July 17, 2008

Camping Details in Spades

Hello Slugs.

So some details and information points about all things outdoors.  Camping is still on, of course.  And while all are still invited, I need to now really get an idea of how many want or intend to come, or may come at all.

Right now I have six to seven people who have expressed interest:  James, Jimmy, DT, Mr.R, Adam, guy named "Cat", and myself.

I have tried to call jOe twice today, but nobody at his house picks up.  My guess is it is because I'm calling from my office line, and that might be coming up on his caller-ID as "Government Man", and the Macauley's think it's the Humane Society and thus are not willing to pick up.  Relax jOe, it's just me.  PICK UP YOUR DAMN PHONE MAN!  PICK UP!

So Dash Point's a wash at the moment  Apparently they now only do reservations, despite James' initial insistence that it is 1) walk-on and 2) free.  (It's neither.  Eight years does change things, doesn't it.)  And when I checked in on getting reservations, well, apparently Dash Point has become just that much more popular.  Go figure.

So 'nix to that one.  But fret not, for we have the following three "urban-camping" (i.e. like Dash Point) options:  Saltwater, Kopachuck, and Joemma.  All state parks, all first-come, first-served.  Those are our "close" options.  (They are all in the lower Puget-Sound to middle Puget-Sound area - near Tacoma-FederalWay-Seattle.)

For slightly further options, we have a place I checked out over the weekend, a place in the Wenatchee National Forest, just past Mt. Ranier National Forest.  Good place, though you'd better bring your own shovel and toilet paper, if you get my drift.

Either way, at least we don't have to worry about reserving.  And it's looking like James and I (possibly in separate cars) will get there first to hold spots.

Supplies:  I can, and will, bring a cooler for stuff, but people should start letting me know what foodstuffs they want.  I have a tent, it sleeps four cramped, two comfortably.  Yeeup.

And that's all I feel like writing for the moment.  I think James is having James the Elder check on Ft. Lewis to make sure that it's not available.

Ah yes, and one thing before I go.  Click on THIS LINK RIGHT HERE for some fun video nostalgia.  Better yet, download that file and drop it in iTunes and you'll see more fun stuff.  Oh, and THIS LINK get's you the same video, but formatted for your older iPods.  (The first one works on new iPods (classic and nano 3g, and iPhones/iPod touches).)

I loves me some videoage.

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