February 17, 2004

Bradbury -

when in doubt, remember this : by not acting upon anything you feel, and by constantly talking to yourself (or others) about the way you feel, you run closer and closer to becoming stuck in the same rut as Andy - where you are nothing more than a stalker who sits at the edge of reality, masturbating to seventeen year olds and talking about how strippers " really really think you're cool "

Be a man. Express your feelings. If you're unwanted, don't take it as a personal insult - you said yourself : you're great pals.

It can easily be stated : " Hey, duder - you've got a vagina and I've got a penis. We're good pals. Wanna fuck? "
her response : " NO MANG, YOU'D RIP ME TO SHREDS, SICKO. "
your response : " Ok, so you wanna go see a movie / get drunk / play volleyball / (whateveritisyoudo) "
her response : " sure. "

I am constantly confused by people's fear of rejection.
I'd say that I myself suffer from it - but I know that ... mmm.
With my past relations in reguard, if I have a 'crush' of some sort on a woman, I let it slide.

Good luck, because when women are involved - you'll need it.
( p.s. - don't call your chapstick lipgloss )

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