July 15, 2008

No offense Jeff, but you suck at retorts. And whats with superimposing mud for my name, I mean I remember when I strove to remove any trace of my name from internets - but now that internets have become so large and my name being so common - it is impossible to find me. Since you suck so badly at retorts, I shall do my own:

"don't be bitter because you can't get your D touched as much as you would like."

Cock. Penis. Shaft. Dong. Willie. Shlong. One-Eyed Monster. There were tons upon tons of different words you could've used here, but you used "D". "D".

What. The fuck.

"there IS a difference between romance and love, but you're fixated on this idea of love that is far too grown up."

I'm not even sure what sort of point you're trying to make here. He was ranting about people in their twenties go on and on about how they are so love-stricken, about how they have so much to deal with when it comes to love and living life - but the sad fact of the matter is that most in their early-twenties haven't the slightest idea of what really is - but they certainly like to think they do.

So much changes in the span of 20-25 that it is sometimes laughable to look back and say, holy shit. Was I that stupid? This coming from someone who utilizes "D" in reference to their genitalia you're either IN or PRE your early-twenties, or just fucking retarded.

"do you REALLY want to go wipe an ass right now?? you're a liar if you say yes."

And just how do you know he doesn't have a scat-fetish? His point he was making with the section you were commenting on about here was that love and romance takes effort. It takes work. It isn't something picked up easily.

This next part I'd break up but I really, really really; really, really; really want to show you something; really i do; really a lot, really.

"you have to go through the early; retarded; seeing the world in rose colored, heart shaped glasses stage; so that when you do open your own eyes the world stays a little brighter than its supposed to for a longer than it should and by the time your eyes acclimate and see the world as it is; you don't notice so much anymore, but you can realize that the two of you made it through everything together and will do forever.."

Its called a run on sentence.

I doubt ANY slug looks, or has looked, at the world through rose-colored, heart shaped glasses. Misanthropic. Cynical. Asinine. Sure, but you seem to think that any slug would've been gullible or insipid enough to assume the world was ever bright to start with.

And nothing lasts forever.

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