February 25, 2004

[Seattle GHETTO]

Bradbury is right. I have walked in the same area where he got mugged, several times in fact, and I was never mugged... and i walked around there later than he did. Maybe I look black though...

You really do have to try to get mugged around here. I also have sat on busses with my iBook, when it worked, going through West Seattle, and I still didn't run into any real trouble. And i walked through downtown Seattle. Nothing.

I think that's why it was so surprising that he was mugged. And he doesn't look like you as far as the Hippy James Collins... but more the Scrawny James Collins. You're not really scrawny, but this guy... SCRAWNY.

I honestly think it was cause he was white and scrawny and looked like an easy target... which he does. Collins could kick his ass. Little Collins could kick his ass. Gay Little Collins could kick his ass... probably after giving him skittles.

You gotta feel some pity for that.

Actually, you don't.

Meanwhile, I'm having fun watching the Simpsons on a projector. That and playing Halo and some Xbox on the projector. Sweet stuff. I plan on getting one of these. Too bad they start out at $1000 dollars a pop. But they are awesome. I'd rather buy one of those projectors than buy a plasma tv.

BTW, you notice how with each day Mr. Collins acts more and more like he's in the Matrix. Now he's posting in code. I'm telling you, it's only a matter of time.

Only a matter of time.

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