July 28, 2008

Cinema Sadness

So it makes me incredibly sad that I may have seen maybe ONE of those movies... which does not bode well for my intellectual and cultural growth.  But Aaron has prompted a desire in me to see those movies.  After I've seen them, and maybe gone through and seen all of AFI's top 100, then I'll definitely post up some debate stuff.

Next.  Camping.  Amazing.  Fun.  Relaxing.  River.  Sorrows to all those that missed it by sheer circumstance or choice.  I/James videotapped a good deal of some things, so I will eventually put that on the board so you can all enjoy a sample of what we enjoyed.

Bradbury, was that you who I cut off when Jimmy and I pulled out of the camp site?  If so, that was purposeful (though for the life of me I have no idea why I thought it would be funny to do so... and I did think you were slowing down a little for me to go...)  If that wasn't Bradbury, then oops to whoever the hell that was that I nearly caused to crash into me.

That would have sucked.

Oh, and to make it public.  While we were camping, I for some reason completely forgot that Michael (of the Collins variety) was in the truck that crashed.  I'm not sure why I forgot about him, but I forgot completely.  Oops.  He was there.  I checked the footage of the infamous tree crash and he was most certainly there.  (Though I was right that he was not wearing a blue shirt - that was James.  Small victory.  Bleh.)  I forgot how funny the rest of that footage is... especially watching James try to move a truck.  Oh hilarious.  When I am able to get more miniDV tapes, I will transcode and then mp4-ify those videoes and put them up on the board as well.

Either way, DT and I were wrong.  Man that sucks.

Next, this will probably be considered a "lame" request... but apparently Michael is (or maybe) sad that he has not received mails from peoples.  At least, that was the initial impression that I got.  So I am going to write him a letter, maybe print and mail the Loose Slugs Comics already made, and send it off.  If anyone wants to leave a blurb to him, post it hear or mail it to me, and I will attach to said letter.  Isn't that touching and sentimental.  Then maybe I won't get emails from James' mom that make me feel guilty and like I don't support the troops.  I do!  I do!  I would send them all Slugs comics if I could.

You can tell that I felt like writing... I'm just sad that none of it could go toward Aaron's post.

But, toward Aaron:  I have the lab coats.  I will call you sometime after 9p tonight.  Sorry, but my minutes are low and such.  I can call anytime tomorrow though, and I will if I don't reach you tonight.

Lab coats.  Tasty.

And that is all for rant.  Yay.

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