March 22, 2002

a few more things just off the top of my head before I go to sleep :

a. best tool album ever : aenima. by far.
b. who all is coming to get a piece of zach-o love tonight?
c. i need help locating and fixing an engine coolant leak, anyone got any ideas where to start? it's my " weekend project " ( can anyone say " HEY BRADBURY? " - just you wait until I get his OWN WEBSITE " ask bradbury " up an goin ;)
d. for those of you who follow my love life and enjoy masturbating feverishly to the thought of me having sex ( nobody? ) - Heather stopped by yesterday. I think it was yesterday. anywho. she had a real expensive jacket on. I think she got it for her birthday. la - dad - de, this, however, has no relivance. Im just writing it so I can forget about it ;b
e. HOT DAMN. thats right.

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