July 02, 2008

Changes a'Foot.

So I see someone, and my assumption is Mr. Collins, has been dinking around with the colors. Good sport. It just doesn't feel right without him setting the "look" of the main aspects of the board.

For my own, I found out that Blogger is implementing a few changes in the coming months, and I managed to get some of that "beta" stuff, mostly in the commenting area. The changes probably won't be apparent, which is fine with me. As most know, I'm not a fan of the comment system anyway. I figure, if you have something to say, get off your lazy ass and post it. Post it man!

I'm trying out some of the other new "beta" type things... oooh beta!  Beta!  it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days... it's like the internet's version of "cool" or "hip" or "buttsexx".

To test some image downloading stuffs, I think I will post up a picture I found on an archive disc from back in the year 2002.  Ooohhhh, so long ago... 

This image probably doesn't mean much to any of you... but it would to Jimmy and I... I can't even remember why I made this image, something about Roger being a terrorist and infecting all of our raisins with terrorist-type things.  Something like that.  Better be careful of using the word terrorist too many times.  I'm foreign-looking, after all, with my slightly brown skin color.

So I'll post up another, far more friendly picture from the past:

See that?  That's the board, circa... well... I don't know.  Read a post fucker if you want to know when it came from.  Obviously it was when James was going through a Pink-phase... or maybe when that artist Pink hit it big, and everyone was like, "whoa... it's Pink.  She's punk-rock!  She's the anti-britney."  Sheep.

Okay, one more, for old times sake:

Oh man, I miss posting nonsense.  I'll never be as good at it as Michael was, but it's still fun.

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