July 21, 2008

It has come down to two candidates:

Saltwater State Park < click for link to park website

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or Jeff's spot Soda Springs < click for link to park website

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You'll note that between the two of them, one is easily accessible. The other is well passed the mountain. The pros and cons involved:

Saltwater is close. The advantages of being close:

  • less money spent on gas
  • closer to places in case of emergency
  • forgot something? just go down to a store and buy it
  • ocean-side camping, get to watch the sun set on the beach

The disadvantages of Saltwater being close, however:

  • closer, easier accessible means closer and easier accessible for EVERYONE
  • we've never really gone camping "way the fuck out there"
  • less chance of bear attacks
    (this should be an advantage but really it isn't)
  • nobody has ever been there
    (Jeff has at least been to Soda Springs)

Further information will be updated on this post.
I hope to have come to a definitive decision by tomorrow morning/noon/evening/night.

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