March 22, 2002

We all love cabbage don't we ? Yes... yes I'm sure we do. Later I shall explain why.
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So here we are, after work getting ready to listen to uncle dM speak about cabbage. Bradbury mentions cabbage as a 'good' thing, however my usage of 'love' was more or less sarcasm. We all know what cabbage is, big ball type thing sort of like lettuce only harder in texture with a god aweful stench when cooked. It reminds me of such wicked things as Cabbage Patch dolls, ugly ass abominations of nature - never should that have been called a 'toy' and also of Koreans eating Kim-chie (spelling?). Supposed to be very tastey food that Kim-chie, though I've never tried myself - the fact that everyone complains about its stench ( since it's rotting cabbage I guess ) keeps me firmly rooted in the "Hell no Im not fucking eating that" category.

So here I am, at work. I don't like my job - I get payed very little money for the amount of heavy work I do. There is however another reason I don't like my job - I work with about seven, you count em -seven-, Mexicans. A friendly enough group of people, even worked out a quicker system of doing what I do with my 'partner' without speakin to him. ( Oh sure, he speaks English, I just can't understand it ). Day in and day out I listen to them chatter on with their Spanish jabber, rather irritating concidering my stance on learning / speaking the host country's language while in public. To the point of cabbage however - I was at work doing my thing and trying to pick up some of the few Spanish words I actually know - suddenly it hit me.

What -the- fuck is that smell?! I asked myself.
I looked around seeking -something- out of the ordinary which may smell strange. Nothing.

G'damn! There it is again!
Hmmm... I seem to recall that smell from some where. Cabbage, yea thats it - I think mom cooked cabbage once.
I groaned to myself silently, something... no - someone was stinkin of cabbage!
It's her! That girl I just walked past!

Yes folks, I don't know if theres any special Mexican food which smells like cabbage that one would keep on his or her person, but that "I reek of cabbage aura" was about her. It engulfed her like a snake eating a lil tree frog. Horrid! I highly doubt it was 'food' of any sort.

I shuddered at the thought of returning to work the next day, cabbage was in the air. However, no it wasn't cabbage that day, nor was it today - it was babypowder. You know, that white lil powdering crap you put on a baby's ass, for what reason exactly eludes me.

Though previously the smell of cooking cabbage kept me at bay, the thought and experience of this shall drive me into a dark little hole in a mountain. Cabbage ladies and bastards, fear it - avoid it at all costs. Lets see if you still love it with this thought in mind.

-- On a seperate note -- I was told " Get Friday the 29th off damnit! -Do- It! " So I did. Now however I wonder, does this have anything to do with some paintball game which michelle and "that-one-dude-who-doesn't-realize-first-post-is-out-and-who-i-don't-know" keep blabbing about ?

I shall leave you all with something to ponder " Got SoW ? "

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