February 03, 2004

[The Missing Board]

So I was having this conversation with Heather, and I'm sure it's somewhere in the forums, but I can't see the forums and...

oh yeah... i hate the forums... i don't care what James Collins or James Nicholas Miller or the lot of you say, I HATE forums.

Anyway... so the conversation was basically that she thought one chick from Law and Order SVU was hotter and I was saying the redhead was hotter.

Which she is Heather. It's just true. You really have to face facts.

I would post pictures, but i can't remember how and I'm feeling a right tad bit lazy. Plus, it's not like anyone can read the board at the moment, so this post will probably just get passed by...

Except for from crazy James Collins, who will spend his life making sure no trace of himself can be... well... traced.

He kind of reminds me of JOHN CONNER in T3, where he's riding around on his motorcycle staying off "The Grid". Hahahaa... so somewhere in that mind of his, JAMES COLLINS is thinking, wow, I need to stay off "The Grid" so that killer robots from the future, or from the Industrial Revolution, don't come to kill me or my mom in the past...

Cause that would really suck. Tza.

But see that just reminds me... all those Bathrooms on the walls from here to Kansas that Zacho wrote "TZA" on... if ever someone gets curious enough, they'll go google it, and eventually make there way to this board... and eventually connect TZA with JAMES COLLINS.

Scary shit James. Expect a hot female terminator to come to your door to punch a hole through your chest.

You must be the ONE.

Somewhere this post became completely nonsensical and went off my original topic.

Casey Novak is waaaaay hotter than Alexandra Cabot... not that the blonde chick isn't hot too, but still...

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