July 07, 2008

True Lesbian?

Congrats on your first post Zacho... but what a weak post... you didn't even tell us much.  After all, you said:
"oh hey interesting story.  last night i had sex with a lesbian."
 That's not a story.  At most, that's like a parable.  And not even that.  I was expecting... more.

And, is she really a lesbian?  From what I've seen of some of the lesbians I know, some of which are friends, they seem even more entrenched in their sexuality than straight males... so... was she drunk?  Or was she not really a lesbian?

It's a mystery.

I think others do read the board, they just don't post... yet.  Damnit.  Oh well.

It sounds like camping is actually on, though not many people coming... oh well x2.  Those who will come, it sounds like an area outside of Leavenworth is the goal, some non-traditional campsite.  Prepare for bears.  Too bad you can't be there for that Zacho, I think you'd have enjoyed it.  (Is it appropriate to assume one would enjoy something when it has in fact not happened yet?)

I want to ramble about something... I have this distinct urge to ramble about something... but I'm not really sure what to ramble about.  Maybe I'll post another historical-archival type image...


I want to say, circa 1997, because I was on the bus to take this picture, and I stopped riding the bus around '97 or '98... which makes this one fuckin' old picture.  (Old being relative.)  God... I hated that bus.  Though Mel was... well... he was old.  There really wasn't else I had to say about him.  I was gonna say he liked me well enough, but I don't think he did.  He liked Asian Joe though.  A lot.

And this one is just for Zacho:


I have to find that footage, speed it up, put it to Benny Hill music, and then promptly forget to do anything with it for another five or six years.

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