November 30, 2002

on holidays :

Anyone who hates a holiday - and more specifically - a paid holiday - obviously doesnt work.
I will go so far as to say if you do not have a job - you have no real grasp of reality.
In fact.

I will go so far as to say if you do not offer to perform fellatio upon my lower regions -
you have no real grasp of reality - either.

Hence - all of you live in a ficticious world that you have made up to make yourself feel better.
Because you're not planted upon my penis.

... well - maybe zach has some real form of reality.
( will you stop it with the nibbling? )
I love Thanksgiving. You know why? I hate turkeys, and it makes me really happy to know that nearly everyone on my street is in some way contributing to the MASSACRE!! of one - that's right MASS A CREEE!
Hold on a minute: "fuck labor day because i am against
doesn’t make any fucking sense.

And then: "...we should be communist!"

"Fuck labor",
"we should be communist!"

What the fuck?

Whoever wrote that needs to pull their head out of their ass and breath a little
James - Now and Then, Here and There: go buy it, or wait til I get Lain back from Joe and I'll let you borrow it. Good stuff, very sick, very depressing.

i just wanted to say that, though you dont know him, i was showing him the board...har...BUTTSEX
i gave this a try in livejournal...only to realize everyone is a fuck in livejournal. so like....maybe you sons of bitches(and daughters ogf the same) will have more of a drive to DE-FUCKING-BATE this shit eh?


ok ive seen like 10 or even more(i wasnt counting) people go off about how stupid thanksgiving is as a holiday. this pisses me off. not so much because OH MAN HOW CAN YOU SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!?! but slike..annoyance to the point of stab. its people need to shut up. like....people, an dits usually just the same few people over and over, always have some reason or another to wind up hating every holiday.

"fuck thanksgiving.a day set aside for fat people to gorge themselves...why cant we eb thankfull every day?"
"fuck christmas..why do we have to pick one day to be kind to one another.why shoul di have to celebrate christs birthday when i dont belive in him"
"fuck easter..i said fuck christmas so i think i shoudl say fuck easter!"
"fuck veterans day because i am againts war!"
"fuck labor day because i am against
"fuck independence day because america is bullshit and its fucking retarded to be partriotic i am not atriotic i hate this bullshit captolist country we should be communist!"

someone explain this shit to me? and yeah.

fuck you.
ill live my own life in my own way.

fuck off


November 29, 2002

No shit on the "Homeland Security" act, but they keep passing more and more laws that eat away at our freedoms, not to mention further "interpretations" of existing laws.
I'm going to show up tonight James, but it'll be pretty late... I might not have pizza with me though, I don't have to work tonight. However, I'm still looking for Nox.

I'm tired now, more sleepy time.
Bradbury -

9 - 1 1 came around
then the " HOMELAND SECURTY ACT " came around three days later.

No shit buddy - I saw " TERRORISM " as a flag for losing my rights the day it hit.

( sigh )

November 28, 2002

Cruel Irony...
...If you follow the twists.

December 15th is "Bill of Rights Day" That is, December 15, 1791 is when the bill of rights took effect.

Stay with me now, here comes the good part.

Starting on December 4th, the Supreme Court begins hearing arguments in a case that is more or less challenging Miranda vs. Arizona.


An article about it can be read here.

Welcome to the new, safer America, ladies and gentlemen.

We have a government (lead by a president not elected by the people) that is slowly doing everything possible to control and monitor every aspect of it's citizens' daily lives.

Our rights as citizens have been eroded dangerously in the last 12 months, under the guise of making it safer for the group, no matter what the cost to the individual may be.

The best part - most of those getting screwed are welcoming it, thinking that it will in the long run be good for us all.


I've never heard anyone refer to Orwell as "visionary" for a reason.

I know that it has been thrown around a lot lately, but I must close with this:

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Benjamin Franklin


WITH A GIRL!!!!!!!

(and she wasnt ugly or fat)
Okay - I don;t know how to do this, so if I screw up, somebody please fix it!

Okay, so I just straight up don't know where to go from there. damnation.

November 27, 2002

James, I can't seem to get through to your house, but my work called, and I have to go make dough in the morning so I won't be coming over tonight. Sorry, but I'll keep looking for a copy of Nox.

November 25, 2002

ahhhhhh i'm gone for a while and you all turn into homies ( hey want to know some fun trivia..... homie in japanese means vagina)
well stop your scaring little children
i got a job i got a job yippie for me...............
james, my friend wants to play magic with you guys because he saids that there is no one he know that is good at it
run ons are fun dont you think
and so they all live happily ever after
I wish to participate in the BURNING MAN event.


November 24, 2002

Okay, regardless of what Bradbury says, this is the most fun I've had posting in a long time...

Zach-O I told you to "dis"s me and you do "dat"?/
Didn't I already tell you I'm da illest cat./
Only one "slug" can rap and it ain't you or James./
So follow your own "trail" out and hang your head in shame/
This may be a game son, sure we might be rapping just for fun/
But that don't stop me from cooking you far past "well done"/
Your half baked,Style like mine's "rare", you ain't even approaching "medium"/
Your style's fake, L. Ron's Dianetics more likely to get me believing him./
You checked in to this battle like me with your mom at a Motel Six/
You'll be checking out more frantic than a junkie who has no fix/
When I defeat you, you'll be mourned less than the singer of Drowning Pool/
If mens' semen came as pills, I know you'd be the first one downing two./
I told you if you wanted to finish me you'd get serious about it/
now my rhyme has spun you like a carousel around it/
Now listen closely for the line that'll easily bring you straight to tears/
Or is that just the pain of me beating you while James gets you from the rear/

There, that's a real battle verse.

November 23, 2002

James, Zach, Aaron,
A tip for you:

Nor are you good enough to act like it.

November 22, 2002

this one goes out to the guy who thinks he can out do me with two lines of dots...

aaron i be swearin
you make me laugh
thinkin i care that you are serious about ya raps.
you think that your ryhmes be all phat like your mamma
but they are more skinny than the dhali llama
weak in the knees
make me go PUH LEEZE
im all about funzo
and homo erotic
your all about shit
and you sure like to talkit
who gives a digguty double dizzamn about serious raps
i think serious shit needs to die and be played taps.

and dont be dissin on zee music i be rocken
cause with an email like happypurple
you be one to be talkin.
we be likin some of the same shit anyways
so stop with tha playa hates.
sewer grates.
grated like cheese
eatinga burrito
down on your knees.
the burrito is fat
cause its my 18 IBC
killing spree?
no im no clown.

and il admit thath kansas is not down.
but it aint my fucken town.
and i aint stickin around.

peepole people peapull
wheres the love in this world
peepole people peapull
you make me sick i just hurled.
who let the goats out?
and who let him you make out(with them?)
and then take a swim.
a swim in the goats pubic hair.
and did i mention that you got a motha fucken skid mark on ya unda wear?

fuck ya rhythm and fuck ya rhym
i can whip the llamas ass anytime.
but for now its HAMMER TIME
but now ya gottzta wait while i take a piss.
in ya eye.
dayum bitch.
i fucked you like a pie.

wiggity wiggity
cheesecake and and play
homocock and homogay.
napster c rhyms with SOdomy
so back up off me.
i be easy free happy me like a free bee in a tree see.

and cut a nigga a break.
id go off on james..but ill be different for a change..and lay down a shout out.
and then rock out.
with my cock out.
and be happy and free.
its COMMANDO for me.
now off goin i be.
so dont be callen me the chicken of the sea.
cause i aint chicken. C!

chika bow now chika bow now
i see you all are tradin i thought id jump in and lay down some tracks
listen now to what i say
all this fronting is so damn gay
what with the whizzo butter and all this emo crap
im left thinking who taught yahll to rap?
He-man? Boi what you thinking..anybody looks good as long as your drinking
master of the universe that aint your name
get off the stage
bow your head in shame

theres my wee attempt at a battle rap...let the scorn flow

whizzo butter - its better butter in your butt -
whats so alarmin' about squeezin the charmin - brand toilet paper
some sort of caper this must be - because Aaron thinks he can diss on me
thinking that Im impressed by his " look at my rhymes and bars "
must've just got through reading his " I enjoy penis / and men from mars "
- book - took it from Zach-o, Oh did I mention the two of them play ping-pong after dark?
bouncin' their balls back and forth like a barracuda shark on exctasy
you see : lemme make something clear here - HE MAN TOOK STEROIDS - so you're one to speak :
little maracorni and beans in your pants while you're callin zach's rhymes weak - sheit

I dont ACT black with ebonics 'cuz I can
- I AM black from the broken down #1 on the Martin
Damn ink spraying everywhere putting me through a panic
- gettin' on the intercom yelling : " HEY I NEED A FUCKIN MECHANIC! "
And speakin' of jobs : at least mine is legit
- No need to stand on the street corner suckin some shit

And sorry - I've gotta give zach some props : makes me laugh more than barley hops
like a couple of kegs only hard liquor not beer - if he could FREESTYLE you'd have something to fear -
dayam - Im lucky I aint drinkin' no milk or through my nose the shit would've spilt /
all over these keys on this board I be typin
I'd have to resort to violence - higher some fuckin' midgets to kick'em in the shins.

I'd say that the "ICP" diss is completely off base, but I don't think it even needs to be said.

Now, Zach-O, I guess I should retaliate.

When did emo start to rap?/
I'll put a stop to that/
Whiny girly music can't compete with hip-hop tracks/
Now that's a fact/
Eliminate your ass/
Check yourself out, you need to rhyme with class/
Your punches are weak, your rhymes are basic/
Next time before you speak, change the way you say shit/
You couldn't diss me if I wrote your own bars for you/
After I win, I'll toss your whack ass out the door too/
Now you think you're dope, but we all know that your not/
Especially since James just told me what a tiny dick you got/
I'd say that I'd take your girl off your hands/
but she's so ugly she's lookin like He-Man/
But that's me, I'm the rhyme master of the universe/
Go back and nurse your wounds, leave the rhymin to the experts/
Slugs go ICP.

Just fucking great.
seems to me we gots ourslves a player hater..
dont player hate me.
player hate on some one else

yo yo

listen up bitch
ima fuck you good.
hit yor face like an asian would
with some asian wood
get you hella good
dont playa hate in muh neighor(HOOD)
ima break it down
you a silly clown
so heavy is your bullshit that you gonna drown
buster brown
dont make a sound.
so dont be frontin
sayin you be fresh
cause my rhyms be bumpin
and the chicks i be humpin
what a silly clown
stay the fuck out my town.
OH man... that was funny...

I feel like dissing both of you though...

James, sure you can diss on worthless amateurs/
but I'll serve you in a flash that'll be brighter than a camera's/
you use ebonics to cover a lack of skills/
My shit's demonic, a whole new level of ill/
Just chill, simmer down now while I diss ya'/
Maybe my verbal tool kit can fix ya'/
But probably not, your spits are as weak as can be/
Now join the ranks of all the cats who envy me/
I'll drop a ten bar freestyle to show you my verbal power/
The only bars you'll be droppin is the soap in the shower/


Guess what now bitch, we ain't in Kansas anymore/
Fucking James don't cut it here on the western shore/
I understand the mistake though he looks like a girl from the back/
But you need to find yourself a real woman to attract/
That's right son, it's time that we get serious/
I'll destroy your rhyme with a bar full of periods/
Think I was joking, it don't take more than that/
Everything I spit is ill, everything you spit is whack/
Now that I've embarassed you, I think I'm gonna split/
Pull the mic cord on you both, that's the end, this is it./

November 21, 2002

this here is what you call a FREESTYLE BATTLE OF THE TITANS!!! between me and james.


zach-0:then ill put my spermy dick in your facce and spray it like a can of mace

james: you think you all that because you can rhyme a line but you cant take it in the ass cuz you think its a crime to do butt-sex in the back-seat of my buick.
wizza wizza

zach-0: mother fucker cant think cause hes a rat fink got your dick up in a hizzy cause you stuck in in the sink.(hole) you are a mole. your mouth is like a bowl. the kind i eat my cereal out ....and you aint got a memory cause if you did mother fucker then you would plainly see that you dont got a buick. biotch.

james: toyota - ford - honda - mitsubishi, whatever the fuck its all the same to me : mothafucka - think you're phat because you mix bow with moles and holes - shit - did you forget? you suck dicks bitch - eatin' cock popsicles like it was passin' gas - when im done with yo mouth i'll drop a load in your ass - dayam, you're on your knees again? You know your place! Pull my pee-pee out and rub it on your face. Nigga, you aint got shit on me seein that I am the man an' bein that you are the " wo - man " - fuck : its like NINE ONE ONE on your buttocks, time to have some FUN FUN FUN.

zach-0: bam! like when i fucked your ass for the first time. they all said it was snack time. so they all ate ya ass with a spoon. thinkin its caus ethey like poon. but really they needed a job. so one guy touched your nipples like they were both door knob(s). and that swhen i stepped in and i punched you in the nuts. then i made the nigas there touch you with theya butts. bitch. you mother fuckin think a car is what i want? its your goat. i like to touch its scrote. i like to drop my pants. and put my cock in ya ass. but you aint havin non. son. you dont want it in ya bum. caus eit be sore. on acount of that you are a whore.(man whore) what a chore. ill leave you on teh ocean shore. and a crab be all up grabbin on ya nuts. mother fucka!
what now biotch?

jameshahahah. the last line. hahahaha. oh man.
ok ok.

crabs be up on me? you'd be one to talk - your pubes got more crabs than the sea - bein' all up on my nuts like it was a see-saw : down in kansas with the HEE-HAW : got bored with the women so moved on to the sheep, no - fuck the sheep : grab the cow - dont have a cow? she-it, you'll have two, maybe four or more - you'd be the udder king whore of the underground - milkin' yourself till the milk turns brown : what are you doin' standin' up again, get down on that floor where you belong - where'd those knee-pads go? - C'mon now - suckit, suckit, suck it, wait - suck it, suck it suck it - wait : Now onto the ass-crack, need the mouth no mo : its so loose feels like your mom's goose, wider than the gulf of mexico - so - go hide it in the circus where you belong - BEHIND BOY sings a SILLY SONG
hee hee, I put in a ' yo momma ' burn

zach-0: aight, aight , aight...
check it out yo

me up ina circus? fuckin cows and sheep? bitch. you didnt know but i never even told you that i fucked your ears while you was asleep. DAm(n) son. my rhymes are big. my rhymes be fat. kinda like when you got done fucking a cat. MEOW. you like em furry. and you like a mcflurry. ice cold dick. i aint no hick. cletus aint my thing motha fucka. i tell you what the score is. and who da whore is. cause when youre on the road you go to I DA Ho. and scream it. you scream it loud. i heard ya when ya holla'd. you wore a shirt. was it colla'd? i dont give a fuck. and i dont drive a pick up truck. or fuck a duck. because you already been up in there. and i wouldnt acre. except its hard to get it up, when you're bein watched by a care bear. care to share bear? bare it all. the camera loves a forest. and you dun got one. gump? chump? whats that lump? its just ya piece of meat. layin in the street cause i chopped it off.

james: pick it up from the street - slap it around your face : shit, two inches? ( what a disgrace! ) - I think you missed there with that axe there Billy, think you tried to get me but cut your own Willy. TWELVE FUCKIN INCHES of COCK BLASTIN STEEL - drivin' bitches like it was the TAZMANIAN DEVIL behind the wheel - Thats right - I fuck women while you're sittin' in yo bedroom masturbating to gay mags - you like fags - you got girly man boobs draggin' them cuz they sags - put on your girly clothes go to the shows and win awards for " BEST HOMO IN DRAGS " - pick up some guy from the place so he can cream on your face - peel it off and go bake a cake to save it later - but thats not it he's got buttcheese to shit to make lasagna for tomorrow night - put it right in the oven for twenty and seven minutes while he's still going at your back end having fits about your saggy tits gettin' in the way of watchin daytime telivision : soaps and sex and foodstuff gone wrong - whats even worse is that you're wearing a thong. Making the world go blind one cheek at a time with your boyfriend behind saying : " HONEY HONEY, GRAB THE LIMES, WE STILL GOT TIME! THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS IS ON NEXT, HURRY HURRY - GET THE CHEX! "
chicka chicka - bizoow

zach-0: much love to ya son. you think your works done. your makin me laugh. for that you are fun. though i dont think my dick is goin anywhere but up. ya mammas butt that is. and this here is my biz. EIGHTEEN INCHES OF SOLID ROCK. rock teh block. dont fit in no sock. so go back to your tube. ill bring the lube. and then well do it in the butt. one at a time. well do it in that order. while were watching law & order. and speaking of order..the pizza guy can join. we'll punch his im tha groin. then piss in his afce. and fart in his mouth. and then well use our turtle sex and go a bit south. biggity bam. go to london. find a guy named sam. SURFACE TO AIR MISSILE. fell out tha window. od'ed on peptol bizmo..... somethin up in here be rank. its quite a stank. i think you didnt change your underpants. it smells like a street in france. your homies holla'rin to g et down. hell yeah we'll get down. we'll get down wit da sickness. and then we'll tag team an empress. but then we go back to the DOUBLE EWE AYE. and see what people at the mall have to say. mother fuckers. they think we are gay. its kinda true cause i have sex with you. and you like to bone me. but like sometimes id rather go pee. so dont be talkin shit about my pee pee nigga. i throw you in da river.swimmin in leaches. ill pelt you with peaches. the niggas drivin bad rides. and makin low tides. attack your house with not one. COUNT EM NIGGA two african tribes. can i get a zulu? holla if ya'v fucked me niggas!

james: ouch.

zach-0: watch ya corn hole while ya sleepin
Just wanted to say that I can't do poker night this week guys... sorry...

don't have the dinero.

November 20, 2002

Ive posted a good couple of times when random people come out of nowhere and ask me things.
One of my favorites consist of : " how old are you? / I fuck small children " - which was so out of place and funny that ...
I couldnt help but post this.

fineblackguy342: hi
Caenum: no. i dont want to see pictures.
Caenum: and no. i didnt remember our chat.
fineblackguy342: no, i wanted 2 ask u a Q?
Caenum: oh. you arent a bot. how cute.
fineblackguy342: i was jus wonderin if u knew ne chicks who would want 2 have sex?
Caenum: with a fine, black man who is thirty four to thirty two years old?
Caenum: oh sure, plenty.
fineblackguy342: no, i'm 18
Caenum: lemme consult my " book -o- women who wish to fuck "
fineblackguy342: i live in spanaway washington
Caenum: oh shit man I'll hook you up good.
Caenum: wizza-wizza.
fineblackguy342: 4 real? do u really kno someone?
Caenum: plenty.
fineblackguy342: could u hook me up wit someone for tonite?
Caenum: You ever heard of a bar called Oasis?
fineblackguy342: nah
fineblackguy342: i'm not 21, so i can't drink ne way... at least in a bar
Caenum: You dont have to be twenty one - you can go in as long as you're just playing pool or whatnot.
fineblackguy342: o
fineblackguy342: alrite
fineblackguy342: do u kno ne chicks numbers?
fineblackguy342: r u there?
*** fineblackguy342 has added you to their contact list. You may choose to accept or deny this action.. You may also add this user to your contact list or ignore this user.
Caenum: 253 538 2165
Caenum: ta da.
fineblackguy342: could u call her first and tell her whats up
fineblackguy342: she mite think i'm a rapist or somethin
Caenum: hahaha, I havent spoken to her in eons.
Caenum: well thats good. arent you?
fineblackguy342: no
Caenum: well then whats the use.
fineblackguy342: who do i ask 4?

at this point I went through a panic and figured that Ra-8wjerpjdf could go into a vengefull fit and throw my number round to the wind and have any number of aroused black men calling me for fellatio or buggery. So I denied the fact that he wanted to add me to his list and quickly went offline.

there is the possibility that this " fine black man " is one of the slugs fucking with me.

In such an event. I laugh at you.

Using the strife of the colored folk to get action.

I pity you.
So I approached the googlism thing with half interest, until I typed in James name and read this one:

james collins is one of the many weak links in the chain


That gave Steven and I a good laugh.
James, I have much to say on the subject of well... you. But first, I have to publicly make fun of Steve and share the happenings of yesterday evening and the evening before.

Two nights ago Steven calls me and says "Wanna play Pool", I say yes, but we need one more, my girlfriend was unable to go so we instead snagged one of her friends from the campus, Steven and her hit it off, and when Steven found out that her, my girlfriend, and I were going to Korn/Disturbed/Trust Company the next night, he decided he would go as well. Fast forward twenty four hours.


Anyway, I'm sitting in Courtney's dorm room now waiting for him to get up... but I don't think he has any real motivation to do so. Regardless, Steven, when you read this: "You're welcome."
Instead of the actual military, join the merchant marines....not quite as much BS, and they pay fairly well.
Googlism for: andrew morgan

andrew morgan is on the top row with a pipe in his mouth
andrew morgan is the lead investigator
andrew morgan is a former pupil of the high school of dundee and a graduate of dundee university
andrew morgan is the unwilling student of a course in "space
andrew morgan is a twenty
andrew morgan is chairperson of the
andrew morgan is the chairperson of the association's wales advisory committee
andrew morgan is a project officer with the office of government records
andrew morgan is an im specialist at industry canada responsible for the delivery of the department’s corporate e
andrew morgan is keyboardist for the reggae and world music sensation
andrew morgan is a painter's painter
andrew morgan is removed from the s&g dabideen supermarket in princes town
andrew morgan is the chairperson of the proiv executive user group
andrew morgan is living his dream
andrew morgan is considering doing a pam specification; dan quinlan verified glibc is all free software
andrew morgan is the ultimate winner in garuda’s ‘great bali giveaway’
andrew morgan is a young man with aspirations of manifesting material wealth and pleasure
andrew morgan is keen that
andrew morgan is also hoping for after a dropped sitter from mcnee probably cost andrew his a grade spot
andrew morgan is accused of driving
andrew morgan is the affable manager
andrew morgan is ready to assist students from northwest arkansas and oklahoma as well as missionary kids
andrew morgan is my name
andrew morgan is acting in fox v spousal
andrew morgan is extremely good at such action sequences
andrew morgan is a postdoctoral researcher in theoretical high energy physics at ucla
andrew morgan is rumored to have said
andrew morgan is the main contact person if you want to get involved in any of the projects please contact him

all these things that i am...must be doing weird things in my sleep
Rules, Regulations - and Really ... now.

somewhat of a defense for myself - normally in such instances would I even defend myself? I do not know. I do not know much of anything, now-a-days, but these things I do know :

1. Running around in the morning does help one to be more active - for not only does it make one physically awake, but also puts one in the mindset of " going somewhere " or - better yet : " DOING SOMETHING " rather than sitting around, or sleeping

2. VITAMINS WORK - I tested them out myself and in comparison, without vitamins normal everyday activites may drag - however with vitamins it, instead of dragging one down - it merely takes away the energy that would normally be supplied with the vitamin - leaving one with more energy what have you. Having more energy supplies one to do more things, as ... we'll say - running around in the morning.

3. Having shorter hair is to no real extent asides from the fact that my showers are taking too long now.

4. and as for the military.

I can follow orders rather efficiently. I have come to the stark realization that nothing has any real reason or purpose to it. So, dig a hole in the ground for no other reason asides from digging a hole in the ground? Sure, why not? I make boxes for a living - there is no real difference. How could I not tell someone in a higher rank than me to " fuck off " so to speak? Because it would be my job not to. And - given time, I would have power : it would be me telling people to dig holes in the ground, why? BECUASE IT DOESNT MAKE ANY FUCKIN' DIFFERENCE. As for four hours of sleep? Dear, not to be rude or anything - But I use to work twelve hour shifts and have trouble sleeping - I'd get four to six hours of sleep every day. It was easy. Much easier than these eight hour shifts Im on now where I get seven to nine hours of good ol rest.

The running. The vitamins. The soon to do pushups+situps+(jumpingjacks, never thought of that!)+weights. The re-arrangement of my room and removal of a bunkbed to be replaced with a smaller bed in which I will make every morning and maintain to a military fashion ( my father was a first seargent, he shall show me how things are done ) - these will all be self - tests to see if I have what it takes.

I can tell you now, I do.

Because I have something inside of me which burns twice as bright as anyone else I've ever met.
Its special and it wants to do something for a change.
It wants to be alive and it wants to make a difference.

It is sick and tired of the way that I have been treating my life.
My living style has become a drain onto it and now it is speaking up.

And now?

Now im going to listen to it.

November 19, 2002

So we're playing at, and I decide to randomly start looking up people from the board. I must post about this later! Meanwhile, I entered Jeff Paulino, and got:
jeff paulino is a work study student with the program and a university of washington student majoring in psychology
ill thank you to know that it was I who wrote TZA in that bathroom.

do you recall?

it was the day we (me yuo and jimmoi i think were the only ones) went to the hospital because my mom had almost died birthing a child.....and they made you guys wait in the appropriately named WAITING room whilst i viewd this small thing. and they had pamphlets that warned you

whenever you have sex, dont forget yourAPE

dust thou have recollection?

in fact my own father, having been formerly stationed at that hospital..from time to time would go"WOW ZACH YOUR TZA THING IS BIGGER THAN I THOUGHT...i used to think it was just you and your friends..but someoen wrote it in the bathroom at the hospital"

now i am watching"from russia with love"
two chicks are fighting to the death. i hope the ugly one wins.

Not to be rude or anything James, but no matter how many laps you run, how many vitamins you take, no matter how short you cut your hair (which is just a really weird thought either way) I cannot imagine you going into any kind of militant force. They have rules and yell at you and you HAVE to do what they say instead of telling them to fuck off. Now, although I know that you have changed signifigantly over the last two years (mainly, from what I know, because you got a job and took the upon yourself to buy a car of all things, and pay on it reguarly, I think) I still cannot see you being able to have orders screamed at you and actually doing what they say. The other reason...I cannot see you being capeable of getting four hours of sleep a night, getting up before dawn, running for miles, doing pushups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, lifting weights, etc., etc.

However, you did say that you see this in your far away future which gives you plenty of time to change your mind. If you actually somehow manage to go through with it though, more power to you...I suppose.

BTW, it was a v-port cable not a vbox cable, but thank you for checking for me anyhow :)

so CHRIS, an operator at work - is at the hospital ( maddigan ) and is waiting for his father to finally bite it.
die. keel over, kick the bucket.

and he has to take a shit.
so he goes to the bathroom.

and guess who he is reminded of?




ha. ha. ha.
lots of stuff to say today ... whee.

1. Justin + Breanna : down at the fred meyer in Puyallup/Graham ( closest to puyallup ) there are two boxes of cables : one has a bunch of red+yellow+black wires which I cannot recall the name of : the other is a box-looking thing called an " RF CABLE " or whatnot and I read into it which stated : " WILL CONNECT X-BOX TO ANY TELEVISION " - but it wasnt a " VBOX " or whatnot - so yeah. Just figured I'd drop that since the question was asked and I happened to be looking in the area. I also went online to make sure I had " RF CABLE " correct and never did I see anything mentioned about " VBOX " cables anywhere - maybe the name is mistooken? I found a variety of different levels of " A/V XBOX " cables. Doobie doo.

2. LOOSE SLUGS ( DOT ) COM EMAIL ADDRESSES - you want'em, you email me with a username and you've got the hook-up. That simple, because I figured a way to give'm out to ya'll without having to comprimise your security. Whee. Go ahead and email ZACHO@LOOSE-SLUGS.COM and he'll get it.

3. JIMMOI CALLED last night and told me something funny - it was this : everyone knows how he'll be down here for christmas. Things arent going that well for him - because someone was caught with cigarettes in his " bay " - and the thing about " bays " is that he's in charge of his. And now he's responsible for the fact this person had cigarettes - and that means 30 days in ( some place ) - which ( some place ) is the equivilant of " military prison " - however he said that they searched the room at 5pm and they are only suppose to do room-inspections pre 3pm - so if they try to make him stay for the duration in which he would normally be leaving - he's going to fight it. Funny.

4. I AM GOING TO RE-ORGANIZE the board - how you ask? Well I got to thinking, at work, about how I would be able to include my work buddies ( Joe / Dennis ) - into the board without them getting the isolation that most of the online join-ee's got. I figured it out. Im going to create another persona called : " MR. Q " - and what Mr. Q will do - is every sunday he'll post a Question for everyone on the board to ponder / post about / answer / give their opinion on. Now mind you it wont always be a question - it could be a news article or something that had recently happened or just something blah blah blah - anywho - so every week there will be a " Discussion topic " for the board ( which although not everyone MUST follow - but will be a helping hand to those who " dont post because they dont have anything to post " ) - now they will. How these questions or articles will be decided will be that I am going to make an address - something like or something of the like and then we can all send our questions / suggestions to that - I will randomly pick one of those each week ( or choose one, whichever may be more compelling ) - and blammo, there we have it. so it wont just be me who puts up a question : you guys can send them in when you've got an idea or want your fellow slugs' opinions. WHEE. Whot'chall think'uv dat on'?

5. SOMETHING IS CHANGING INSIDE OF ME - this is rather blunt but it is true. Soon I will be cutting my hair and getting a new wardrobe. Come this thanksgiving " time off " of work Im going to take out the entertainment center in my room - and the bunkbeds, and go out and buy myself a bed. I will keep my room clean. I will also, instead of sleeping in before work - wake up early and do laps around my block, be it rain or shine. I will take vitamins. And - last but not least : While I am paying off my vehicle I will be going to the community college to either get my GED or my HIGHSCHOOL DIPLOMA and am seriously considering, then, enrolling myself into the military - something along the lines of the marines. But that is way far down the line - and I dont even know if my change will be that drastic.

6. JOSEPH SAYS to me : " Hey - Im having a new-years-party at my house, you're invited if you'd like to come. " -
JAMES SAYS TO JOSEPH : " When is it? " - and then he shrugs his head in shame.

sometimes its best to think before you ask a question.

what a drop.
Happy Birthday to Chrissie
I'm 18, yay.

November 18, 2002

METROID FUSION IS GOD!!!! - I snagged the last one at today, oh man is it sweet...Just like Metroid III.

Aaron - As for Nicole moving here...she needs a VISA (not the credit card :P) before she can get her greencard (mainly because, getting the VISA is faster, and works the same, and the greencard takes 7+ months to get...I'm definitely not about that), so if you could help me look up how to get one, you'll be helping out even more, and I'll owe you my soul.

Joe Satriani at the Moore this Friday...own
[--Excessive Fat--]

Today I saw something while walking around QFC that scared me...

... a man, who was sitting in one of those electric wheel chair things... was having his leg being swallowed alive by his very own stomach!

It's true. And that, it such a sad, sad fate...

As i walked by, all i could do was replay that horrendous image in my head, of this 500 lbs man sitting in this chair... (i felt sorry for the electric wheel chair, which MUST have been suffering), as he counted his money before he lost it in the many folds surrounding his ASS. Maybe he just was just counting the money to remember the good old days just before he lost it.

The way his stomach... well what i take to be his stomach... was creeping upon his legs... drooped over, like the old horror movie creature, the blob... slowly digesting the remnants of what hopefully were once working legs... saddened me dearly...

The only thing sadder was how his legs seemed to be trying to fight back with their own bulbousness as well... perhaps thinking that if they were blobs... then they would have a chance... unfortunately, gravity didn't seem to be playing along with that theory, and so in the end, a vicious cycle was started... where the man's legs began trying to devour the man's feet...

how the feet tried to defend themselves... is anybody's guess...

I was left wondering... as i walked out of the grocery store... a literal suicide machine for this wheelchair bound FATman... providing the tools for his very demise...

... was this man ever notFAT...?

... was there a time when he was actually able to do something that we all do without thought -- jump...

... if so... does he remember that time... does he long for that time... when gravity wasn't such an enemy to him...

... maybe it harkens back to childhood years... when the idea of playing kick ball with his little friends didn't immediately bring him into a state of cardiac arrest...

does this man miss those times? does his legs miss those times... (probably not as they are still locked in battle with his ever encroaching stomach-mass)

does he lay awake in his super-titanium enforced bed, tossing and turning with the aid of a machine... thinking about the time when he was last about to sit up in bed without the use of pulleys and levers?

and i wondered, as i walked out of that grocery store and headed back to work, after having enjoyed a sensible lunch...

... when in that man's life did he decide to choose between eating 20 bags of potato chips smoothered in liquified twinky residue over the ability to walk out to his car without the use of an oxygen-nitrogen tank?

... and will any of us ever make the same choice he made...
Do any of you know where Justin or I could purchase a v-port cable for the xbox and xbox ready RCA TV? We have looked everywhere we could think of (Best Buy, Target, Game Stop.Com, Electronics Boutique,, etc.) and no one has or knows where to find it. I even emailed the support at and they didn't know where to find it. Any how, if you happen to know where either of us could get it please let me know. Thanks.
Poker night was all too fun. Sorry I kind of crapped out guys, but not sleeping for six days and then having my stomach try to assassinate me kind of killed my motivation to keep on playing. James, I'm sorry if you think I'm some how subconsciously forcing you to "fix" yourself, do whatever you want to do. Anyway, more on that next time I see you. I had more to say, but it's slipped away for the moment.

Latah' playaz.

November 16, 2002

All your base are belong to slugs :)
"guns, drugs, retardation;or as they call it in the south...Tuesday"
"Can club soda remove entrails from this white cotton pullover?"
"Dont mind the smell of alcohol, your asphalt gored corpse will cover up the stink"
"If your reading this your obviously not paying attention to the INS guys behind you"
"Redwine and a womans period...the ingredients for Armageddon"
"What hooker? And why the hell are you kids in my living room?"
"Explain to me again the difference between farm animals and women"
"is it hard to laugh with a Shiv in your esophogus?"
"My mower keeps getting crap jammed in the blades...tell your kids to stay off my lawn"
"What? I've gutted hundreds of little girls and ive never found any sugar or spice."
"Who the hell grabbed my ass? I didnt say stop did I?"

Theres a few for your reading pleasure...Bradbury came up with some doozies too...goodtimes
some bumper sticker ideas

"My High School Drop Out Son Is At Home Banging Your High School Skipping Daughter Right Now."

"So Whats The Body Count At Now, 50,000?

"What Do TZA and Singapore Have In Common? Both Will Wack Your Ass With A Cane!"

"I Love Jesus Goddammit!"

"(picture of a pack of cigarrets)=Blowjob"

im sure those suck...

November 15, 2002

Jackass could be an effective form of population control, if only.......

I say take the disclaimers off. Maybe even encourage people to imitate them. Then, when more little dumbshits set themselves on fire (or whatever), it thins out the shallow end of the gene pool a little...
"I can already envision the duct tape stretched over your mouth"

There are some other good ones too....

The same place that made the "TZA" banner you have on your car can do bumper stickers.
Napster : if'n this friend of yours is " good " and can hook us up with :

1. information on making our own bumperstickers or
2. a " discount " - say : 5$ a pop

we might be able to see some " TZA SLOGAN " bumper stickers...
Mind you - this isnt exact, but just some shit I think would be funny to see on the back of a car.


anyone got any other funny bumperstickers?
James...what you need is a bumper sticker that reads: My Kid eats Honor roll students...or My Delinquient Knocked up your Honor Roll student...if you want ive got a friend who can get bumber stickers custom made for not much more than 15 dollars
Fred Meyer is racist? or is it prejudice - either or.

so figure this - I go to buy the new Miss E. cd ( because the only music I seem to be into at the moment is ... well ... rap ) - and I sort of noticed something a little odd. The whole rap section had " THEFT PROTECTION DEVICES " - as where the whole other rack such as pop, rock, country and so forth were all fine and dandy. I FOUND THAT FUNNY. Something inside of me is thinking that it would be good at freestyling. Aaron yadda yadda and tries to prod me into it. Im still hesistant. As he says : " YOU BE LACKIN' DA CONF'DENSH NIGGA " - not in so many words, still. Confidence. Something ... I dont know. Another thing.

I was driving and a SPORTS UTILITY VEHICLE pulls out of nowhere and cuts me off. It has alaskan liscense plates. The plates read PUREVL - there is a bumper sticker on the back - it reads : " MY CHILD IS AN HONOR ROLL STUDENT " or some other such rubbish. In the rear window there was : " AVIATION SCHOOL OF FLIGHT " or some other yadda yadda. I laughed. They couldnt be any mroe pure, could they.

so it goes.

I look forward to tomorrow.
maybe it wont be today, then.

November 14, 2002

I just read a brief synopsis of Ken Keyes Jr's theory of "The 100th Monkey."

Very cool.

Worth a read, if any of you can find it.
links can only be qualified for rulingness..if they are actual fucking klinks ball sucker...

and i am soo down with the sickness.

someone give me a blowjob

November 13, 2002

Dumbass, that wasn't a link, just an address......
hah... hah.... emo, is down with the sickness... ha ha ha ha !! .... .... ... ... ... yeah school sux

Aaron, oh well, it doesn't really matter. If I don't come over tonight, I'll be over tomorrow morning after work, be up.
fucking sickness.

the cold of death is upon me. not only that...but i have heart burn. no..its acid reflux sorry. my ass is being kicked. as well as my nose, sinuses, ears, and throat. fucken a. i have green stuff comming out of my NOSE, EYES and BUTT. fun fun.

how hot am i huh?

oh baby want me.

i am going to drive to washington...and do something to james that few have yet experienced.


THe reason that's funny Jesse, is because after we left, Joe and I discussed that you were being kind of bitchy. So I really don't think it was me. Merely because I didn't want to hear Venetian Snares or Peter Gabriel does not make me irritable, but whatever, in the past now.
Aaron, I'll stop by tonight, just get some goddamn sleep. Last time I was over, you were the most irritable bitch and couldn't take any sort of joke. I think you didn't know that it was you who were the bitter one, and not me.
Jesse, I made some awesome edits to Cutie Chaser, and Dark Black Forest... I might do some more... so if you want to drop by Joe's on wednesday in the PM hours, on your way to work or whatever... you should. I'm probably just going to bring Ana to Joe's instead of going out to PLU and staying there.

James could you get me a copy of Hitman 2 and UT2k3 on Poker night... I need some PC games for at Joe's house... that would be excellent.

November 12, 2002

Way to go smart guy...

I wasn't going to say the name....

Turns out he lives right by me.....I caught rides from him a couple times in high school when the red beast was broken down....'s a burgundy Beretta, not a red Mustang.
bradburry i love you man and if you find were he lives ill (place dumb thing to do ) JOHN MOWDY will die im getting his licens plate and ill get that to you asap!
memories. bored. tired. hungry. horney and back.

yes, alls well here from...mississippi, except the fact that on friday-the day i was suppose to leave this place and come home will be the day where i get spanked by the "SPATULAA OF DOOOOOMMM!!!" and become the new Bay Chief of Five Compton. no shit. i have title. i have a position of authority. what? yarsh. im in charge of 150 persons place or things ( i bought school house rock trhe DVD yesterday "conjuction juction, what your funtion...") yes. i get leet pins to put on my collar and get to yell at people and take acountability and ...uhm... yell at people. ive already gotten the title "LAUNDRY NAZI" and wear a name tag that says ":DER FURHER" heh...

anyway-with me not comming home this friday (fucking UNIX) it made me realise how much i miss...home. well-not home, but just the little things. like the FLORADE flavored water at sharris-or when james picks at the green onion thingies when he eats cheese fries, or that real annoying sound jeff makes when he eats...yes, the little things. I miss joe's god awful scent (a cross b/t wet dog and year old dirty laundry), and taking down campaign signs, and filing everything AS if we were ever gonna watch it...ever...again...
aimless driving-free sampling-carskiing-buttsex--yarsh.

but everything does have to come to an end i guess...much like this post. so with that-i leave you with this:


November 11, 2002

By what does one measure " the quality of life " ?
with all this talk of practicing the cock...i remembered i had seen this picture before....

kissie plays the cock too!
but she plays the tennor cock.
sarah apparently plays the bass cock.

i wonder how many others play the cock?
Mr. R:
I may know the location of the person you least the neighborhood.
At the moment, I see no need for Justin to get a seperate account as he has only posted once. (ie. the very first time either of us posted anything). Anyway, you'll know when he posts; there is a deffinate difference in what we talk about.
sorry jeff. I just couldnt help testing out my leet photoshop skill( z ).

I now introduce you to :

Sarah Practicing the Cock

and for those of you who missed it ...

click to enlarge
Click To Enlarge!

I dont really have much to post.
Personally I prefer twelve hour shifts as compared to eight hour.


so it goes.

zacho - my phone ( 2536914874 ) - from 8am to 10am ( my time )

That's fine Zach-o......You want me to post the rest of it?
free void - the two songs in question would be "Hooker With A Penis" and "H".

james - when is a time taht i can call your phone and get you without worrying about waking you from a slumber or catching you at work.

bradbury - fuck you in reference to the post you made with the giant red letters

everyone else - give me head. or give me money to get head from a monkey.

everyone should start a little fund..the "help zach-0 with gas money when he moves back fund". because i am currently laying plans for my glorious serious about this though. im comming back.

No, but I have a lot of his mp3's...

Zach, if I may ask, which two songs are they?

Tomorrow I will be not quite so poor again... James, is there going to be a poker night this coming weekend?

Jesse, you know who rules? Richard H. Kirk, oh, and The Sabres of Paradise...

November 10, 2002

MC 900 FT Jesus....
Anyone have one of his records?
Yeah actually I remember seeing the one in Ellensburg now that you mention it...

Bu the one I was thinking of is in Ritzville. It's about the only thing worth stopping for in Ritzville, unless you're low on gas.

Even then, it might be worth risking it to try and make it to another town.....
i think the perkins that your thinking about is in Ellensburg...driven by there a few times...its just outside the city limits where alot of truckers stop...theres a blue grouse right next to it...that place is alot better than Perkins
Hmm.....there's a Perkn's east of the mountains somewhere....Wenatchee maybe. Not really sure. I've eaten there a few times coming back from camping, didn't seem like a bad place. Doesn't go right through you like Shari's does. That's a plus.

Heh....something I'll probably never do again, camping in the middle of the desert. 105 in the shade, and there is no shade. Fun. I'll stick to camping in snow from now on, it's much more entertaining to get loaded and drive around it two feet of snow.
mike im comming up tonight and im bringing mike with me if he ever calls so im goin to work right now if you need too call me 6the # there is 360 893 6909 ok later
well i now have my two favorite tool songs...which consequently are both on the aenima album. if someone wants to get me something for christmas...get me that.

i slept till 4 pm today.

in kansas..they have places called perkins..which seem to be a very lame version of a sharis or dennys...and they suck by the way...

anyways a group of farmers came in and were talking about animals and stuff..and me and this guy that was hanging out in this group i had been with..kept going *coughGOATSASScough* and so on. they didnt notice. that was slightly anoying.

i farted.

November 09, 2002

hum well i just got off werk so i thouhg tthat i would see what all of the boys ssaid about me and my posting you guys are so defensive about shit ....whatever james i was told that that would piss you off oand she was right it did ...oh and why would you ever ever ever think that i would ever ever ever fuck heather.....other then that i think that bradbury or however you spell it ....why do you talk so smart didn't you go to bethel....your sounding like yell at me all you want about whatever you want it doesn't matter your sayingthat your name is scottish or english ...hum are you in any way ???? "futhermore" have fun bashing me about fucking chicks that you will never touch...bye bye

November 08, 2002

Oh yay, I can't wait for graveyard. I just cream in my pants every second of thinking about it.

the next time we talk online.....

Breathing again yet?
Well, it would seem I'm starting to come down with something (damnit)

If I don't feel like crap, I'll be there. Otherwise, I'll be fishing and drinking.
ok bradburry show up on monday for PAINtball funzoy goodness!! 10 bucks for everything and then how ever much paint you want

November 07, 2002

This explains a lot.
The board may go on and off - and get kind of screwy.
you'll notice the archives themselves no longer work.

Im ... ah ... " playing " with things.

Monday is a holiday? Probably not for me.
Does that include rental for those who may not have their own?
Hey bradbury, and all who wanna come, its monday all day, and 10 bucks + how ever much paint your willing to buy, so 10$$$ - 80(min) to skys the limit.... now me and Mr r go DDRing bye bye
PAINtball-What are the details? I was thinking that monday wouldn't work for me. Then it was brought to my attention that monday is a holiday, and one that I have off. SO if it's not too expensive, maybe I'll go.
I agree with Zacho totally on the musicians being actors bit. Fact of the
matter is, any successful entertainer is just that -- an entertainer.
On a side note to that, you don't necissarily have to feel the same way
on a daily basis to still feel a song. I can be perfectly happy and listen
to a depressing song, and that song will still affect me. I'm sure the
musicians go through a similar process to an even larger extent, since
they are the ones who wrote the song.

Mr R -- Sorry this is the first time I've been to a computer in somewhere
between 3-5 days -- and in those 3-5 days I found a place for Xander to stay.
Thanks though.

So my girlfriend is moving to Oregon on Sunday. What funzo goodness.
Talk about coming and going. Yep. Which means I'll have a new girlfriend
on Monday, or mebbe Tuesday....or whatever day I am in the mood to
drive down to Puyallup and catch her before she goes home.

Aaron. If you read this, me and James are trying to get ahold of you.
Before Friday. So call one of us.
If you don't have my cell, it's 229-4316 -- and I'm pretty sure you have
first and foremost i will start by saying that i do not understand things like computer stuffamajigs. the reason that zee board would not work in my room has been amended. some odd frame of mind caused me to right click and go to "encoding" an dlo and behold...zee board was showing up in something called "UNICODE!". now i dont know what this unicode is...or why it feels th eneed to be united in codeness....but i thought"well hmmm that thar jeest dun seem rite" then i get to looking and what should i see, but that you can set it for all different sorts of odd settings. so i dun picked western european which sayd"(windows)" after it..and sure as shootin it dun workeded. hot dayum..zach-0 posts from his room again...thus greatly making him want to post more often now because of the convenience of his own computer. so i have slain the beats of UNICODE devlishness. to which i can only say resoundingly FUCK YOU BUDDY!

musicians are an odd stupid lot. at times i have, and some times i still do, consider myself one. i like to fancy that one day i will get myself a ?EMO? band and write songs that mean absolute gibberish..except when i wrot ethe odd combinations of words they actuially sorta meant something. like a puzzle if you will. thats how my mind tends to work when it is working at all. and in this ?EMO? band, i would like..i dunno sing and play geetar. and maybe have songs that had a clever lyric and were somewhat popular amoung kids who wear really tight pants and have black shaggy hair and buttons all over their bags and girlfreinds who wear horn rimmed glasses that arent perscription and they have a shirt on that says"dashboard confessional" and they are an ?EMO? happy love sad cry laugh couple of sex having poetry funzo. and they will buy my ?EMO? band shirts and cds and BUTTONS TO PUT ON THEIR BAGS COVERED WITH BUTTONS. and my songs will rock your face and move you. and be funny, yet ironic. and maybe my ?EMO? and will go on a tour and people wil sing the funny and ironic lyrics i wrote as i sing them while i am on stage. and then it will all be over and i will get into another band. or maybe ill die. or maybe ill settle down and get areal job, but always look back on my days in an ?EMO? band with fond memories.

but musicians are an odd sort. they like to make money some of them do. others like the fact that they CANNOT TAKE A FUCKING DUMP IN SAFEWAY without people going"hey wow you are my favorite singer and you are pooping! and i poop too! I RELATE TO YOU!!!!.

james had a couple good points back there. how the hell can someone write something in the very moment of your greatest anguish or despair..and ever again hope to relive that...much less actually atempt in night after night for years on tour. in many ways...they cant. and if they say they can..they are probably lying through their teeth(or lack thereof depending on if they are from GREAT BRITAIN or not). most bands or singers pretty much script their concerts. especially the big ones. but the small ones too. evefything they do is an act. from the way they "dance" during every song...right on down to the jokes that every one seems to think are so random and clever. that is why if you are a rabid fan of certain bands..youd be wise not to see them twice on the same tour.
what the fuck is your point zach-0??!?!?!?!??!

my point?


my point is..that musicians are actors. or something like it. i dont know. but they put on invisible masks of "emotion". even the bands/singers who dont script their shows. look at a band like..ummmm...the aquabats. how the FUCK can you possibly perform a song like "SUPERRAD" and be bummed out? its quite human to be bummed out. and we dont get to pick and choose when we have our moods. so mr commander aquabat man..if he is bumme dout..has to PREEETEND to be SUPERRAD FUNZO HAPPY. that is what i mean by masks.

fuck you james i dont even remember what it was that i was going to disagree about. maybe i wanst going to.


im done with that subject.

my ex girlfriend seem sto have decided to go insane. actualy it sjust another case of acting. or rather..she is done acting. taht is pretemding to like me. or pretending to try and be something she envisioned i would like her to be. ugh. the very idea makes me want to piss myself. the only thing that changed about me was the length and color of my hair. but her entire goddamn personality MORPHED from something interesting and altogether NOT female/highschool drama prone into....well just the opposite of what i just said. so i dont know why i call this to anyones attention. maybe it is because i doubt that many of you will have actually read this far down my long and obnoxious post. but i have grown weary of people wanting to have a whole SOAP OPERA life in the lifeurinals livejournals. me saying things like..what i actually feel...usually gets me a whole ocean of drama that i simply cannot stand to sail. so i just scuttle my boat and go down with it. which brings me here...or something like that.

shut up zach.

i just downloaded the complete version of beethovens fifth symphony. bitches!


November 06, 2002

I was gonna post something, but I forgot what it was. I think I'm making a habit of that!

meanwhile, I just have to say that I got that there Avril Lavigne or whatever CD, thinking I wouldn;t really like it, but I needed it to get that damninable song out of my head, and lo and behold, it owns all over the place!
An Idea...
Maybe Breanna and Justin should have separate accounts.
It's not always apparent who is posting.
And just upon catching up to what everyone has posted recently:

Fuck you James, I'm not an idiot. :)
and I mean that lovingly too.
Bitch, Bitch, Bitch.
Welcome to life, Mr. Collins.

the next time I say something along the lines of : " Fuck saving money "
instead of saying : " I thought you said you needed to save money. "

.... augh. I hate finances.

November 05, 2002

Wow...I never could have guessed that you need more highschool.....
Back from Winnipeg, Manitoba today with a serious case of jetlag and a sickness which'll disable me from attending work tomorrow...the past 4 days have own all...AALLLL

Being in the hometown of Venetian Snares, I was compelled to buy another one of his CDs...and it's better than the other one I have O_O and also, "Mind Evolution" by Nightmares on Wax owns.

Aaron - I bought Out from Out Where by Amon Tobin as well...It's his new one. 10 bucks says you'll hate it. I like it better than his other one, if that tells you anything :P

November 04, 2002

Looks like I will be staying for the Collins traditional EXTRA year of Highscool, dew to sicknesses last year and failing 1 class this year, ... im in the " you may not passs higschool so were offering you retarded classes to pass it normaly " FUCK YOU... im failing and im taking that extra year like a man!!! i need 1 fucking credit ( if i pass all grades next year ) and they think im not gunna take after school classes HAH YOU TAKE YOUR HEAD OUTA MY ASS AND DIE!.... .... im sleepy... i think ill play a game.
Generations -

again, same stuff as yesterday - got to thinking.

I was thinking about musicians again but more specifically - Nirvana.
Now I watched a thing on VH - 1 about Nirvana and it was all about blahety blah blah blah they're so great.
But one thing caught my attention it was that age-old saying that " Nirvana was the voice of a new generation "
For some damn odd reason I kept thinking about that, it kept bothering me.
I didnt know why - until I thought of someone else :

Beck - To my recolection, Beck came out relitavely around the same time, or a bit after - Nirvana. I dont quite know. I do know however that the song with the refrain : " Im a loser baby, So why dont you kill me? " - Pioneered Beck into being " The voice of a new generation " - And I found that funny. The more I thought about it - Everyone always refers to " The voice of a new generation " and then adds : " Just as The rolling stones epitomed their generation with ' Satisfaction ' " - and it continues to bother me.

Why is it that musicians are seen to be zeit-geists ( OH MY JESUS, WE'LL HAVE TO TAKE A PHILOSPHY CLASS TO FIGURE THAT WORD OUT! ) - and forerunners of a generation? Just because someone makes a song and a lot of people listen to it and enjoy it makes them " a generation " - It makes me want to make a song about how much I dont give a shit about anything and nothing holds any real value for me. I dont know... This post is being botched. I wanted to make a point but I dont think I've made it. Who is the voice of our generation? Where is our song? Ooops, are you doing it again? I have to congratulate Zacho on one thing, and I will end this post with a quote from zacho - an example on why I love his anu--- ... err ... why I love him - not necissarily any specific part of his anatomy - so very much.

so i think that musicians should strive to find a balance between the two.
...but wait..that wouldnt be profitable now would it?

November 03, 2002

oh my jesus.
it ends with : THE END? - that question mark just throws me off.

as always, i have varying opinions on jameseseses post which hath just posted in largeness of mass. however i am too lazy to post them. i dont feel like getting into it. both about th emusic, and about the christianity thing. although i do agree with him on the point where he talks about how it isnt possible to feel the same as y ou did when you wrote a song, every time you recreate it on stage.

like....musicians should be all about constantly releasing new material. however i know plenty of musicians who feel they have done us all a favor if they release 8 or 10 new pieces of music every 3 or 4 years. that kind of thing bothers me. on the same note a lot of bands who constantly release new material just tend to focus onky on getting the new material, and not any feeling behind it an dit just tends to be mundane or downright dumb(*cough weezer cough*). so i think that musicians should strive to find a balance between the two. ...but wait..that wouldnt be profitable now would it?

no wonto something less productive and controvertial....

ive recently discovered that sonic has them..and i cannot get enough. odd..because i fucking hate hot dogs. hmmm.

i like it when people make a big hubbub about things like "oh i am going to stop drinking soda." or..oh i am going to stop cussing". and they feel good about themselves...because they manage to go a day or two without doing this thing they feel needs to be stopped. and then a day or so later you will be talking to them and they will tell you all about it..and 5 minutes later..they will buy a soda at a fast food"joint" .....or they will get mad at the phone and go "dammit!"..and then try to say..oh well that doesnt count. people are an odd sort.

and then there are long haired gay people named james who like to eat thinsg that taste like

and you think to yourself.....

what the hell is zach-0 fucking talking about?

the end?
steve i took a liking to your cat ill take care of it till you find a place he will need to live in my room if your afrade hell run away! well if you bye stuff for him ill be good for a long time well call me if you want me to help!#847 4837
WARNING - this post will be full of semi-philosphical ideals and " big words " to the extent that you may want to bash your head against a wall and never wake up from a deep long sleep. In such an event - skip the post. continuing on :

As I was feeding the machine today AT IDLE SPEED which is 5 000 boxes an hour - ( imagine " THUMP, count to four THUMP, count to four " ) - I generally got to sitting around and just thinking about things and I came to thinking about the following thing so much that I decided to come by the board and post it and see if anyone has anything to say or add or give me their opinion on. ( a little note - some guy who isnt on the board emailed me about my life + death post and was talking about Zen and so forth. Very interesting )

CHRISTIANITY - So I got to thinking about Christianity and a big beef I have with it. The concept that in the event something happens its never their " manifestation " - to elaborate : In the event they go to the store and win the lottery or something its " GODS WILL " and " THE GRACE OF GOD " or say that a christian saves another person from a burning building they " THANK GOD " for his strength and we'll say the person saved " THANKS GOD " as well for the devout follower who came to save his/her life. It works in reverse as well - say they do something bad " IT WASNT ME, SATAN COMPELLED ME " - or if they think something bad - it is " SATAN AFFECTING ME WITH IMPURE THOUGHTS " - or a large tornado hits and takes out three homes " SATAN TRIED TO KILL US BUT GOD HAS SAVED US " - but Im going a bit overboard. Mind you - I should clarify that I do not necissarily mean " Christians " or " All Christians " for that matter - merely " Those who follow Christian dogma which falls into this category " - I believe these people suffer from a form of schizophrenia. A form of self-induced morality-based dogmatic schizophrenia. In stead of taking " RESPONSIBILITY " for all or any actions which they do or happen to them they place it upon the two respective deities. Good is God, Bad is Satan. Therefore it reduced " living " or " life " to nothing more than a attribution of " where does this go? " - A classification of sorts, and the actual person doesnt really have any real purpose asides from stating that " THIS WAS GODS WILL " or " SATAN IS EVIL - WHARGH ". I believe this manner of belief or " living " is a manner in which one can maintain a sense of " innosence " - A sence of childhood. When one is a child they dont necissarily have to make a decision or have very much responsibility. They just reiterate " what is good " and " what is bad " - GO FIGURE.

the other thing I found my beef with was PEARL JAM
Frankly, I hate pearl jam. They're terribly over-rated and they just plain suck. I hate the lead-singer's voice, I hate the music - Ironically enough the few pearl jam songs I enjoy are ones that " dont sound like pearl jam " - with this said, please take that into consideration when I say that I am SICK AND TIRED of every god-damned radio-station going PEARL JAM CRAZY because I guess they're having a concert around here. Im tired of everyone thinking that it is so " cool " that pearl jam allowed boot-leg copies of their concerts out so that there are BILLIONS of pearl jam concert+cds. I DONT GIVE A SHIT. But that isnt the beef, thats just a minor little rant -- The beef is about musicians themselves, and " live shows "

A bit ago I bought NIN and Marlyin Manson LIVE dvds. I watched them. The singers/musicians themselves seemed so puppet-like. They seemed as if they werent really " feeling " what they were saying, just they were breathing loudly and noise in the form of " lyrics " came out of their mouths and the audience went wild and crazy and screams and yells and huzzahs and jumps around. The beef? I dont see how musicians can do it. If they sit in a booth and record something once and they seriously feel the way they feel when they record it - how is it that they can go on stage and do the same thing? It must be fabricated to some extent. For example : Trent reznor has definately moved on from the manner in which he expressed in THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL - this can be assessed by merely buying/listening to his latest release. That in mind, How is it that he can go on stage and sing songs from that album when he no longer feels that way? Wouldnt he have conflicting feelings of " this isnt true " or " this is no longer " if he no longer felt that way - but yet the audience sits there and CRAVES songs such as " Hurt " or " Closer " - how is that possible? The only manner I can see an artist/musician going on stage/concert is to do NEW things and NEW songs - but not old ones - the thing is nobody would ever go to a concert if the artists played only new things because then the audience wouldnt be able to " sing along " - they'd have to " EXPERIENCE SOMETHING NEW " instead of hearing THE SAME OLD SHIT just " not from a cd " - and then from time to time " getting a treat " by getting a song they've never heard of before to where they have to SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN FOR ONCE.

And then this got me to thinking about teachers. How do teachers who work in a " period " day do it? First period comes in they give their lesson - that period leaves, second period comes in - then they have to do the same lesson ALL OVER AGAIN. How in chroist's name is that bloody possible? That would drive me insane! I asked a couple of teachers why didnt they just " have different lesson plans for each period " and they said that 1. it would take too much effort and 2. the paper work to send into the " big boss " would be too difficult. and ... you can tell they just didnt want to try it. They were fine and dandy with going into " auto pilot " and saying the same thing over and over and over every period, every day, every year. ( think mr. neilson ) - - -

And then. . . .
and then I went to sleep.

November 02, 2002

Aaron - the ticket was only 30 bucks, and I don't expect you to pay me back. I just expect your sorry ass to come along.

Anyway, Winnipeg is fricken cold. Not as cold as glacier water, but still, very cold. The people rule here though, and I won't want to leave Nicole either >< This is the first time I've ever had a girlfriend I can actually talk to about music, art, anime, and of tons of DDR with. Not only that, but make AMVs with. The Sakura Con last year is paying off, right now.

November 01, 2002

Well -- I'm now homeless, and I have a cat.
It's living in my car -- and it hates cars.

So, if anybody likes cats, and would like to
take care of a fixed siamese male for x amount of time,
and doesn't mind frequent visits from me to visit the cat
and bring supplies for the cat...and lives in a place that
is very caring towards cats...please let me know.

I just hate making my cat live in this car environment,
which he hates.
Hey all,

I meant to do this earlier, but circumstances have kept me in a state of semi-limbo...

but all is good... and i did make a promise...

so anyway,
here is bonnie's address... right her letters... ASAP, cause i guess her address will change soon or something. Yeah, now that i read the letter, it's a temporary address... so write some letters real fast if you're going to... i should have done that already, but again... circumstances... (damn circumstances, the RBC's of life.)

i'll put the permanent one when she writes again.

meantime: here's my address in case you all want to write to me :)

Jeff Paulino
2717 Western Ave. #330
Seattle, Wa 98121

and hell, while we're at it... i'm sure Justin and Breanna want letters to (how do i know this... actually i don't, but whatever)

oooh, and of course... this person may be lonely too...

Cause we all need a friend :)