October 05, 2002

Napster -

The board is not a cache of followers in which one can merely say : " DESTROY THIS PERSON " and everyone bands together and humiliates some online-persona or website. Of course, I do that - but I do that in jest and was rather surprised when people actually speak to the random-people that talk to me from AIM. I post my conversations from them, here, because not only do I think they are funny - but because ignorant people ( at hand ) are fun to play with. Notice : PLAY WITH.

What you've done, three posts in a row - doesnt show anything to play with really. I dont understand why you cut/paste excerpts from the website when we all could go there ourselves and read. Or well, ( sorry michael ) - most of us can read. Not only that, but you curse and wail at the moon about how stupid people are and how angry it makes you. GROW UP. I will tell you a little secret : those stupid people arent going anywhere. And they really dont have a problem with you not getting any sleep and getting all angry. In fact, I dont even think they care. The only person you are troubling is yourself. YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE WORLD. YOU CANNOT CHANGE PEOPLE. - Getting angry over other people is a waste of energy. Find something that you dislike ABOUT YOURSELF and change it. Re-direct your anger. Or, better yet - mingle with those you hate.

It will fix you, very quick.

Go to a rave. Go to a foam party. Dont participate in anything you dont condone ( ie : drugs / alcohol / promiscious sex ) - and dont go taking some high-road " Holier than thou " route and damning everyone who does participate in such activities - but do something else : GO THERE AND HAVE FUN. Your perceptions of reality and people should change. Accept that other people make choices that you dont agree with, but also - THAT THE CHOICES YOU MAKE ARE NOT THE CORRECT CHOICES. There are no correct choices. There is no correct path in which to live your life. With these things in mind you come to realise YOU HAVE NO RIGHT, NO REASON, NO FOUNDATION to get angry at ANYONE BUT YOURSELF. Because where you can get on other people's cases for not following the rules and regulations you've set out for living, YOU CAN ALWAYS GET ON YOUR OWN CASE.


You could just toss all my advice out of a window and continue on the route you're on.
and if you do that - please, when it comes to something like this :

you all are fucking idiots...basically what youve tried to do is hash out an over simplified melodramatic explanation of existentalism for all your white druggie raver foam party friends. But what youve drudged out is a large steaming pile of the word like and big words that im guessing that you dont even really know the meaning of. And as for your bafflement of why people dont try drugs...its for the same reason that people dont think that fucking there toaster will give them improved virility in there day to day love lives. Or how sniffing your cats worm encrusted asshole just might improve ones ideas about how your life is nothing but a fucking waste of oxygen

post it on Their board.
I dont want to hear it.
It demeans us all and makes us all look like the idiots you so profess others to be.
Or rather not us, but you.

Now I take my pain-riddled body and drive to the clinic, where DOCTORS DONT DO SHIT.

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