July 15, 2008

... Gone For a Few Days and...

So... where to start.

Camping was good (the separate camping trip I made) and gives me hope for the Slugtitude that will come. I hear Adam might be comin', so also good stuff.

I've been going back and forth about where to have our little shindig but an impassioned plea from Mr. Mud has put me back into considering Dash Point as our Destination of Choice:
I dont know where you are off to - but i dont want to have to pioneer and explore new areas.

I want to relax on the sandy beaches of dash point and watch the sun go down like we did so long ago.

I want to see how things have changed, and reminisce how it was in the old days.

I wanna see that damn big hill that we struggled up and the gas station we parked your trooper at, indefinitely.
You do make some excellent points McMud so I think I will give Dash Point National Park a call later today or tomorrow and reserve ourselves a spot, unless I hear an equally passionate response from someone else.  Right now, I too want to see where my old Trooper died, and then died again.  And who knows, we may run across some Superhero Christians like last time.

Mudtastic: "I dig this Jesus-shit!"
Yes, I bet you do MudMan.

Next up, the July issue of James-2-James may be delayed.  I'm not sure yet.  That's due to my own stupidity, running for a bus and likely having my pen-tablet pen slide out of my bag and find itself lost and alone under the bridge or on the street somewhere.  It's probably servicing some hipster doofus who's lost his/her/transgendered will to live because the cold hard reality that they are a) not unique and b) not trendy has finally kicked in.

I'm not abandoning hope for the July issue though, as most of the templates I need are already made, and if I have to use a mouse to do photoshopping, I will.  It just takes fuckin' longer.

Three (yes, a three), look for an addition or two to the blog later tonight (hopefully) or early tomorrow.  No, this isn't one of those "look for the MEGApost" kinda things.  (And I hate how I will always have to justify that now...)  The addition is practically done (in processing stage) and it's more a matter of getting enough time to allow the computer to upload said changes - which I can't do at work, so I have to wait 'till I get home.  I think some of you will like it, since some of you have been clamoring for it for awhile.

And finally, because people are apparently still emo, and because they come on OUR/MY board and can't stand opposing opinions...
This is Michael's response:

don't be bitter because you can't get your D touched as much as you would like. there IS a difference between romance and love, but you're fixated on this idea of love that is far too grown up. do you REALLY want to go wipe an ass right now?? you're a liar if you say yes. you have to go through the early; retarded; seeing the world in rose colored, heart shaped glasses stage; so that when you do open your own eyes the world stays a little brighter than its supposed to for a longer than it should and by the time your eyes acclimate and see the world as it is; you don't notice so much anymore, but you can realize that the two of you made it through everything together and will do forever.
First:  Mwahahahahaha....

Second:  Ahh, man oh man... I don't really know where to start or if it's worth my time to start...

No.  It isn't.  So I won't bother.  There are too many intelligent people who occasionally read this, or did at one time, that I'm sure they could figure out all that I want to say to this.  And if not, well then maybe I'll respond.  But I probably won't.

I will quickly say though that something must be done regarding a "new" Michael.  We have two of them already.  So that won't do.  We can't have people getting confused and thinking that this "new" Michael is one of our previous two.  It would irrevocably harm their respective reputations.  Hereby, this "new" Michael will be referred to as "Baxter".

And to complete the change, because I wouldn't want Baxter's image mixed with our M.Collins or Rigney, I have provided what my MacBook and my own impressions have calculated is this person's image:

Good job Baxter.

And good morning/afternoon to my fellow Slugs.

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