March 24, 2002

a. SATURDAY NIGHT is otherwise known as POKER NIGHT - the highlight of this weeks poker night just happened to be when the stakes were rising beyond the skies, and nobody knew that I had FOUR THREES - which is beat only by a straight and royal flush. The stakes kept raising, with fifty's and seventy fives. Until it later tapered off with tens, and fives, until I finally called michael. Steven put down first - he had two pair. queens and something else - which beat out Andy's two pair, which didnt even meet queens. I put down my four threes expecting to take the pot when - WHAT IS THIS? MICHAEL PULLS A STRAIGHT FLUSH OUT OF HIS GOD-DAMNED ASS AND STEALS IT AWAY FROM ME.


b. with the departure of jimmoi to the airforce there will be a seat open for poker night. we've just recently started playing for money ( 5$ entry ) and the rules are very simple. There is also the sixth seat which is open - which michael normally plays - but until jimmoi gets the boot I am willing to let that sixth seat open to whomever is interested. If you enjoy playing poker and are interested in playing - email me at

3. I never stated the denny's group would harold TZA as their banner. That was merely something we thought about. and I never stated " friendly " competition either. Im all up for hostilities and hatred within the ranks of the two. However - reports I hear that the denny's group consists of nothing more than a bunch of acne-ridden youth who would think it is cool to get a fake ID and sneak into a club that sells ( !!! ) ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

d. as for your comment on my attempt at making " faith " fly as a debate ( it never happens on the board, god, religion, and faith arent things that people believe need to be debated about on the board - friendships, countries, and young kittens find themselves no longer because of conflict over said things ) - I would state that I already shot you down before you even attacked me. I specifically stated that people who delve into the existance of God loose faith. they loose their " blindness " and " faith " - which I specifically put the definition of so that I wouldnt get shit back, like " WELL KIERKEGAARD SAID : "

but we never got anything from Aaron. Nothing that you thought up of your own, which is which I did. I came to a conclusion based on my own experiences, thoughts, and ideals - not by reading a very logically written book by a very well known philosopher. so it looks like Mr. Kierkegaard has shot me down - but he's as good as dead. by hiding behind the shadows of those already passed, and utilizing their knowledge as your own - you learn nothing more than subterfuge. how to fake life. something very prominant in the book I am reading now : Siddhartha. OoOooo.

and now I'm running all over in tangents.

5. total votes so far : 1 undertow, 3 aenima, 1 lateralus. ( jesse told me he enjoyed undertow far better than aenima ) - probably because of sober, because I do admit, sober is a bad-ass song, and prison sex. hMmm. But wait - undertow, IMHO, beats out lateralus as well. hot - d - a - m - n.

6. I entirely agree with bradbury's " get fucked " - unfortunately, I have no fucking outlet to speak of, unless we include said hands - and even those are no fun anymore - so it seems I have to go and swim my way through the dating pool some to find me a lovely piece of meat to stick more meat into. again : hot-damn.

g. i think i'm done now - oh wait, no I am not - Ive recently just found out that MYTH 2 only requires you to have ONE CD to play, being that I can put network versions on the rest. You know what that means? Now that I have what I need - all I have to do is gather together 10+ people to play myth2. I shall be gathering people together at my home to learn them how to play. EGG SALAD.

8. now I think I'm done.

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