April 24, 2003


Well james, i tried to republish the archives like you asked... but that went nowhere... they still don't seem to be up. Oh well... all in good time i suppose.

Hey breanna...

you're phone number is still the same as it has been for the past year, right? Just making sure. Sorry i haven't called or stopped by. I really haven't done that with much anybody, so you and Justin aren't being excluded :).

I think, personally, that Starcraft is in a league of it's own. This is my opinion though, but still. Yeah, it's based off Warcraft to an extent... but that's about it. Warcraft II may have had two races, but overall they were pretty much the same race, in that they overall had the same weapons and so forth. The only real difference was that they looked different, thus enabling one to say, "oh... Warcraft has two races to choose from..." Really, it could easily be just humans versus uglier humans... or even, and probably more appropriately, Humans versus the jOe Macauley clan... only less viscious and cannibalistic.

Eh, maybe i'm in the wrong... as i'll be the first to admit... i'm not a gamer, i just play them from time to time... so what do i know?

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