February 23, 2004

Every time I check the site, for the past two days, that has stared me in the face.

It is starting to get a little scary.

Not the implication that jEFF is watching.

Oh, no.

What's scary is that James has gone through the trouble of making that.

If I were you, jEFF, I'd wouldn't be bending down to pick anything up in the presence of JC. Seriously, you might gain a new perspective on life, one you never wanted.

It's probably the eyebrow piercing.

The rest of us have no problem realizing that it's just jEFF with a little chunk of stainless steel added in. James, on the other hand, can't easily make these distinctions. He now has completely forgotten his old friend jEFF. Now, he just sees the piercing.

Being from Texas (and Roy), he has Redneck pre-programming, and automatically equates piercing with female. Mind you, jEFF would make one incredibly ugly woman. Or, easy picking for James.

Be afraid, jEFF, be very afraid.

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