March 23, 2002

1. we all know aaron has a large penis. you can see him from a long distance away, wobbling to and fro in a crowd. being that he is a penis - and no, I'm not calling him a prick - which would be an allusion to calling him an ass or a fucktwit ( that would be me ) - we're talking 100% bone-i-fide penis. so of course - he cannot be compensating for the lack-there-of in his pants.

2. I would post what my background is - but I am seeming to have difficulties in doing that. Let's just say it includes a woman, and some socks, and that she is wearing said socks. c'mon. if you dont want to go to the bathroom and masturbate already ( sorry - not the bathroom in andy's case ), well then fuck off.

3. everyone keeps telling me that since I have money pouring through my eye sockets, that I should " buy a new and better car " - to these people I give a great big FUCK YOU to. because I hate new cars, and I hate buying cars, and I hate cars, and I hate people who say I need to get a new car. I can fix a god-damned engine coolant leak. GUH.

4. Panda Bears

5. Some people in my association seem to be getting it in the ass as of late. Bonnie and Drew to mention a few. Hey that rhymes, in any event - If you've been paying attention you know what happen to the ol Bon-bon, and if you dont know as-of-yet, Drew had his car yanked out from underneith him. He showed up at shari's stating he was walking to denny's - from his cheapo-theatre work. Eesh. That sucks. He said it wasnt all that bad - just wait until one day he's walking home and it starts raining slush.

6. go home.

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