July 06, 2008

What's That?

a).  First post Zach.  Suck my nuts.

b).  Refer to point a.

c.)  Camping cannot apparently be done at Fort Lewis, as apparently they are doing some sort of "gas the area" type exercise, per Bonnie's information.  So now our options decrease a bit to Dash Point and any other site that someone suggests.  I'm fine with Dash Point personally, but if anyone is feeling "adventurous" (and not in the way that involves spending the week living in a car with Jimmoi and Zacho), then let me know of what other site you are thinking of.

d.)  All thoughts coming from Jeff may or may not be less than structured due to the number of drinks he had today when subbing in for someone in a drinking game.  Don't judge me, I was doing a friend a favor.

e.)  I'm still more coherent than YOU, whoever YOU is that is judging me.  I will cut your toe off if you think otherwise.

f.)  The numbering structure for this list is a bit off, due to the placement of periods.

g.) good night.

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