July 02, 2008


remember when me and brice would come visit you at college and you wouldnt answer your damn phone and we would just leave voice mails that said that?

also, why the hell do you forget that that picture of roger means something to me too.?

dammit paulino. dammit.

tomorrow i have to take a retard to the retard barbecue. its not as fun as it sounds. all that will get cooked is food. still, its fun to have visions of flaming wheelchair bound retardeds flailing about and screaming something about cupcakes.

remember when i lost my virginity and i made that huge post that just read "I HAD SEX.........WITH A GIRL!!!"

man it used to be fun to brag.


last time i posted chrissie left me a comment telling me she hated me. i think im not for the comments. i agree with jeff, if youve got something to say get off your ass and post it. let all the slugs see what you have to say.

my iPod just told me that if i wanted to, i oculd start it at the beginning and it would go for 39.6 days befor eit would be out of stuff. thats fun. i guess. so why do i listen to the same 4 albums?

maybe if anyone wants to know ill tell you which ones.

why would you?

there is a pizza delivery guy who lives in the complex that i work at the most. hes foreign. he told me he wanted to "make a gift of me for to" and handed me a coupon for a free large pizza.
make me a gift any day buddy. wherever the hell you are from. i hope hes not from france.

i think im actually going to go to a movie tomorrow. i think i will see Hancock. looks fun to me. i also think i will bring a bottle of gin in with me.

i might also go see WALL E. call me a gayzo. i kinda dig pixar.

i gotta have paperwork time now. random enough for you jeff?


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