

anyway-Jimmy day on friday-Zach wants to go see the Geeks in Lakewood, but james wants to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon...i dont kare what i do...fuck el macho getting more votes than me. DAMN YOU EL MACHO!!! DAMN YOU!!!

the question of the day, however, is-what will happen if Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sucks? will the world end? will james go bezerk and kill people? will it be the same as a man not having an orgasm the firs time he gets laid? a muderous rampage down the steet, complete with CAR WRESTLING? thats what we need to do on jimmy day...car wrestling.

I went to ESPNdotCOM today-and i noticed that HUNTER S. THOMPSON writes for them...wow. Read some of his articals...neet. interesting stuff, and funny. MAny of you have no Idea who Hunter S. Thompson is..sad. Look him up, and while your at it, look up Jim Goad...fhunny fhunny stuff.

So jeff, this spring break (and i'll ask james too) amd i should ask Zach...anywhoo-let me tell you details first...so fuck the previous line, it didnt exist.

okay-zach told me last night over TACO BELL that up where he use to live, there is this SChool THINgie...anyway-his friend's parents run it, and in the basement is his friend's recording studio...i think it would be neet to play around withthe recording studio...but the fun fun thing about this place, and im suyre it would interest mr paulino-is that this school is...well...HAUNTED. yeup, so i must ask zach about it-and maybe he can talk to the people that run it about the possiblity of spending a night there-video tape and mini disc and recording music shit...fun.

okay-well-i have other stuff, but in forgetful-so fuck it. im outta here-y'all have fun...and FUCK EL MACHO!!!
I talked to Jeff on ICQ, but he didn't know who I was. Sad day.
Do any of ya'll have ICQ? because I installed it to stay in touch with some of my more southerly friends, and now I can't figure out how to use the damn thing. I am a poor lost kidden who needs very much help.
I use to be so big and strong, i use to know my right from wrong
I use to never be afraid - I use to be somebody

so sings my radio at the moment. yes - i have come to post. to lay down the law. my iron-fist rule will not waiver for the likes of anyone who could take over the board. for my word is god-like.. ( ? ) uh.

let's recap, shall we? Jimmoi has recently posted his picture up on ekissable.... that means I have to as well - just so that one of us can gloat about how the other is "better looking" than the other one. Hmm, but what picture should I use? This one?

[ tune in later for pictures of james licking his nipples! ]
you can't wait, can you?

hah hah, funny. nah. ill probably have to look through my files and have heather say "ooh, use this one" blah blah blah. and so on. --- the one jimmoi used is kind of old... so if i can find that picture of me that jeff took ( in b/w ) when i was in the car, ill use that one. anywho, enough about pictures. we should enter jeff. heh. then everyone will know what he looks like... the mysterious jeff-o in college...

hmmm. I beat the game Oni today. It was rather a dissapointent, but the fighting engine is still so much fun - i can re-load anywhere I want and fight a boss, which is awesome. So that'll keep me entertained for awhile. If anyone wants a copy of it - just ask. because i dont need the ceedee anymore. Plans for this week are nil - with exception that on friday is a big day to go movie-watching. Hopefully no dumbshits will be there ( insert wav clip of people behind us talking about Monkey Bone ).

By the way - about Monkey Bone ... how in the world could Tim Burton sink so low as to the acting career of ... ah shit, i forgot his name. YOU know him as Encino Man, or ... more recently, TARZAN -- or even more recently : THAT GUY WHO NEVER ASKED SATAN TO BE SATAN. AH HAHHAHAA.. "Hey satan, I wish that ... I AM SATAN ..... " ... anywho.... yeah. what the hell? what the hell has happened to Tim burton, I don't know. where was I?

at the time in which I voted for jimmoi his rating was 3.17 ... hey - he beat the 2.3 mark! and he isn't even blonde! and he doesn't have breasts! and he doesnt look like THIS GUY ... ah hahahah! oooh, happy day... even if it is sadly boring and i've got nothing else to do. i think ill look at the demo ceedee i got with Oni.

some last notes however :

1: JEFF! please start using

{hr} {center} {title} {/center} {hr}

for your posts! the un-centered text is driving me looney! LOOOONEY! L~O~o~O~o~O~n~N~y! It just doesn't look right. ( dies )

2: anyone want to know what xes-ttub sounds like when it's reversed with gold wave? go ahead, say xes-ttub once and awhile. I bet you wont know what you're really saying ( mind you, i know you could read the text backwards, but you wouldnt do that now.... would you? ) ... OR YOU COULD CLICK HERE!

heee. bye now.
Ha! it worked!!! However, Jimi is not really girl #2-I just cheated off of my rabbitt's earlier post.

Jimi, you can thank my little sister for finding you. . .
grrrr. . .Jimi's picture is on a funny webpage, and I cannot find it to post it. My rabbitt, when he gets around to posting, can fix it for me. . .

{in flys supra-james. fixes post. flys off with a grin.}


We will see.. . .


*Disclaimer: This is not my MEGA-post. Stay tuned for that.

I find it a sad fact that i am going to be posting today, and i will be the first one to post. Actually, that isn't sad. What is sad is that i will be the first to post and it is 10:30 in the morning. (By the way, i take this all back if right now i am writing out my post and someone posts just a couple of seconds before i do, in which case would make me seem really lame.) I haven't seen our gracious benefactor say much in the recent couple of days. Of course i understand he is more than likely busy with school work, for which i cannot hold him accountable. Still though, if he doesn't post much, who will have the incentive to?

I feel the currents of change brewing over the seas of calm that we drift upon right now. An uprising, and possibly a usurping of power dare i say? For if Mr. Collins doesn't grace us with his presence, or rather his posts, some dire fool might try to take his mantle and rule our board with a tyrannical fist. For all we know, this person might be reading at this moment, thinking to himself, or possibly herself (though not likely), maybe he's onto something. I imagine someone, say Jimmy, though i should say that i am NOT suggesting Mr. Miller would ACTUALLY do this, sitting at his computer in his boxers, unshaven, looking for his porn tapes and reading this post thinking..."hmmm, excellent...yes...excellent..."

"Say it isn't so jEFF...tell us not to fear that someone might try to revolt."

Well my dear friends...i wouldn't consider it an impossibility...no, not anymore. Don't get me wrong, i am not backing a revolution. No...no yet. At the same time i say with great heed...Be wary Mr. Collins...beware the tides of blogger.

February 19, 2001


Alas, i have not posted for two days. No, this is not a trend i am falling into, but rather i have been busy coming up with five pages worth of things to say about Jean Piaget and Lawrence Kohlberg on the subject of moral development. Why? Because i need to pass my Developmental Psychology class, and writing out a five page paper on moral development is the key to doing that. It has been a rather interesting challenge, and i have been perusing the psychological journals and books for the past couple of days. So much fun i must say. However, i have run into a whole new kind of dilemma.

One of the biggest requirements for the paper is that it is NO more than FiVE pages in length. In fact, the guidelines say that any more than five pages will simply not be read. Wouldn't you know it, i came up with more than five pages of stuff to say and now i face the challenge of shortening my work down by a considerable amount. Naturally this is something that i do not wish to do, mostly because i feel that it cheapens my work. Oh well. So i am left deciding how much of the info i wrote about Piaget i should cut. (At this time i have just realized that at least half, if not more, of you simply do not care.)

Anyway, i am writing this post because i got tired of reading, writing, and researching. By the way, why did they always call it the three R's? This, my dear friends, is quite a fragrent display of the inability to spell. No wonder there are transvestities and cross dressers out there. Which reminds me of another thing, but i will have to mention that at another time, probably around the time of my big post...to which i will make a comment about shortly. Back to the three R's debacle though. So here we have it. Apparently teachers want students to be stupid all the way through elementary school, though i have yet to devise a reason for that. Clearly we all know, and if some of you don't, then obviously the PTA's insidious plan is still working against you, that the three R's equal: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. There is ONLY one R in that entire group. I give you the real source for the lack of education in America...the three R scandal. This is probably the same reason why George W. Bush can't speak more than a couple of phrases, and mostly about texas. You don't need three R's to say, I love Texas...or Where's the Beef? (or in his case, where's the Coke?)

Okay, somehow i got off subject, because this post was NOT supposed to be ranting about the three R's, nor about the evil powers of the PTA. Instead, it was supposed to be ranting about my upcoming MEGA post.

In truth it won't be a mega post in size so much as in content. Only my friend Mr. Miller has some clue about what i am going to post about. It is an earth shattering relevation of apocalyptic magnitude. However, i don't have the time or resources, or evidence for that matter, to post about it yet. Expect it in the upcoming week or so. It will be monumental, and frightening. After this post, you may not be able to sleep at night...
okay-well i hurt my back washing dishes, so i took a bath---and put the grow a date 2000...its not growing much.
today o ate pretzels all day...fun. and i think im going to send my pic into the Ekissable thingie and see what people think...hehe. im guessing 3.5-what do you guys think my approval rating will be? yeup...

February 18, 2001

Hahaha thats right jimmy you have figured out my secret for a happy and probably long existence-having no pattern!!!! Anyways im in Ellensburg with karl that guy that all you paintballers love to hate. Were staying with his bro and his room mate the entire break so my posts will be very sporadic. Oh collins i forgot a song that i wanted burned onto that cd. Put Yakety Yak on their if i didnt write it in that file i sent you. Im gonna use a couple of those for the lip sync project for the showcase in drama its gonna be awsome. And i want yall to come (well at least Aaron, james, Borton and Heather) but its not gonna be for awhile yet so yous has time to clean your calenders ok gotta go
well-i just woke up and i noticed that my family is gone...they went to church, i still have time to make the 2pm survice...but i dont want to. god im lazy. hey heather-is there gonna be any hot chicks at your party and are like-vulnerable? damn im horny.

well-today-i was going to watch FIGHTCLUB or BIGLABOWSKI or PI, but i decided i want to watch A CLOCKWORK ORANGE again...im so pathetic

im hungry, and there is only liver in the fridge. i hate liver. theres pork...but i dont feel like pork.

well-im bored, so if anyone knows of anything fun to do-or any horny hot vulnerable girls out there-yeah-post em-or send them to my house...for i am bored, lazy, pathetic, horny and hungry...and i have some hankering for some spankering. yummy.

qua: why doesnt JAKE, AARON, MICHAEL, MR GOLDFISH, THOSE WHORES, RAECHELLE, JEFF BORTON ever post anymore? now its just the occasional post from james and zach. jeff and myself post reguarily, bradbury post everytwo days and heather like once a week-average. oh yea, and morgan...who has no patern.
That rabbitt is evil, for he has posted after I signed in. I still don't know how to post them pictures

February 17, 2001

Chucky Cheeses kicks ass

the "who the hell are these people" awards :

girl #1
now tell me that her boobs are like.... uh.. what the fuck?

girl #2
this is the WOMAN contest, not the "man who pretends to be woman" contest.

girl #4
tuesdays ... UPN ... 9pm ... BEASTMASSA, the woman chronicles...
"and you thought xena was hot?!?!"

girl #5
no comment.

well-i was doing some "cleaning" on my computer, bringing up old files and stuff, and i found this old "research" paper i did in my Enlish 101 college class. Oh man, it was so much bullshit. I never had any questions, and i even made up my own stupid people! now the sad thing is, i noticed that my "subconcious" thought and views are no different than other people...but who cares! Fat people are hideous-just like that one lady that was wearing "pants" but it turned out they were her leggs....it seemed like she had entire pigs as legs...euu-and what are you talking about heather? i never said that-i said i dont think i was invfited becuase i never heard about it until james said it yesterday-and asked if i was invited-and i said...'no' and he said-HAHA! Y AINT YOU GOIN YOU DONT LIKE HEATHER? and i said'no-i didnt say that, i just said i wasn't invit-" "IRRELAVANT!!! YOU HATE HER< HAHAHAHAH!!!" so anyway...if you invite me-i'll go to chucky cheeses...what day time and which chucky cheeses...if there is other chucky cheeses around....anywhoo-read bullshit:

Lard Implosions, and Public Opinion

On November 5th, 2000, I ask 20 people 20 questions regarding their thoughts on the subject of obesity. Though many answered the questions in a manner to humor, many others gave thoughtful answers. I feel that this accurately portrays society’s view on the subject of obesity. We see obesity as being comical, (i.e. Chris Farley, John Candy, Roseanne, etc.) and yet we view it as a very serious matter. With the leading cause of death is heart disease, we can say that being “fat” is deadly. Beauty is seen as being slim, just take a look at any fashion magazine, or underwear catalogue. Where did the idea of obesity become so, well, bad? In the “olden”days, women had to be “voluptuous” in order to be considered attractive (in those days, they took “be fruitful” literally). But as time changed, we see that the obese have become the “next” minority.

When I came up with the topic for the final term paper, I had no idea where to take the subject. I started by writing out my 20 questions, then picking the 6 best questions to ask to 7 persons, three of which were male and four, being female. Their ages ranged from 16 to 40. The six questions I asked were:

Would you ever find an obese person attractive?
Do to see obesity as a comical, or a serious matter?
Do you think all obese people are lazy?
How do you think society treat obese people?
What social class would you expect to find obese in?
Do you fear that you will someday be obese?

I was surprised when I asked the questions, that almost all the persons agreed on most of the answers. The men, however, seemed to be more cynical in their judgment, while the women showed more sympathy. I did this to see where would I have to go with this
paper, and be a sample of what to expect. Of the first “batch” of subjects, none would be considered to be obese. I now knew whom I had to ask.

One of the “minimums” of the paper was to ask 20 people 20 questions. I guess I could’ve called this paper 20/20, huh? The biggest problem I had was finding 20 people. Being that I worked at Target, most of the people questioned were Target employees. This works, in a way, because both men and women work at target, with age differences varying from age 16 to age 77. And the key to doing my “poll” in Target was that a good majority of the employees are obese. Now I guess that after compiling the questions and answers, its up to our creativity on how to arrange this paper. To tell you the truth, I have no idea how I’m going to do the rest of the paper now, so I’m going to go eat something sweet.

I decided against using a multiple-choice format for my questions, which seems to be popular with most students in your class, and I must admit, it would be easier to compile data and make really neat graphs! I decided not to do it that way because I felt that it would be more necessary for me to get a more of a personal response from my subject answering the questions (and it would be more fun to BS it this way). However, by doing this, I find myself stuck on how to show my data. It would go against the purpose of writing a research paper without placing the fruits of my labor into the paper. So, with this, I decided that this would be the best way to do my paper: to do a run down (analysis) of each question. Fun, eh?
What characteristics do you attribute to obese people?

Now what I hoped to see was that everyone had a different answer for this one, but instead everyone said basically the same. Though there was some extremes, like “stupid,” and “slow,” most said shy. A few said lazy.

Would you ever find an obese person attractive?

With this, I wanted to see if anyone actually believed in the whole “it’s the inside that counts” saying. Only a few did, and all of them being female. Almost everyone said no. One made it a point, by saying he would only find a obese person attractive if he was drunk.

Do you think all obese people are lazy?

Most, except for the two persons (both are male) that were extreme said no. I wanted to see with this question, whether or not the stereotypical obese person viewed on TV was what most people believed. Apparently, it isn’t.

Do you fear that you will someday be obese?

I thought most women would answer yes to this, and most men would answer no. This was one of the few on this list that I was correct on. I guess the stereotype that we perceive woman, as being is true, if interpreted from this data.

How would you think you’d feel if you were obese?

All of the person’s that were questioned agreed that they wouldn’t feel to “shabby,” about being “fat.” I actually expected this to parallel the question about whether the individual would fear about becoming fat. I was wrong.

How do you think society treat obese people?

Like the question before this, all of the subjects agreed that society treats obese people like “shit.” I wanted to see if there would be a change of the “mood” in the answers after this one. There wasn’t.

What social class would you expect to find obese in?

Now the stereotype of obese person’s has always been extreme. In the early 1900’s, the obese were viewed as healthy and rich. Now, they’re portrayed as poor, and “white trash” (Roseanne). I expected that this portrayal would be evident in the answers, but most answered that it would depend on the person, and that the question was too much of a variant to actually answer. I could’ve argued with them, and bring up liposuction, but I guess that goes against the project.

What percentage of the population do you believe is obese?

Now this one is the most variant. ABC news and NEWSWEEK both agree that about 60% of the population in the United States would be considered obese. I guess this “study” didn’t make much news, since the majority answered below the actual percentage. The “guesses” were between 10 to 50%.

Do to see obesity as a comical, or a serious matter?

I can sum this one up easily. A third said it was comical, a third said it was serious and a third said it was both. All I have to say is that all of the people that answer that it was a serious matter would definitely laugh at Chris Farley falling down from a chair.

Do you have obese friends? / Does obesity run in your family?

Two separate question, that I combined for this. I wanted to see if there was some correlation between how they answered controversial topics and whether or not they had “fat” friends or family members. The majority answered no to both, even though I know they all have a fat cousin Freddie.

Do you feel that obese celebrities get respect?

This one was mixed, and to tell you the truth, I just put this question on the list to fill up room and space. I, however, do believe it has some social implications that need to be addressed. I think, if society worships the slim super model, than slim persons would be placed a little higher than the rest of us. Most large celebrities become famous due to stunts that are embarrassing. To the ones that answered offensive lineman in football getting respect, tell me the name of one offensive lineman? Can’t, huh? I rest my case.

What profession do you view obese people to occupy?

I’ve been noticing that many TV and movies portray computer programmers as being “voluptuous.” I wonder if anyone else noticed that, and apparently they do. About 2/3 answered programmer. Another occupation that came up was Wal-Mart, which I think they’re confusing with people who shop there. This also shows that subconsciously, we automatically view the obese as being white trash, something most said they don’t.

What do you think is the average life expectancy of an obese person?

I don’t know the actually stats, which is something I should’ve looked up, but its save to assume that it is around 50-60 years of age. Most answered with a range of 40-60.

What weight do you consider “fat”?

A lot of persons didn’t get what I meant with this one, and I take full responsibility. I wanted them to say something like 300lbs as being “fat.” I had to explain this after I got answers like “depends on height-sex-age.” Most said 250-400lbs.

Do you think obese persons have a fair chance at being successful?

Most said no, and I think this one is self-explanatory.

Do you believe you’re obese?

I expected more women to answer yes, but only four women answered something other than no.

Do you think there is a difference on how an obese person and a non-obese person view the world?

I wanted people to give an in-depth answer for this one…I should’ve gave them a whole page, because they all answer either yes, or no. I wanted to see if we see obese persons as being different. With just a simple answer, I couldn’t really tell.

How many divorces do you believe are the cause of obesity?

There are many reasons for divorce, and I just wanted to see if anyone believed anyone would leave someone for being too fat. Everyone gave small percentages, telling me no one wanted to believe that divorces are because we just don’t find the other person as attractive anymore.

Do you think Hollywood and the Media changed the public’s view of obesity?

The Media have tried to pump us from the behind with so many stereotypes of the obese, and I just wondered if anyone noticed. Everyone, safe for a few (me included) said yes to this one.

I began this paper expecting that everyone would follow what I supposed they would answer to my questions. I found that most of my expectations were true, but I found that the variant degree of the answers tend to go against initial beliefs. I found that most people were unaware of their prejudice, and that most of their views of the obese were subconscious. I think I can conclude that people are like this, because we don’t want to believe that we are all just sheep being lead by the Media, and social trends. I wanted to talk a little about the billion-dollar industry of weight loss and miracle diet pills, but I think that the subject strayed from the obese to individual prejudice toward the obese. I could’ve concentrated on eating disorders, or depression that the obese probably go through. I could’ve done loads of research on calories and heart disease. I could’ve done all this, but instead I opted to show how petty trends are. The obese are currently the “outcasts” in this society, but it would be only a matter of time before “Calvin Klein” and “Tommy Hillfigure” will give way to “Fatty Magee” and “Frank Lardissmo” to make
the slim models the outcaste, while Roseanne will be the next sex symbol. This can happen, if you see how the McDonaldization of the world can increase the current 60% to maybe, oh 80%. A multi-billion dollar industry doesn’t to lose out, so what makes you think the miracle pills work? I think it would be interesting to see how would people answer my questions 20 years from now, when a society built on buffets and game shows rules the great United States.


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February 16, 2001

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my physical good-ness ( health ) has seen better days. this weather is wreaking havok on my stability ... and I'm not having a very good week. I woke up this morning to hear my mother ranting about how it is still snowing - and that there isn't any school for Bethel District.

"Damn." - i thought to myself.... "Jimmy day is cancelled."

but - on a lighter note - towards the end of the day all the snow should be gone... hmmm. we'll definately have to think about that - however - had I gone on jimmy day i would most-definately BE BACK BY 12am or 11pm as i have to be at school tomorrow morning at 9am for ( get this ) my first day of saturday school, ever! I have two new M:TG decks in which I wanted to test out against Jake & Co. today. It is rather dissapointing that now I have to wait until monday to see how they work. Michael is going to go out slush riding. I don't know what the fuck he is talking about - slush riding is obviously some stupid term he's made up to describe some stupid activity in which is stupid mind has (stupid stupid stupid stupid) ... notice how the sentence just seems to trail off into further stupidity? I thought so. moving on . . .

As everyone has attempted to do... my plans are... very rough. For one - I do not know of "emancipated teaching" nor have ever heard of the concept. I didn't peg the term, and it sounds somewhat like one of michael's "make up a term to describe something" crap. Teaching - reguardless of the means in which it is done, is teaching. Learning - reguardless of the means in which it is done, is learning. My little experiment is no 'emancipation' from anything, just a test of my idea. ... where am I going with this? ahh! Alec, yes... good ol alec. I didn't know he went back to challenger? Well, i've got one advantage over him.

I choose who joins. If you have the will to learn, and the concept of a "mind" (ie: ask questions, think) - then i'd more-than-likely allow you in. What alec had to deal with was the student who didnt want to learn. who sat down in class and expected the daily routine work of classwork/homework. 15 worksheets a week, that's 5 a day. I won't have the school-board to deal with (ie: tests to prove that what I am doing is working) and I don't have to organize myself for anyone but nobody. Jeff's idea that I should probably look towards the ASB if this actually works is a good idea - however I don't plan on attempting it anytime soon. Not that I wouldnt mind getting money, mind you, eh heh.... "school sponsored jimmy-day" anyone? but merely that I do not wish to take orders from anyone in the school. true- ill be using the school as a place to host it, but I believe i can get away with it for a limited amount of time, under the guise that were just a bunch of students who meet together after school and "talk about stuff." ... technically, that's all. I mean hey, look at cheer / drill / crimsun haze.

another thing - since i didnt know he was going back to challenger - one day when i stayed after to talk to alec he told me about his frustration with the school I currently go to : lack of enthusiasm. He told me he used to work at challenger and that the students there were brilliant - not in the manner of what they knew, but in the manner in that they wanted to know. He got only the students who wanted to come to school - as challenger has a program which allows people to do work, at home, and just come to school to turn it in. He came to Bethel in hopes that since Challenger was for "troubled" students that the "un-troubled" ones would be even greater. Unfortunately he, yes - im repeating myself, came to Bethel. I remember asking him that day "If you're so dissapointed, why dont you go back to Challenger?" - and I am surprised that he held out this long. He really, really had a troubled time - but he attempted to make the best of it.

"Hurrah for Alec! May his teaching days still bring joy!"

anywho. since there isn't any school I have a choice.
(a) Play thief 2 .. (b) do some pre-calculus homework ... (c) or sleep.
given those choices it looks like im going to hav-----

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well-its snowing...so i dont know if jimmy day will be ...cancelled. oh pity. but have no fear-zach and myself will find fun without james-or i'll drive all the way to roy to pick james up-since golfing is out of the question.

February 15, 2001

I see that, although the man himself has moved on to greener pastures (I’m not entirely sure if going back to Challenger is actually better, though), the spirit of Alec lives on at BHS. Collins’ idea is a good one, assuming he can find a way to circumvent the affects of what Mr. Paulino mentioned, but I doubt he can the way he’s thinking now. He may, however, be able to slightly alter his idea to allow for minimal guidance by himself (or any teacher who uses this whack-ass idea) but still maintain the environment he imagines. It’s really worth a try. But thinking about this brings me back to Alec’s classes.....he fought really hard the entire time he was at Bethel to come up with a group who could hold a disscussion. He almost succeeded several times, the last class I had at the end of my senior was really very close. Thinking again about Jeff’s comments, maybe what he’s talking about, in a slightly controlled class, can lead to excelent discussions. It’s certainly worth a shot.

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Every now and then i find myself so fortune to stumble onto things that far exceed my general expectations of the human race. Then again, since knowing some of the more vocal and free thinking individuals of this board (i.e. Mr. Collins, Mr. Miller, etc...even though sometimes it is not often seen for awhile), i have laid witness to these breaches of my expectations. To what am i referring to in this particular case? Well, to the idea of emancipated teaching/learning that is currently rattling itself around in the brain of Mr. Collins.

First, i should say that in my current realm of knowledge, there is no such thing as emancipated teaching/learning. To be honest, it is a term i coined to describe what i see Mr. Collins proposing as a style of teaching, and is in fact suggested by many developmental psychologists in the fields of moral and ethical development. I have yet to see it proposed to general education as the way Mr. Collins has described it, though i am not going to say that it doesn't exist or hasn't been proposed.

I'd like to give some kudos to Mr. Collins though for even toying with the notion of emancipated teaching. There are several reasons why i give great credence to the same notion of teaching as described by him. First, it has been show in moral developmental psychology that for most individuals, attainment of the higher stages of moral reasoning, as defined by Lawrence Kohlberg in his description of the six stages/three levels of moral reasoning, comes about at a much more rapid pace when groups of peers and associates involve themselves in something referred to transactive interactions. In these interactions, moral discussions are held in groups, with each participant allowed to equally contribute. The result is that those in the lower stages of moral reasoning are often brought up to par with those of higher stages. Likewise, a gradual shift upward of moral thinking is found within the group. This idea of transactive interaction and the general notion of James' emancipated teaching style have wide spread implications.

His style of teaching holds great promise and possibility for many reasons:

First, it has been shown that those who teach often learn as they do so, because it requires knowledge on the side of the teacher to present information. Also, it is required of a good teacher to be flexible, that is they have to know when the are wrong and be willing to accept other ideas or information. Of course, repetition and regurgitation of information is also a great way to become a retainer of knowledge.

Second, group cohesion and group work has also shown to have a positive correlation between the amount and content that a person can learn. A vast majority of Americans, and indeed those throughout other cultures, employ the use of group learning and group discussion to learn information, gather knowledge, and analyze that knowledge, and often times apply that knowledge in applicable ways.

It is for these reasons that i feel Mr. Collins has stumbled onto quite an interesting idea. His hypothesis of emancipated teaching includes these two very important factors, which should aid in the success of his style. However, there are some drawbacks that come with this style, and he has even pointed one of those out himself.

Domination of the conversation...
One of the important things that must be maintained is that no one person or subgroup should dominate the conversation, and no one individual or smaller subgroup should make others felt isolated or inferior during the "teaching" process. It must be held as a group cohesive project. In order for it to be successful, all must contribute. However, this also means that all must contribute voluntarily.

Formation of Factions...
Another problem that could become inherant in group teaching/learning exercizes is the formation of factions. This can especially happen in groups that become very large, or likewise very small. Factions can cause people to abandon free thinking and free assocation for the bandwagon, jumping onto a "powerful" and "well established" group's thinking, as opposed to saying what they believe, no matter how inane it could be. In small groups, this would virtually destroy the idea of having everyone contribute something meaningful and at the same time different. It would equate to trying to teach to a reflection in the mirror. In large groups, it could easily be compared to the rivarly between political parties in government.

Loss of Purpose...
This is a problem of less concern, but none-the-less can cause issues, depending on the true motivation and general attitude of the group. In some circumstances, a group while be doing fine discussing various issues of importance, and learning valuable material, but then it can go off kilter and at the next instance the group is discussing something of no consequence. This problem is sometimes beneficial though, because what may seem like a pointless purpose can very well result in a discussion of quite an interesting stance.

Despite the way it sounds, these problems are easily adjusted for. For one, here is where Mr. Collins might require what one might dub the "teacher", though for my purposes, and to be more accurate, i would call a "mediator". The mediator would be the person who would keep the group cohesion intact. Some people here would chose someone of higher stance or stature, like an older individual, or higher classman. However this doesn't mean that even a peer couldn't be named mediator. There is a difference though. If mediator is an older individual, he or she should restrain from involving themselves too much, for fear that they would in actuality control the conversation and group direction. A peer mediator by contrast could involve themselves in the conversation, but once again must keep themselves from exerting unnecessary and unwanted control.

Also, in order to keep the other problem, forming factions, from becoming an issue, group dynamics should be kept at a moderate level. A group of less than 4 people may not necessary be advisable, but could still be worked with. Likewise, "nothing in excess". Groups the size of a small classroom would probably be okay, but the general amount should probably be kept to 15, give or take. After that, you might want to consider making two groups.

Anyway though, that is my preliminary input on the subject. I could probably write more, but i suspect that quite the majority of you are swearing at me and wishing me a good deal of unfathomable pain. As for Mr. Collins, i am quite eager to hear as to how this whole emancipated teaching style works out. In fact, i am highly interested in the results. If you could write some observations down, in a scientific-style of unbiased observations, that would be EVEN more useful. You should consider, if this experiment is successful, going to the ASB and forming some sort of "club" so that you could use the school resources for more indepth emancipated teaching. If it does work, i might even be able to give you some backing from up here...though that is still in question. I do guarantee though that a great many of the developmentalists up here would be highly interested in your results if you could pull it off. Hehe, who knows, you might revolutionize the way even a minute number of public schools teach...

As for the rest of you who are indeed dreaming of random acts of violence...i have something for you all who proved patient with my unending rambling...

Whoa...the power of the hyper-movie-thought translator...whoa...?!
Here is a select clip of the movie "The Matrix". Using the highly advanced HMT translator (Hyper-Movie-Thought), we are able to decode and display what Mr. Reeves was thinking during the filming of this scene. Imagine the implications of the HMT translator.
Special thanks to Mr. Collins for supplying this image months ago.

One day someone is going to accuse me of using pictures as a reinforcer.

Well, that's all for now.
Oh wait... As for the dummy head in question, yes indeed i would want such a prop. Thanks. I will get it whenever i am down there next time.

All that said, i'm done.
hehe-it was skull fucked. yea-so i hate my mom...she wouldnt give me $5 to get enough gas in my car to live one more day...bitch. but i was able to scornge up $5 worth of quarters to be able to purchase the cheep stuff...yea...

so-i dont think i'll be going to sharri's or taco bell tonight...damn, but there is always tomorrow. hey james, is it at all possible for you to ask your dad or mom for $10-$5 dollars, for i will be running short for wahtever we may or may not have planed for jimmy day...if i go golfing with zach in the morning, than yea-i'll be short...yea, zach sucks-but hes better than me. anywhoo-i have nuthin much else to say...have to return RAGING BULL and i have yet to see it...damn, why did i have to see ED WOOD films at the library? hehe, i wish my dad wasnt having an EMANUAL meeting today at the house, or else i could just have jummy day at my house and watch the FORGOTTEN FILMS OF ED WOOD festival...weee.

saw clockwork orange for the fifth time last night, and i have yet to get to the ending, i alwaysget interrupted to where i'll have to turn it off right before he sings "SINGING IN THE RAIN" in the bath of good ole Anthony Burgess' home (not the pliaging scene mind you)...never know what happenes afterwards, except from what i read in the book.

i am away from school, so i have time to post. my reasons behind not posting for awhile? pre-calculus. yes, I eventually passed Intergrated-3 behind someone's back and am running with the big-boys now. Interval notation and all. I have been trying to do my homework and stay on task and take notes and so on. To think, I somewhat care about a class I am in at school. Not only that - but the army/air-force have been giving me heat. As things are right now - I might join the air-force ( mind you I haven't looked into it, that's just because everyone is suggesting I do so )

but - enough about me, how about what I will soon be trying to do! I want to be a teacher, but I also want to reform the way teaching is done. A long time I've toyed around with a class-room with 'no teacher' - where students can teach themselves and so on. Soon, i will put a 'test-run' into effect. I will isolate some students in school which I dont know that much and then see if I can get them to stay after school some time in which nobody is busy ( more than likely thursday ) - and I will also put up another board for them to post comments on something we've discussed ( this will be the te-i-am board i was thinking on what to do with )

the gatherings will be mostly discussion based - probably ranging from an hour or two. I don't exactly have a 'curriculum' at the moment ( something I want to talk about ) but I am toying around with two questions : 1. what is a leader? -- the second question will consist of each person writing down the question Are you happy or sad? and having them answer the question. I hope that someone comes up with the concept that the question is limited, and that there are a wide variety of emotions or feelings that someone can feel asides from happy or sad - which will eventually branch off into why are questions so linear? - ie: one question, one answer.

I've already chosen two people to join my group, proably three - but those are people from my third period. I want to go around the school and ask people questions. Jessie and Aaron I have to think about letting in - as I know they have intelligence, I fear they'd 'take over' the class and it would just become a conversation between me and them. I'd have to talk to them and ask them Not to imply that anyone is subversive to the group. - that means not to be critical with remarks as "thats stupid." or "you're a fucking dumbass."

those of 'would-be' higher intellect tend to do that. I was toying around with the concept of letting Mike Rigney in on my group - but I quickly struck him out - as he would just turn the session into a "pay attention to mike as he spouts out more mathematical jargon that nobody understands so everyone looks up to him in awe" sort of gathering. I want to try to avoid that. Nobody should be "looked up to." Tommorrow I plan on going around my school with a "sample" question in which I will ask random people ... if they have an answer - or reply to me in a manner which I believe they could be showing signs of thought and not regurgitation then I will inform them of what i want to do some thursday - and ask them if they're interested.

yes, i know all of this sounds far fetched. but it will be a riot of a time.
it will see if ....

1 - james can organize and maintain a group/following
2 - if my ideas about how a classroom should be run, works
3 - i can learn anything else from school !
4 - .... i think that is all.

so. wish me luck. oh - and by the way : Jeff I picked up a CPR dummy head from mrs. brown that she was going to throw away. it looks real funny and i scared a lot of students at school with it - if you'd like it for some props for your "movies" then you'd have to come by and get it sometime. i saw it and immediatly thought of giving it to you. so i saved it from the trashcan.

{i dont want to hear anything about me 'giving head' |comes with eyes, two of them - the right one has to be 'fixed' however! }
that's all folks.

note : i've invited someone new ( they havent decided whether or not they wish to join ) and changed the back-log date ( the amount of days this shows ) to three, not two anymore