February 13, 2004



Jesse gets here march 15th.
I'm hoping that, somhow, crosses with Jimmoi coming down.
I ( James ) will be planning a paintball outing during their visit.
Anyone interested please email this address.

I will try to arrange it to where everyone gets notified with at least two weeks prior notice,
for them workin folk -
and it will most likely be a friday, saturday, or sunday.

also : Bradbury - it seems I will be in the market for buying new tires,
do you have any specific suggestions for my particular brand of car?
I want to get a whole new set ( 4 tires ) - how much would that run up around?
please oh please do not say anywhere five hundred plus. augh.

edit: you'll notice a slight modification to the board, the "link" ability.
by right-clicking on the link url and copying it to your clipboard - you can send people to individual posts on the board, now
and it will automatically put that post for them to view.
for instance :

clicking here will take you to a particular post of interest.

eh heh heh heh.

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