July 29, 2008

Glass and the Third Law

Have I ever met Anthony?  I'm assuming that he wasn't a poster on Slugs.

Bradbury, I thought you might find this interesting.  Hell, I found it interesting and anybody even remotely scientifically-leaning would find it interesting:

Glass Me.

I loves knowledge.  Interesting too, the parallels that one could form between order of out of chaos.  Order, and beauty, I suppose.


  1. Anonymous29/7/08 17:36

    post pictures of camping damnit i wanna see!

  2. Aww, and who are you Mr. Anonymous? Pics to come. I have to tag and label them, after all. There were quite a bunch.

  3. well it looks like more people are reading the posts. cant wait to see the pics

  4. Jeff, you have met Anthony before, but only like once or twice.