July 21, 2008

I spoketyped too soon, without looking closer to see where exactly soda springs is located. I thought it was just past Morton, not ninety plus miles from Morton.

My spot is way the fuck closer, and not in Eastern Wa at all.

Again, still posting from a phone, so no Google fancyness, but the campground of which I speak is within [shitty] walking distance of Elbe, WA. It's more or less on the back side of Alder lake. Pleasant Valley Road, off SR 7, near Mineral Road.




Not the high desertarid plane of Eastern Wa.

I submit a comparison between weather reports:

Naches, Wa: 91-95f Fri-Sun

Elbe, Wa: 75-85 Fri-Sun


I'm leaving Vancouver now, I'll reconnoiter the site on my way home tonight.

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