March 19, 2002

I wrote this post 6 hours ago, and finally blogger is working.. even though I'm not neccessarily this ticked off by The Dirt Worm, I'm still posting this in its entirety:

Apparently, I have to clarify some things for "the dirt worm". Honestly, if you're gonna bitch about me, don't put words into my mouth.
1. I never called ANYONE "my" boy. I dont see how saying "the boys" translates into them being mine.
2. I put "Boys" because by the looks of this board, putting "boys and girls" would be inaccurate.
Those two listed above seem to be your biggest problems with me, but I never called you my goddamn boy, nor anyone else, so what the hell is your point?? Continuing...
3. I don't recall specifically bitching about any of you, maybe my attack on DDR and excessive posting of gun pictures is Offensive to Mr.Dirt Worm. Oh well, it's his problem.
4. It was Dirt Worm's suggestion that I come back to this site "never" instead of "occasionally". .... hmm all I gotta say about this and everything else is, lighten up.
5. I'm not gonna reintroduce myself.

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