July 11, 2008


I will be gone for a few days, exploring a potential campsite for our great CAMPING ADVENTURE @))*... oh, held the shift key down to long...

Anyway you get the point.  So I cannot compete with Zach-o for first posts... or can I?  No, I can't.


Anyway, Andy mentioned to Jimmy or DT that he won't be able to go.  Sadness.  DT, you will have to pretend to be Andy for the duration of the trip on the 26th.  (You can be yourself as well, but you'll have to carry a big stick.)

I wish I had more interesting things to say.

Oh, I hate Karl Rove.  But who doesn't, so that's nothing special.  I will give him props for giving our generation a new person to make an adjective out of.  No longer does a person have to refer to another system or person as Machiavellian.  Now they have Rovian.  (Sounds like a dinosaur.)

Oh, I suppose I have something else to jabber about for the moment.

People are making me nauseous.  Not everyone, but damn if it isn't a whole hell of a lot of people.   With their whiny "I think I know what love is" or "I think I know what life is" or "I think I know the answers to every fucking problem"... "and I'm 22".

Fuck you.  Fuck you people.  It's a slap in the face to every single person who came before you with good intentions and weren't able to get things done, but actually did make incremental differences.

And fuck you people who think you know what life is and are woe-is-me'ing it up.  Fuck you.  I've seen people who come back from war with missing limbs and they are cheerier than you Hispter Doofus Fuckers with your melodramas about the man and society pressing you down.  FUCK YOU.

Fuck you Military-Supply-Protestors and Code Pinkers for not understanding that to have some level of freedom, you have to have the conviction and strength to protect it.  Fuck you for ruining it for legitimate protesters who protest against what they may feel is an unjust war (debatable) by protesting against providing supplies to troops.

And then there are the "I know what love is, and I have experienced it" bullshitters who are in their early twenties and have yet to watch as someone they know, love, are committed to legally and monetarily start to decay from the effects of lung, liver, kidney or breast cancer.  A special FUCK YOU to you pieces of crap.

People will say that I no nothing of romance.  I'm sorry, a glorified one-night-stand based off of "love at first sight" is not love.  I'm not discounting the idea behind "love at first sight", but a) it statistically doesn't work, and b) the people who claim they met so-and-so, felt "love at first sight", and have been married for 20+ years are discounting the fact that they happened to win the chances game and their time spent together helped to solidify their affections.  (You don't hear them spieling on about their other "love at first sight"s.  Do you?)

Interestingly enough, even Disney never really fully played up that angle, and they are the masters of animated love stories.

Tell you what you fuckers... when you are willing to wipe the ass of the one that you love because their body and mental functions are breaking down all around them, then I'll take your "romance" at face value.  Buying flowers, "writing" songs (laughable at best), or any other insertable cliché thing is NOT DEFINITIVE of being romantic.  It's called being a tool.  If that's all you are relying on to consider yourself romantic then congratulations.  You are not.  You are a Hallmark-Robot.

and yawn... I don't know where that sudden outburst came from, but it makes it quite apparent why I need to get away from the city for awhile.  The people that feed off of its excrement are starting to annoy the crap out of me.

So anyone who wants to join me and the others that want to go (which I think stands at James, Jimmy, DT, and maybe someone else), then come.  We will lamely try to set up tents, watch James play "master of the fire", and bitch and moan and philosophize over stuff, like we used to do, but with the cynicism and strained hope that has come with 5+ extra years.

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  1. This is Michael's response:

    don't be bitter because you can't get your D touched as much as you would like. there IS a difference between romance and love, but you're fixated on this idea of love that is far too grown up. do you REALLY want to go wipe an ass right now?? you're a liar if you say yes. you have to go through the early; retarded; seeing the world in rose colored, heart shaped glasses stage; so that when you do open your own eyes the world stays a little brighter than its supposed to for a longer than it should and by the time your eyes acclimate and see the world as it is; you don't notice so much anymore, but you can realize that the two of you made it through everything together and will do forever.