July 10, 2008

Stopped Creation

First Post King.  Crowned 2008.07.10.

I don't know why I actually bother with that... not because nobody reads these, but because I actually find it annoying when some asshat goes on to a forum and posts "first post" and then has nothing substantive.  So thus, I will only declare my First Post Awesomeness when I have something substantive.

Guess what:  Substance!

I've been hearing rumors lately of an Arrested Development movie in the works, and lately it sounds like if so, it will be released into the wild in 2009.  Do you know how happy this makes me?  DO YOU?!

For all those of you who do not know what Arrested Development is... I shame you.  Go on, wallow in your bestowed-upon shame.  It was one of the best, fuckin' hilarious tv shows of the early 2000's.  (I cringed when I wrote early 2000's and I'm not sure why.)

I know Jimmy hasn't seen it, but then again, he was also in the Air Force (or was it Space Force...?!!?!) in the unforgotten land of Alaska (where I think the events of the "Postman" took place... where else but there or hell could that movie make it, after all).  Besides, he's expressed interest in checking out my DVD's of the show, so I forgive him.

But not the rest of you fuck-ups who don't care to check it out.  Still, I save my spite for those out there who not only didn't watch the show, but didn't watch the show because it started with a ukelele playing in the background and it scared them.  Or those of you who'd rather watch Survivor.

There's a special kind of hell for your kind.  And it's filled with decrepit Michael Bay clones.

So in closing, go out and buy or rent Arrested Development and watch it.  And become excited at the prospect of a movie.

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