February 24, 2004

[Righteous Indignation]

So here I am, sitting in a hypnotherapist office, waiting for the phones to ring. I did all my work, and so now I'm just acting as telephone answering guy.

And I thought... hey, I could post. I haven't done that in awhile... not since Mr. Collins dredged up a dreadful past...

Actually, that's not really why I haven't posted in awhile. I just haven't posted in awhile because I had nothing to say.

Until Now!

...no... wait... still nothing.

Well, I suppose something:

My newest roommate, a guy named Ari, was mugged. It happened just about probably five blocks away from the house we are all renting. He had fifty cents on him and some guys jumped him for it, and hit him in the back of the head, and then started kicking him when he was down.

I should explain what he looks like. He is basically Mr. James Collins, only if James went anorexic. And taller. He is taller than Mr. Collins. Oh, and he is from Kentucky... though lived in LA for awhile I suppose.

Now, when I heard about this happening, I have to admit, I wasn't surprised. I mean, I was shocked. But... at the same time, I wasn't. I think my first thought was, "I saw that coming." Actually, I think my first thought was, "Yeah... right, another story from the guy who would be a screen-writer." (I'll explain that later.)

Then I felt bad for him. He got his ass kicked after all.

And now I'm just in confliction. You see, before he was mugged, I perceived him as an annoyance. He was. And in truth, he still is. Actually, there isn't confliction. He's annoying. Yeah, I feel bad for him, he got mugged. But you know what... he's annoying. ANNOYING. I wouldn't wish for him to get mugged...

but damn I'd wish he'd shut up once in awhile.

Always with the talking on the cell phone. And conversations with him. It's like talking to a telemarketer. Mostly because he is one.

Question Collins: When you were talking to Doreen all those years ago... she had normal conversation skills right? I mean, she wouldn't talk all loud and be interruptive, would she? I don't remember you ever saying so. I do remember you talking about how you had phone sex with her and how you went down to California to see her.

Who remembers that? :)

Anyway... so there it is. I can't stand him sometimes. I have a list of problems with him... but I won't go into that. Yet. Not until I can use photoshop to explain things better. And I will.

You know I will.

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