March 20, 2002

Looky Mommy!!! There are ladies on da bord!


Kissie, I like Bonnie don't really post that often, at least not in the recent past, but I am a female. I don't have a dick and these things on my chest weren't put there by any kind of surgery or anything. :)

Funzo nutty poetry below... *smiles*


Holes in...

space... space... space...

forever night.

Take in... Take in... Take in

sight of endless universe.

Stealing all...

from everything... from everything...

To reform again

whirlwind... whirlwind... In whirlwind.


Bright light once again.

itself... itself.

Itself... ' itself ' itself...

In time lament.


I'm glad to see that everyone is popping out of the woodwork so to speak. I haven't gotten to check this bord in the past few days really because of crap ass BHS work and plah, but what is here is highly entertaining.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Wow, I'm in one of those rare good moods where the whole world doesn't look like a giant cess pool, with alll of it's diseases, and the longevity of old people, ect. Which reminds me, that mood is over, haha... I enjoyed it while it lasted. :)

Tah Tah!

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