January 10, 2004

[TV Shows]

To get us off the movie topic for a bit, I present the TOP FIVE TV SHOWS for ME!

  • The Simpsons: Homer and Bart. What can I say. It's fuckin' funny and its also enjoyable watching again and again. One day it will end, but not right now. It's also the longest running cartoon of all time.

  • Seinfeld: One of the few shows where all of the characters were entertaining and equally likeable. The only sad part was the final episode, which was a bit of a let down. I like recap shows, but they had the recapping episode just prior to the final episode, which made it a bit of a let down. I did enjoy the final scene where they were all in a small jail cell for some reason.

  • Saturday Night Live: Gave birth a string of actors that we all find funny. The newer ones aren't as great as some of the older ones, but over all its still great. Sad that Will Ferrel left.

  • X-Files: It was good and entertaining, up until Mulder left the show. And the little tributes to other things were equally entertaining. Such as the "Plan 9 From Outer Space" video that was playing in the background of one of the episodes.

  • NewsRadio: This one is most definitely a personal choice, as I can't think of that many other people I know who liked this show. Still, it was funny. Phil Hartman and the guy who played the news director, I can't remember his name at the moment, had funny on air arguments. I was sad when Phil Hartman died, cause I knew this show would die as well. It pretty much did.


I suppose I could have said Cheers, or the Flintstones as alternatives to some of the ones above... but you know what... i didn't rightly feel like it.

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