February 19, 2004

Ask her if "Jack" is ok, you know - seriously, and report to us if she'd dead yet.
Or brutally dismembered when someone attacked her. Because I can only wish so much pain onto that woman.

So I downloaded all 26 episodes of Witch Hunter Robin and so far it is pretty lame.
It seems to be an action story wanna/be woman's heart throb story.
The main character is fifteen years of age. But she has some really fuckin' hot hair.
Everytime I catch myself thinking " man, she's got some awesome hair " I say " Hah hah, funny Steven. "
But just in the last episode she got glasses.

So she has glasses and hair.

I would have stopped watching the show ( as it's mostly boring ) - if it weren't for a character named Amon.
Amon is her 'supposed' partner. He's a witch. And he's badass.

Niggers and Bitches -

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