January 09, 2004

[phone home]

I get this call from Jimmy.

Only, I was in the computer lab and couldn't talk... so i say, call me back in thirty minutes to an hour.

He calls, two hours later. Only, he doesn't talk. Instead, I hear random background noises. It scares me. It scars me.

I am frightened.

Anyway, TORQUE!

Hehahaheheha... that will be an interesting movie. It's like they said, "Hey, Fast and the Furious just wasn't unbelievable enough, so let's try it again. Only this time, let's make it even crappier with worse acting!"

I have this horrible feeling that 2004 is going to be BAD for movies, with only a few good ones sneaking through.

I hope I am wrong. TORQUE and Alien Versus Predator are killing that hope.

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