July 03, 2008

Raaaa!!! Too Much Corrugated Fibers!

Oh Zach-0, how we do miss those rants about you bragging about stuff.  These days it sounds like your tales mostly consist of the retarded ones that you work with and clean up after.  It reminds me of the teachers at Bethel who used to shepherd the iSeniors of our day through our crowded halls, keeping them safe from the general high school populace.  And of course, every so often, one or two of them would break from the pack and wander around, talking to the "normal" high schoolers (as if such a thing as normal high schoolers existed).

Jimmy used to make such fun of them...

And then both of you ended up working with one:

"Hello, Lee!"

Mwahaha, there you go Zach-0, a Target memory just for you.  Or did you think I had forgotten about your posted encounter with The Balin' Machine, Curtis.
Yes folks, step right up, I have memories, one and all.

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