July 10, 2008

Slug Snippets 2008-07-10

Slug Snippets:

1p - sitting at town hall meeting for what is called TEMPO credit.
Nothing better to do today.

1:03p - I just noticed how very dirty my lab coat is. It's actually
quite gross. Speech is beginning...

1:05p - a support group that I help to run was given a small accolade
for good service. Surprised, to say the least.

1:14p - boredom beginning to set in.

1:17p - why do they torture us so? Trapped in a room with old
people... Monotone speech. Very few hot people. I'd kill for a
Clover monster attack to shake things up.

1:20p - Large woman in front of me has a comment. Large, and yellow.
Sooooo yellow. It's like watching the sun drink a big gulp.

1:22p - the "Sun" takes another gulp.

1:23p - I find myself hoping she doesn't have a heart attack.

1:25p - they are talking about our shitty elevators. About time.

1:26p - "Sun" hydrates itself.

1:29p - the boss of primary and specialty care, or second-in-command
is kinda hot... In a slightly older, business woman kinda way.

1:32p - discussing green initiative... I wonder how the "Sun" feels
about that.

1:34p - the Chief of Medicine makes a joke, he's actually funny. The
"Sun" laughs... It's horrifying.

1:48p - a volunteer speaks up about a various set of issues... I think
she's been building up a list of thoughts during the other questions.
Bah, I thought I was getting out of here soon.

1:52p - the "Sun" sounds angry... With rage... Or hungry??

1:58p - the "Sun" bellows: "I'm surprised at how slow 10 mph really
is!" - Really?!? You can get up to that speed?

2:01p - town hall meeting done.

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