July 19, 2008

T-minus However Many Days till Friday

Yeah.  I think as far as camping is concerned, we should do the puget sound area that I mentioned in a previous post.  We could start at trying to get to Saltlake, then Kopachuck, then Joemma.  I think, if you are heading south, those are the order in which you would go.  Each is first come, first serve, so if you (James) are thinking of going Friday, you could scout out a spot for us.

As it stands, Jimmy and I were talking and if he can get Friday off, or get enough of Friday free, we may try to join you (in a separate car) to get a second spot.  We all have cell phones so we can keep in touch until one of us finds a spot, then congregate.

Keep in mind that many of these spots have designated "check-in" times, which is around 3p I think.  But that doesn't mean we can't arrive at a spot and try to check in early, or hover until someone leaves.  (I will look more into this.)

Bradbury may be coming as well now.  He was going to look up information about a place south of the Tacoma/Roy area, but as James has mentioned, it might kill the motivation for others to go.  So for now, unless Bradbury's spot is amazing, I'm settling on the S-K-J option.

As far as my supplies, I have the following:

  1. Tent (sleeps two comfortable - four if pushed)
  2. Sleeping Bag (plus extra if needed)
  3. Small backpacker's camping stove (literally quite small)
  4. Cooler (buying this weekend or before trip)
  5. Extra clothes/Backpacker's backpack
  6. Hydration System (fuck you guys, I'm not going without water)
  7. Laptop and Camcorder and Camera (not really camping gear, but as I'd like to think I've shown, someone needs to document these things and no one ever does except me.
I too will add more to this list as I realize what else I need to bring.

Also, Jimmy and I talked about possibly heading to Graham/Spanaway briefly to get some pictures of jOe for the comic.  Maybe some footage of the whole area too.  I found some interesting video footage from the past that includes our trips to Sharis, Jimmy and I interviewing jOe, jOe and the gOat, Chrissie's meeting with jOe (survived the first round, we'll see about another bout).

Oh, and Zach-0... how could I forget about you.  I found something pretty interesting involving you and "Sexy Brice".  That will also be going up when I can get the time to put it up.  (There's currently some other projects in my queue, including the comic and such.

And that, is all for now.

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