February 29, 2004

[visitation rights]

$18.28 you say? You'll have to teach me how to pull that one off Bradbury. I have come close, but not that close, to not spending money while still going out and drinking.

Right now I'm at Mr. Collins' residence, playing some Halo System Link and pretty much that's it. Nothing else. We are now going to go to Sharis... from my understanding of things.

If anyone wants to come, then they should consider calling me on my good ol' cell phone of fun: 206.930.5344.

I forgot just how desolate Roy is. I always forget that. That's why I occasionally find myself in Roy. Wondrous.

I had some really comical thing to say... something I observed the other day... but for the life of me it escapes me. Damn. Damn damn damn.

Oh, i did notice though... has anybody else noticed that Michael Collins now looks and acts kinda like James Collins did back in 1999?

From now on, we should all refer to Michael as "James Collins circa 1999". I will.

You know I will.

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