January 12, 2004

[Workin' for the devil]

I was thinking... in all this job searching fun-craziness... I could always try this position:

Group: Broadcasting
Division: KCPQ/KTWB-TV
Category: Broadcasting/Television

KCPQ/KTWB-TV, Seattle is seeking a Research Assistant to assist the Research Director in providing information to all departments as necessary to aid in maximizing revenue from sales of commercial airtime. No phone calls please. EOE.

Please submit resume' to:
1813 Westlake Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109
Fax 206-674-1344

Now don't laugh. I recently started thinking of all the other things I could do instead of Psychology... and Journalism kinda sounds like fun. Now its a real entry position job... so I don't need to much Journalism background, just office and research background. That I have plenty of. Then I think... it's Q13 Fox.


We all know and "love" Q13, don't we. But still, its a paying position, and it's in journalism (if you could call it that). And frankly, it would be more fun than building boxes or sitting in sub-zero temperatures with a bayonet and a plane, probably even more fun than working for a school district. It's gotta be more fun than stocking shelves and listening to half-bald women complaining that Kmart has everything cheaper. Right?

Right? Evil if it is a pact with the devil... right?

Heh, maybe I will apply to them, just to see, y'know. Just to see.

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