January 15, 2004

soma buspar kzk: so i played that game
soma buspar kzk: with the sharks
soma buspar kzk: and i'm fucking horrible at numbers
soma buspar kzk: those pirhanas
soma buspar kzk: they just eat me up
zak p o w: everyone says that
zak p o w: dude.
zak p o w: i just whoop all ass
zak p o w: http://slugs.genericwebhost.com/images/typershark/
soma buspar kzk: i hope you're making a quick descent into hell as those asses are being whooped
soma buspar kzk: yeah, i saw
zak p o w: hahaha
zak p o w: you see these letters that you're reading right now?
zak p o w: I've typed them out exactly two minutes before this conversation
zak p o w: the sync is pretty difficult, being that two minutes before this conversation we weren't having this conversation.
zak p o w: but i type them out so fast it takes them two minutes to catch up.
soma buspar kzk: heh
soma buspar kzk: you raelly are a skilled skilled man
zak p o w: so if i were to have typed this right now, with this conversation - you'd get it two minutes later and it would sound all stupid.

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