July 19, 2008

FYI - (G.I.) Joe's is having a camping sale.


I suggest you check it out if you're not prepped for camping.
Even though we still haven't settled on -WHERE- it will be.

(Jeff, any final thoughts? While I'm up for it, I think Wenatchee may be ... way out of the way for a lot of the people who are considering making the trip. I'm thinking Saltwater, while not as cool sounding as Dash Point, is our best bet.)

Some further information :
I have 26th, 27th (sat/sun) off - I intend to camp (stay out in the woods) friday night and Saturday night - then probably pack up, get everything ready to go - and leave late Sunday night instead of staying/sleeping out in the woods.

My list (as it stands now) is as follows:

1. Sleeping Bag
2. Tent
3. Light (gas lantern w/ cool noise)
4. Knife. Fork. Spoon.
5. (emergency) Change of Clothes.
6. Bag to carry shit in.
7. Cans of stuff to put in fire and eat (corn, beans, whole chicken)
8. One of those cool folding shovels to dig meaningless holes.
10. Jeff is bringing a cooler. Get something to put in it.


(post will be updated as list developes)

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