March 23, 2002

Here's an idea, since no one gives a shit about "The Denny's group", whatever the hell that is - just yer face ont the topic Aaron.
Oh damn, that was ment as a joke ofcourse - couldnt ya tell ? Hell, it was so obvious - clear as crystal!

If I don't give a shit why did I post this ? Cause Im fucking tired of hearing superiority shit - people bragging to, just as Bradbury said, compensate for some other deficiency ( think that's spelled right ), be it them being insecure about whats in their pants or elsewhere.

In any case, Id like to state that I'm feeling rather good today. No, not "Hot damn Im fucking horny" kind of good, just an overall "wow, I feel free" kind of thing. I also have a feeling I'm going to win some money tonight... oh yes. Tonight we play poker, and I have a card up my sleeve - destiny.

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