April 24, 2003

did you ever think that someone you know is goin to die?

well think about it what if your friend from school that you rarly tyalk
to but you know really well from thast past just uip and dies?

think about it it happens Sherry Tumelson dieed last night none of you
knew her but i did and she was a good friend

what if aaron was goin tpo work (sorry aaron) and pulled out in front of
a suburban and was injured on scean and when he got to the hospetal he
was dfead what would you all think?

whould you notice i would and for some reason it would hurt. do they get
to know every thiong in the world do they get to know the answers to
evry question? i feel like i want to know but that isnt goin to happen..

hey i hope this never happens to any of you. and im shure you guys (and
gals)think the same.


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