March 31, 2002

I would like to take this moment and laugh at all the fuckers who laughed at me when I spoke about my 'Lady Luck' card that I had up my sleeve. Sure, Lady Luck may have knocked at my door while playing 'Iron Cross' and I said something to the effect of
Im too lazy to answer the damn door... thus I probably shouted "Go the hell away! Im losing!"

It appears as if Lady Luck really wanted to help my 'down-to-$1.25-ass' out, so she snuck in the back door and together, hand in hand we ripped the fuck out of everyone for the next few games. That $1.25 turned into an 'not-amazed-as-hell-because-she-was-always-on-my-side-$8.40'!

Fun fun. Now, lets have some fun and move all the stuff in my room around.

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