July 16, 2008


Thank you James, for that wonderful example of a retort.

Though it's not that I suck at retorts (maybe I do... meh), I just didn't really feel like engaging someone so completely inept that it would waste my time and patience.  However, you did do a wonderful job on your own of highlighting practically all of the points I would have, save for maybe one or two.

Ah, but then today, I sat in on a support group for liver transplant patients and I was reminded again why Michael-Baxter and people like him irritate me like the STD's that they probably help spread.  As such, a mini-retort, built upon my associate, is in order.

  1. The overarcing tone of your "comment" really does little to illustrate your own abilities at "romance" or "love" and does nothing to show that you have any concept of them, either by your definition or by my own.  You start off with an insult.  And you don't even bring up any of my points in your laughable rebuttal.  What is that?
  2. You obviously have a limited communication skill-set, or you were taught communications by a helper monkey.  You state:

    do you REALLY want to go wipe an ass right now?? you're a liar if you say yes.
    But that isn't really what I said, now is it?:

    Tell you what you fuckers... when you are willing to wipe the ass of the one that you love because their body and mental functions are breaking down all around them, then I'll take your "romance" at face value.
    I've bolded the word "willing" for a reason.  Willing does not equal wanting.  If a giant boulder fell on my leg while I was out hiking and the only want to free myself was to amputate my leg or die, you'd better damn well bet that I'd be willing to amputate.  Would I want to?  No.  Tell you what, post your address in the comments and I'll mail you a dictionary.

    Further, it is pretty weak of you ask such an obvious straw-man question.  Honestly.  Are you educated?  And I don't necessarily mean in the public/private school system.  I mean, do you have some sort of intelligence sitting in that space on your shoulders?  That offer of the dictionary is still open.
  3. Where to start on that whole run-on thought.  Unlike James, I think I will break it down:

    you have to go through the early; retarded; seeing the world in rose colored, heart shaped glasses stage;
    Actually, no, you don't.  You don't have to do anything.  People do.  It happens.  It comes with being young.  You even manage to hint that you know that being young comes with having a "retarded" viewpoint on life.  So you're telling me that you have to be retarded.  No, thank you.  Granted, I have definitely had that "what I that stupid?" moments when thinking of my own past, but if I had had the wisdom close at hand to know better, I would have tried to learn that.

    so that when you do open your own eyes the world stays a little brighter than its supposed to for a longer than it should
    (Please keep in mind that with every response I am typing, I'm trying my damn hardest not to just outright mock and laugh at you, precisely because I think you are young, naive, and inexperienced.)  It's funny, you're little "theory" here makes me think of all those people that I met in college/out-of-high school who were so poorly adapted to the real world precisely because they had a jaded view of the world and relationships.  I think of the girls that are constantly raped in dorm houses, frat houses, and on dates because they don't realize that the "dreamy" guy with the "dreamy" eyes is feeding her lines and flunitrazepam and she doesn't know better because of her rosey, heart-shaped view of the world.  Tell me, do you think that the world stays brighter for her longer after she has to drop out of school to raise a bastard-child?  Isn't it just slightly possible that if she had a more moderate view of the world at a younger age, she could have... oh... I don't know... realized a few things before hand?

    It amazes me to no end how when people start out at either extreme (the world sucks OR the world is a brightly color swirl of happy-fun-rainbows), they always are in for shocks in their lives, and provided they survive that, they end up much more moderate than before.  At least, the adaptable ones do.
    and by the time your eyes acclimate and see the world as it is; you don't notice so much anymore,
    If you want to live in your hazy world, be my guest.  But be warned, it's people like you, people who don't "notice so much anymore" that are in denial until reality really hits you.  Then, when it does, you're simply not prepared for the sometimes harshness that reality has to provide and you find yourself dead, in a gutter, the result of a quickie suicide via sleeping pills or a razorblade.  That or you be4come a meth or heroin junkie.  Still bright enough for you laddie?
    but you can realize that the two of you made it through everything together and will do forever.
    If you've managed to make it to this stage, I'm pretty sure you'll be wishing that you could hop into a time machine and kick your hipster-doofus, wide-eyed, younger self's ass for not having been more open-eyed to the pros and cons of life and reality.  Read a fuckin' book.  And not one from the latest MTV top 10 bestsellers list of the month.
At the start of this post, I mentioned how I really didn't care to give you the time of day to respond to such an idiotic, poorly thought out comment, and it wasn't until I sat with some veterans that I changed my mind.  I want to quickly elaborate on that so that maybe some of your doucheyness will fade away.

Having a liver transplant requires you to have a caregiver with you at all times.  All times.  Translate that as, if you don't have someone that "loves" you, you aren't getting a new liver.  Translate that as, you die.  Simple.  That person is in charge of keeping you alive.  They don't get paid for it.  They lose freedom and flexibility.  The invest in a person that might die before they get a liver.  And if, after liver waiting lists, heart complications, memory loss, encephalopathy, loss of bowel control, liver transplant complications, and a life-time of being on rejection drug medications... if after all that, they get a liver... well guess what, they may die anyway.  They do all that, and yes, they wipe ass if they have to.  Not because they want to, but because they are willing to.

It's funny and enlightening that you consider "this idea of love... far to grown up".  To think of all those "grown ups" that lived a loveless, meaningless life until you and yours showed up to show them the way.

You're pathetic attempts at "knowing" what love is, and "knowing" what romance is are, for the lack of a better descriptor, insulting.  You pretend to have some grasp at how it works... get a fuckin' clue.  I'm not saying you aren't experiencing some kind of love, but it's people like you who think you've worked out the philosophy of love at this stage of life make me want to punch you in the face.  Twice.  Go home, and grow up.  And the next time you decide on polluting our board with your nonsensical comments and self-righteous and self-justified positions you might want to stop and let that brain work.

James, you're right. My retorts do suck.  Can't wait for camping.  I'll post details on things we need to know later tonight or so.

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