July 02, 2008

Skype it. Skype it good.

Good job jOe. Except I think you're the only person in this time line that uses Windows Live Messenger. I suppose I use MSN Messenger, but I'm not even sure that the two are completely compatible.

And before you say, "well, Microsoft makes both", keep in mind that Microsoft made the Zune and it doesn't even work with their original DRM structure (Plays-for-Sure). It's sad really.

But today is not a day for diatribes against Microsoft (especially when there are 365 other days for that this year). No, more I'm just curious if anyone here uses Skype for IM'ing or video/audio chats. It would help the PODcast idea along if someone else did.

jOe: Download Skype. And post your hours of availability here. And post when you work at Wal-Mart. I might be down in the area sometime in the next few weeks and might stop in to say hi. Maybe get some pictures for the comic. I need to get some of that barn of yours. Mwahaha. Ahhh... barn. Doktor Bob.

Also, camping plans moving along rather well. I think we are currently debating between Dash Point and Fort Lewis, both having pros and cons. Jimmy through out the idea of the beach, and I'm not sure if he meant Dash Point's beach or making a mini-road-trip out to Ocean Shores. I'd be completely game for that idea.

Also, it seems like the weekend of the 26-27 of July is becoming more set-in-stone, so if you want to come, take those days off. Do it. Do it NOW!

jOe, are you coming? If you are, you'll probably have to drive yourself, as I have no car and nobody left lives in Graham.

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