July 24, 2008

Because I Care...

Hello all you Slugs you...

It's been a few days since I've posted, but it isn't because I don't care about all of you.  Quite the opposite in fact.  I have been working on things for your Slug-gish enjoyment.  And I've also been preparing myself for camping goodness.

So first, let's cover the camping things.  It sounds like all of us will meet at James'/Jimmy's place.  It is official, we will be camping up by the Soda Springs/Bumping Lake area.

Now I was looking over the maps and stuff that James provided, and checked a few different sites, and I realized that the information that is provided when you search for "Soda Springs", you get Naches, which is actually a little incorrect.  (That explains why Bradbury and everyone else believed it was basically in Yakima.)  If you do a google search for "Bumping River Road" - which is where the Soda Springs campsite is, you get a much more accurate location:

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Suffice it to say, all you have to do is go on 410 and you're there (turning onto Bumping River Road when necessary.) Either way, don't worry folks, I've got this info thing covered.

I have a cooler: 36 quarts of space. Orange creme soda galore bitches! It sounds like between James and I, we have everything covered. (Just have to remember to pack away the can opener.)

So that's Slugs Camping 2008.

And now, I present you with two fun new things: the THIRD chapter of James-2-James, the comic AND a new mini-documentary filmed years ago. Click on each respective picture to receive your prizes:

So there you have it.  I look forward to camping with some of you who are going to be able to make it.  And if there's interest afterward, maybe we'll do another trip.  This may be my last post until after camping.

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