July 09, 2008


See, I can't see half the stuff when I'm on the VA computers... I'm curious about these zacho-boobs.  They sound enticing Zach.  Soooooo enticing.


I'll take a look when I get home perhaps.

Someone asked me how to post to blogger, so for those who a) don't remember, b) are completely new... you have to have a blogger account, so if you goto BLOGGER you should be able to make one.  I think the invite I sent also shows you how to, if you haven't already.  Then it's a simple matter of going to blogger, signing in, and then go to the Posting tab and click on create.  I think that should be it.

I can give lessons in person.  I'm good at lessons.  Oh yah, my lessons bring all the b--

You know what, I'm just gonna stop right now.

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